Will brand new electronics be taxed in Singapore?

by TingPing

Is it true that one will be taxed should he bring in brand new (unopened) electronics into Singapore? (Eg. Laptops) I've been asked to purchase a laptop from overseas and bring it back to Singapore for a friend.

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Will brand new electronics be taxed in Singapore?

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Jul 02, 2008
GST Relief for Bona Fide Travellers to Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

The following post has been updated on 13 June 09 to correct some errors in the original post.

Hi Ting Ping

Please consult this Singapore Customs webpage on GST Relief.

The GST relief varies according to:

1. whether the traveller is below 18 years of age or above, and

2. whether the traveller has been out of Singapore for less than 24 hours, between 24 and 48 hours, and over 48 hours.

Any newly bought, unpacked item above S$300 in value will definitely be liable for GST.

So if you are carrying an unpacked laptop computer above S$300 in value, you'll need to declare it at the red lane, produce the receipt and pay GST on it.

Oct 16, 2009
Can I Carry Personal and Official Laptop?
by: Anonymous

How about if I am carrying my old laptop along with my official laptop for which i do not have receipts?

Oct 16, 2009
Personal Notebook Computers at Singapore Airport
by: Gabriel Tan

I believe the customs officers will exercise common sense and discretion for (used) personal/business notebook computers brought in by passengers.

Personally, I've never been queried about my own notebook computer, either when I'm returning to Singapore or when I arrive at an overseas airport.

(Of course, there's the usual security scanning.)

So many people carry their own notebooks / netbooks / pdas nowadays. Can an airport put a tax on used personal equipment and continue to survive?

Jan 04, 2011
Will we have to pay GST if we decide to buy new laptop in Singapore during transit and take it to our country
by: Anonymous


I just wanted to know if we have to pay for the GST if we buy new laptop in Singapore during the transit and take it to our home country.


If you buy within the transit area and fly off, it's tax-free as far as Singapore is concerned. Your destination airport may impose a tax.

If you plan to buy your computer in town, you'll need to buy from shops participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme, fill up all relevant documents and present your computer at the airport for inspection.


Jan 08, 2011
How many iphone 4 can I bring out of Singapore
by: Anonymous

Hi, i'm planning on bringing 3 iphone 4 out of singapore: 1 i am using, 2 brand new and sealed. Please tell me if there is any tax i need to pay in order to get these out of Singapore?


Hi there

There's no other tax apart from the GST which should have been added to the price of your iPhones during purchase.

Your destination airport, however, may impose a tax. It depends on where you're headed.


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