Taking Dairy Products into Singapore

by Jenny

My daughter and I are traveling to Singapore and Vietnam on Feb 5th 2009.

I have heard many disturbing stories about the dairy products especially MILK; Melamine content.

Am I able to take my own LONG LASTING MILK overseas and not get into trouble?

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Taking Dairy Products into Singapore

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Jan 26, 2009
Taking Milk Into Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Jenny

I'm not able to say whether Vietnam allows Australian milk through their customs. For Singapore...

Taking Milk Through Singapore Customs

However, this Singapore Agri-food & Veterinary Authority's webpage does indicate quite clearly what food you may bring into Singapore as a traveller.

Curiously, there is no mention of milk!

However, if we consider processed 'long lasting milk' as processed food, then you may bring in up to 5kg's worth and total value of up to S$100, according to the AVA webpage.

The AVA is closed for the Chinese New Year holidays at the moment. When they re-open, I'll call them and find out whether you can bring milk into Singapore.

Taking Milk Through Australian Customs

I'd also like to highlight to you a (not-so) new international aviation rule that affects how much liquid/gel you may take into a plane's cabin:

Each passenger is only allowed to take liquids/gels in a container of 100ml capacity (or smaller) into the cabin.

Airports like those in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand - as far as I know - implement this rule quite seriously and they do ask passengers with liquids exceeding this limit to empty them!

If you intend to take milk into the cabin, find out how much the Tasmanian airport authorities will allow. You might be able to pack more into your checked-in luggage though.

Watch this space...

Jan 27, 2009
Long Lasting Milk is Processed Food, So...
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Jenny

I have verified this with the AVA:

As of 28 Jan 09, processed milk (a.k.a long lasting milk) is considered 'processed food'.

This means you may bring processed milk into Singapore for personal consumption, subject to 2 conditions:

1. up to 5 litres of processed milk, and
2. up to S$100 value of the milk.

Of course, if you meet condition 1, condition 2 will not be an issue.

I'd also like to assure you that the milk sold in Singapore is safe to drink. The AVA is very stringent with the food imports here.

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