Singapore Zoo Itinerary (Morning)

This is a do-able itinerary to help you maximise your time at the Singapore Zoo.

It is planned around the animal shows, in a logical sequence.

This itinerary is for a morning visit.

It is different from the official Singapore Zoo itinerary, and cheaper to carry out.

I've purposely left out the buffet breakfast and the rides, to help you save some money ;-)

But begin the day early...

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8.30am Arrive at the Zoo. After paying the entrance fee, remember to grab hold of the official zoo brochure-cum-map (free).

(The following tour itinerary is based on this map. So print out this itinerary and use it together with the zoo map.)

8.30am - 10.20am Head straight to see Inuka, probably the loneliest polar bear in the world. His mum, Sheba, passed on some time back.

Then hit the trail and walk roughly in an 'anticlockwise' direction around the Zoo, visiting the following animals in turn:

  • White rhinoceros
  • Giraffes
  • African lions
  • Jaguars
  • Probosis monkeys
  • Chimpanzees
  • Orang Utans

At seeing the orang utans, you would have covered what is essentially the first half of the tram route.

If you are tired or thirsty, stopover at the Forest Lodge for a drink or an ice cream (Ben & Jerry's!).

If it's almost 10.30am, head straight towards the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre and get ready for the The Rainforest Fights Back show.

If you have time to spare, visit one, two or all of the following themed areas:

  • Great Rift Valley of Africa (baboons, ibexes, jackals and mongeese)

  • Australian Outback (kangaroos, emus, wallabies and cassowaries)

  • Primate Kingdom (langurs, capuchin monkeys, colobus monkeys, crested monkeys)

(Note: This sequence of movement will make more sense when you can see the locations on the official map of the Singapore Zoo. So remember to collect the map at the Zoo's entrance. Or you could download the Official Zoo Map now.)

10.30am - 11am Animal Show: The Rainforest Fights Back

Venue: Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre

Animals of the rainforest help an aboriginal man fight of the evil schemes of an evil developer.

11am - 11.30am Animal Show: Splash Safari

Venue: Splash Amphitheatre

Affable animals dance and perform stunts. Watch the manatee, sea lion and penguins do amazing things.

11.30am - 12noon Animal Show: Elephants at Work and Play

Venue: Elephants of Asia Arena

Amazing elephants work and play with their mahouts. This, in my opinion, is the jewel of the crown. Kudos to the Singapore Zoo team, especially the mahouts.

About the shows:

Although the show venues are near one another, the movements might be too hectic for some, especially for those with young children. If hopping from one show to the next is not your idea of fun, give the 11am Splash Safari a miss and take it easy with the other 2 shows.

12noon onwards Lunch.

Then take the children to the water-themed playground Rainforest Kidzworld. (Remember the swimwear!)

Or check out the White Bengal Tigers on the way out of the Singapore Zoo.

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Page Created: 14 Aug 09.

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