Where is Singapore Budget Terminal located?

by Vivian Lee
(Serangoon, Singapore)

A very good day to you!

Where is the actual location of Budget Terminal? Is it in the Changi Airport?

Kindly furnish me a detail information of the above question.

Thank you.

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Where is Singapore Budget Terminal located?

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Oct 20, 2008
The Location of Singapore Budget Terminal
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Vivian

Where is Singapore Budget Terminal?

The Budget Terminal is located near the main terminals of Singapore Changi Airport. It can be reached from the same road that leads to the main terminals (i.e. Airport Boulevard).

See this map for the location of Singapore Budget Terminal (blue plane graphic):

Getting There

You could take either the MRT or SBS buses to Changi Airport Terminal 2.

By MRT: To Changi Airport Station.
By SBS Buses: 24, 27, 34, 36, 53.

At the basement of Terminal 2, take the 24/7 free shuttle bus to the Budget Terminal.

If you are driving, go along Airport Boulevard, just as if you're going to any of the main terminals. Along Airport Boulevard, look out for a sign on the left that says 'Budget Terminal'. Exit at this sign and the road will take you to the Budget Terminal.

More information here about the Singapore Budget Terminal.

Feb 11, 2010
Distance from Budget Terminal to Terminal 1?
by: Per

Question: How how much time would it require to get out of Budget terminal and go to Terminal 1. My Firefly plane lands at Budget Terminal 15.05pm and my flight to Hong Kong leaves Terminal 1 at 16.45pm !! Is there enough time for that change over?

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Per

Feb 11, 2010
Singapore Budget Terminal to Terminal 1 - Estimated Time
by: Gabriel Tan

1. To clear immigration checks and collect checked luggage

= 30-45 minutes

2. Shuttle bus from Budget Terminal to Terminal 1 (waiting + journey)

= 20-30 minutes

3. Skytrain from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1

= 10-15 minutes

Total estimated travel time from Singapore Budget Terminal to Terminal 1

= 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes

Mar 07, 2010
MRT station
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am arriving to Terminal 1. Can I exit through arrival gate at Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 1? (I do not have checked in baggage.)

With this, I can reach MRT station faster without the need to take shuttle bus from terminal 1 to terminal 2.

Mar 08, 2010
Singapore Airport Terminal 1 to Terminal 2
by: Gabriel Tan

1. The Skytrain connects passengers from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 - with connections in both the transit area and the public area. This is the most convenient transport between the main terminals.

You only take the shuttle bus when

a. the Skytrain is not operating (i.e. 2.30am-5am), and

b. between the Singapore Budget Terminal and main terminals (connection at Terminal 2).

2. You should clear immigration checks at the terminal where you arrive.

Mar 28, 2010
Shuttle bus operation hours
by: Daffi

Hello there,

Just wondering what are the operation hours of the shuttle bus from terminal 2 to budget terminal? many thanks..

Mar 29, 2010
T2 - Budget Terminal Shuttle Runs 24 Hours
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Daffi

The shuttle bus that runs between Singapore Budget Terminal and Terminal 2 operates 24 hours a day according to the following schedule:

a) 10 minutes' interval, 5am - 2am

b) 30 minutes' interval, 2am - 5am

May 17, 2010
Tiger Airways
by: Jeff

Arriving from Perth on Tiger Airways on route to Phuket. Arriving at budget terminal and departing from same. Do I need to clear customs and immigration or am I in transit?

May 30, 2010
Air Asia in Singapore - At Budget Terminal Or...?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm using Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

Q1) Do I land at the Singapore Budget Terminal?

Q2) What is the taxi charge from the airport to CBD area?

Hi there

A1) Air Asia uses Terminal 1 at Singapore Changi Airport, NOT the Budget Terminal.

A2) Cost of taxi from Airport to CBD
= S$20 - $30 (depending on day/time)

More about transport from Singapore Airport to city.

Gabriel Tan

May 31, 2010
Immigration Clearance Required at Budget Terminal
by: Anonymous

There is no transit facilities in budget terminal.

Thats said, you need to chear immigration in order to take your luggage and to check in for your next destination.

Check if you need a visa to do so.

Jun 07, 2010
Singapore Budget Terminal Bus Transport
by: Janice Tan

As I have gone through your conversations, I'm taking SMRT Bus 858 from Sembawang to Changi Terminal 2, alight and wait for SBS Bus 24 to budget terminal. Is that what I should do? Is there extra charges implication by taking SBS 24 to budget terminal?

I didn't know that Budget terminal is not in Changi Airport. I think have to go there earlier for not to miss my flight.

Hi Janice

It's a free shuttle bus that takes passengers between Terminal 2 Basement and Singapore Budget Terminal. (not Bus No. 24)

Taking a public bus, you could also alight along Airport Boulevard Road and take a walk across the road to Budget Terminal. But taking the free shuttle bus from T2 Basement is more straightforward.

Gabriel Tan

Jun 28, 2010
Singapore Budget Terminal to Terminal 2 at 3am
by: james

Flying Tiger Airways from Perth to Singapore. Arrive 3am. Can I use the free shuttle bus to take me to Terminal 2? Am I also allowed access to the Transit Lounge if I am not in transit?

Just hoping to grab a few hours sleep and don't want to go to friends place on a week day at 4am.

Anyone help please?

Hi James

1) You can take the free shuttle to Terminal 2. It runs 24 hours, but less frequently after midnight.

2) You cannot use the transit lounge if you are not arriving or departing from any of the main terminals at Changi Airport. Your best bet for a rest is at one of the eateries at the airport.

Gabriel Tan

Jul 01, 2010
Singapore Budget Terminal to Balestier Road
by: Anonymous

It's our first time to visit Singapore, from the Philippines via Cebu Pacific to the budget terminal. We just wanted to know the directions going to Value Hotel Balestier. Thanks.

Hi there

1) The most straightforward way to get from the Budget Terminal to Balestier Road is by taxi.

2) By public transport, you need to take the free shuttle to Terminal 2, and then:

a) take the MRT to Toa Payoh Station (3 changes of trains)

b) Bus from Toa Payoh Bus Interchange to Balestier Road (ask the information counter for help).

To save yourself the hassle, I recommend just taking the taxi (about S$25-30).

Gabriel Tan

Jul 03, 2010
Terminals for Budget Airlines in Singapore
by: Anonymous

A what terminal does the passengers from Cebu Pacific air bound from Philippines to Singapore exit? Terminal 1 or 2?

Dear all

Here are the terminals used by budget airlines in Singapore:

Using Singapore Budget Terminal

1) Cebu Pacific

2) Tiger Airways

3) Firefly

Using Singapore Airport Terminal 1

1) Air Asia

2) Jetstar

3) Lion Air

Enjoy your trip!

Gabriel Tan

Jul 20, 2010
Changi Airport before Budget Airport
by: JC Chan

Hi. I actually have a flight by Cebu Pacific, and just recently found out that I will be in budget terminal instead of changi airport. Can I go to Changi Airport first, then just ride the shuttle bus to budget terminal? Will I be allowed to go inside even if my flight is to leave at Budget Terminal? Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks.


The free shuttle runs from the Basement of Terminal 2, where all the public buses pull up. You could take the shuttle bus from there to the Budget Terminal.

Gabriel Tan

Aug 31, 2010
Can I take a taxi all the way to Budget Terminal?
by: Omeprazolel


Instead of taking a shuttle from Terminal 2 to Budget Terminal, can I take a taxi from home all the way to Budget Terminal or is it a must to take a taxi to Terminal 2, then transfer by shuttle to Budget Terminal?


Hi there

Cars and taxis can travel directly to and from the Budget Terminal.


Sep 14, 2010
Shuttle Service
by: linzay

Good day.
I would like to know the most convenient shuttle service from Budget terminal to YMCA Fort Canning Lodge for a group of 6 persons.Do we need to book in advance for a shuttle service or can we just arrange for it when we arrive at the terminal?
Thank you for you assistance.

Sep 14, 2010
Enough Time?
by: Barry

Hi ...is terminal "L" the budget terminal ? ...flying Tiger, arrive approx 3am then need to depart Tiger also terminal L to Hong Kong at 6.50am ...although in transit do we still collect bags & clear immigration/customs ? ...and will this be enough time to also book in etc for Hong Kong flight ? ...and maybe still some time to refresh, light eats (cafes open) & relax? ...We are mature aged couple, first time with Tiger so any info/tips may assistance us ...thank you


Hi Barry

1) Tiger flies only from the Budget Terminal - you'll need to clear immigration checks and collect your luggage before checking in again for your flight to Hong Kong.

You have about 3 hours between your flights and if there is no delay for your arrival, you should have sufficient time for the onward flight to Hong Kong.

2) There are a couple of eateries at the Departure Building of the Budget Terminal - McDonald's and a nicer local cafe called Hanis. You may have a drink/snack here before checking in for your onward flight.

Have a good stopover.

Gabriel Tan

Oct 04, 2010
Budget Terminal Departure & Shopping
by: Crystal

Hi, I am taking Tiger Airways in Nov and depart from Singapore to Malaysia. Can i go to terminal 1 or 2 for shopping after check in from budget terminal?

Pls advise.



Hi Crystal

The counters at Singapore Budget Terminal only allow check-in roughly 2 hours before flight departure. After checking in, you're left with little time.

I suggest you save yourself the hassle - just buy yourself a coffee at wait for departure.

Gabriel Tan

Oct 04, 2010
Budget Terminal Immigration Procedures
& Transport to Town

by: Karl

Hi. This site is very useful and I want to thank you first, Mr.Gabriel Tan for your effort.

To start with, it's my first time to travel to Singapore. I'll be travelling alone via Cebu Pacific. I know that it will land at Budget Terminal and need to go to Changi Airport. How could I get there and where particularly in Changi Airport should I go to clear my documents?

Then, from Changi Airport what is the most practical way to go to Sleepy Sam's Hostel? Considering that I'll be arriving at 23:30, do I have to take a taxi? how much will it cost?

THANK YOU, I'm looking forward to your reply.


Hi Karl

1) Upon landing at Singapore Budget Terminal, you'll be directed by the airport staff to clear immigration checks at the Arrival Hall (part of the Budget Terminal). There's no need to go to the main terminals for immigration checks.

2) Near midnight, your only transport option is the taxi to town. Join the taxi queue outside the Arrival Hall.

There are airport ($5) and midnight surcharges (50% of metered fare). So a taxi ride to a city hotel is likely to cost you about S$25-30.

Gabriel Tan

Oct 10, 2010
JetStar -> Tiger .. Do I need Visa?
by: Kapil

I'm an Indian citizen. Will be traveling from HK to KL via Singapore in Jan'11. Arriving from HK by JetStar flight late night and planning to stay at airport till next morning and catch morning flight to KL. I've option to book either AirAsia or Tiger airlines.

Tiger is cheaper.

I wanted to know which terminal JetStar flight arrives and which terminals do AirAsia and Tiger flights depart? Do I need to get Visa for it?

Oct 14, 2010
departing singapore through budget terminal
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm departing Singapore through Cebu Pacific using Singapore budget terminal.

I would like to know if I have to go through the immigration process at Changi Airport then take the free shuttle going to budget terminal? Or from terminal 2, can I take the free shuttle and get all the immigration done at the budget terminal? thanks

Hi there

All immigration procedures for flights departing from Singapore Budget Terminal are done at the Budget Terminal itself.


Nov 11, 2010
Read Singapore Budget Terminal Main Page
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

99% of information about the Budget Terminal is found here:

Guide to Singapore Budget Terminal

This thread started off asking about the location of the Singapore Budget Terminal. Along the way, everyone starts asking questions about the airport, taxi, hotels, almost everything.

Please read it carefully before you scramble to ask another repeated question.

If your question is about your flight, please contact your airline directly.

As the thread has become difficult to read, I will now lock it. Please do not add any further post here.

Gabriel Tan, as Web Admin

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