Singapore Zoo:
How Best to Enjoy the Open Zoo

Get a brochure-map at the entrance of Singapore Zoo. Then follow the feeding trails and show times.

(Video: Bengal White Tigers @ Singapore's Zoo)

Zoo Highlights:

- Jungle breakfast with wildlife: up close with orang utans, elephants, tamarins and pythons

- Animal shows: Elephants & their mahouts; sealions, manatees and penguins.

- Animal rides and photo opportunities

- Itineraries to see the feeding of animals.

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Tips for Enjoying the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is quite a big place. A little bit of planning with make your trip there more enjoyable. Here are some tips for enjoying the Zoo:

The Animal Shows

  1. While the animal exhibits are great by themselves, the animal shows are must-see in my opinion. Here's the schedule of the main animal shows:

    • The Rainforest Fights Back
      • @ 10.30am, 1.30pm

    • Splash Safari (a sealion, manatees, penguins, pelicans)
      • 11am, 2.30pm, 5pm

    • Elephants at Work and Play
      • 11.30am, 3.30pm
  • While it is possible to see all the first 3 shows together (10.30am, 11am and 11.30am showtimes), it'll be one hectic rush.

  • Try to watch at least one of the shows. If you put a gun to my head and force me to recommend that one show you should not miss, I'd say, "Watch Elephants at Work and Play!"
  1. During the elephant show, these giant beasts might give the front row spectators a 'welcome shower'. They have the 'stuff' hidden in their trunks. If you don't want to get wet, sit 2 or 3 rows back. Otherwise, this could be a great way to surprise your little ones or your travel companions. Get them to sit in the front row and get your camera ready! But remember to take a change of clothes for them. Enjoy ;-)

  2. If you are taking children to the Splash Safari, sit them near the front. There's a chance for them to shake hands with the sealion. Prepare your kids to put up their hands quickly when the show master asks for volunteers. Believe me, they'll be very excited about this.

Other Singapore Zoo Tips

  1. If you plan of having a breakfast with the animals (a.k.a. Breakfast in the Wild), it's better to book ahead (Tel: +65 6360 8656).

    Costs: Check with the Zoo's Catering Sales.

    • Watch the elephants bathing; then feed them.
    • Handle a python if you dare.
    • Up close with the orang utans. Then have breakfast in their company.

  2. The Singapore Zoo has a well-thought-out animal feeding schedule. It is worthwhile to follow their so-called 'feeding trails' - there's nothing like seeing animals during meal time. Get a brochure at the entrance, which tells you when the feeding times are.

    Here are 3 interesting feeding trails grouped by location:


    - Treetops Trail (siamang & false gavial) & Otters
    11.00am - Primate Kingdom (apes)

    (These are near the Zoo entrance.)


    1.05pm - Polar Bear
    1.15pm - White Rhinos
    1.25pm - African Lions

    2.00pm - Treetops Trail
    - Otters
    2.20pm - White Tigers
    2.30pm - Pygmy Hippos

  3. If you are sensitive to mosquitoes and other insects, take some repellent with you. A hat and lots of water would be useful too.

  4. Beat the Heat!
  • If you don't fancy walking a lot in Singapore's heat, (pay and take the tram. Hop off whenever you feel like it.

  • If you are taking children to the Zoo, take their swimwear along. There's a water-based playground called Rainforest Kidzworld. When the kids have had enough of the animals, let them (re)-energise themselves with the splashes of water. Or play with the pets. Or take pony rides.
  1. Many visitors like to combine a trip to the Zoo with the Night Safari, which is just next to the Zoo. It can be very tiring if you have an entire day at the Zoo, followed by the Night Safari. This is especially so if you are taking kids there.

    One way to overcome this is see the Zoo in the afternoon, have dinner at the Night Safari restaurants, and then visit the Night Safari. Grab a Bongo Burger for dinner and sit near the stage - at 7pm, the fire-eating Bornean tribesmen will get you all pumped up for the night!

  2. The Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park have a 3-in-1 joint ticket called the Park Hopper Ticket. This is great value if you plan on visiting all 3 parks. You get to save a chunk off the total ticket price. You may get the Park Hopper at any of the 3 parks.

    (Please visit the official Singapore Zoo website for latest pricing and updates)

You may also get a variety 2-in-1 Park Hopper tickets for entry into any 2 of Zoo, Night Safari or Bird Park. Prices vary according to your selection of parks and rides.

Transport Options to Singapore Zoo

(Map of Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari)

  1. Cheapest: MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station + Bus 138 to Zoo entrance.

  2. Fastest: Drive. Take the PIE, then BKE. Take Exit 7. Follow the Singapore Zoo signboard.

  3. Smartest: Take a taxi. About $20-30 from a city hotel. Shared among 4 persons = $5 to $7 per person.

  4. Essential Information:
    • Opening hours: 8.30am - 6pm.
    • Singapore Zoo address: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826.
    • Tel: +65 6269 3411

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Page Updated: 5 Dec 2013.

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