Singapore Travel Savings: SIM Cards and Transport

Hi! I will be in Singapore for 2 weeks.

1. What is the cheapest SIM card I can buy/use to make local calls?

2. Also, any senior citizen rate for travelling on the MRT?

Please reply soonest & thanks.

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Singapore Travel Savings: SIM Cards and Transport

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Jun 21, 2009
Cheapest SIM Cards and Travel Discounts in Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

1. Cheapest SIM Card in Singapore?

When they're not on offer, the SIM cards from all the 3 major telcos (Singtel, Starhub & M1) cost S$18 each.

As of 20 June 2009, here are the offers by the 3 mobile phone operators in Singapore:

SIM Card Offer Prices and Local Call Charges:

a. Starhub (Green Prepaid Card)
- Card Cost Option 1: $8 (Call Value: $10)
- Card Cost Option 2: $15 (Call Value: $18)
- 22 cents first minute; 8 cents per minute thereafter.

b. M1 (M Card)
- Card Cost: $15 (Call Value: $18)
- Off peak: 8 cents/min
- Peak: 16 cents/min

c. Singtel (Hi! Card)
- Card Cost Option 1: $8 (Call Value: $10)
- Card Cost Option 2: $15 (Call Value: $18)
- Off peak: 8 cents/min
- Peak: 16 cents/min

IDD calls are also free to a limited range of countries (i.e. you pay only the local call time charges).

There are also country-specific SIM Cards, which give hefty discounts for calling countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

For any visitor to Singapore, you need to produce your passport to buy a SIM card. The SIM card also has to be activated on the spot for security purposes.

The most convenient place to get a SIM Card in Singapore is the 7-Eleven store. 7-Eleven stores sell SIM Cards for all Singtel, Starhub and M1.

More About Cheap Phone Calls from Singapore:

If you have internet access during your stay, you may make cheap international calls with Skype

Skype is a Internet-based telephony system. You may use it to call land/mobile lines in a large number of countries, at rates the telcos cannot match. For example, a Skype call from Singapore to the US costs only S$0.04 per minute.

2. Discount on MRT and Buses in Singapore

There's a discounted EZ Link Card called the Senior Citizen Concession Card - for those above 60 years old. However, this card is meant for Singapore citizens and permanent residents only.

For a 2-week stay, you could still get the normal EZ-Link Card for $15 ($10 value + non-refundable $5 Card Cost). This card is sold at major MRT stations and bus interchanges.

If you plan on visiting Singapore again in the near future, this card can be used then. Or you can pass it to someone who's visiting Singapore.

For short stays of a few days, it may be more cost-effective to just pay cash or use the Singapore Tourist Pass.

Jun 21, 2009
SIM Card Suitable for Indonesians
by: Linda

Dear Gabriel,

Reading your comment, I conclude that Singtel prepaid card is the most cost-saving alternative for those who just visit Singapore in few days.(the initial price is $8).

You also mentioned that some providers provide discounted rate for calling to countries such as Indonesia. Since I'm from Indonesia, could you please tell me the provider that provides this discount?

Please advise. Many thanks for your response.

Medan, Indonesia

Jun 21, 2009
SIM Card with Discounts for Calling Indonesia
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Linda

the SIM card with discounted calls to Indonesia is by Singtel. A previous thread describes the benefits of the Singtel simPATI Kangen SIM Card.

You may get the simPATI Kangen card at Lucky Plaza Shopping Complex, City Plaza, Habourfront and all Singtel Hello! Stores.

(Note: I've updated the prices in my first post after you asked your question.)

Jun 21, 2009
A Simple Way to Get a Cheap SIM Card Deal
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

Many questions about SIM cards in Singapore have been asked through this website. So I thought I'd address your concerns once and for all.

The phone companies are constantly updating their SIM card offers (often called 'Prepaid Cards').

We won't be able to keep up with the latest offers here. A few weeks ago, someone asked me on email, "Which is the cheapest SIM card in Singapore?" Since then, things have changed. What was the best deal then is no longer.

So we'll try not to answer any more specific 'which-is-the-cheapest' questions here.

Instead, I recommend a few simple steps to get the best SIM card deal for you:

How to Get the Best SIM Card in Singapore

1) When you arrive in Singapore, go to the most convenient 7-Eleven store to get your SIM card.

(Running around to look for a better deal will mean less time for sight-seeing, shopping, etc.)

2) If you are mainly making calls to your home country, ask the following questions:

a) "Do you have a SIM Card with free/discounted IDD calls to _______ (your country)?"

If yes, buy it.

Note, however, that these free IDD calls usually come with conditions, e.g. they are free only when calls are made to residential lines.

b) If there's no free/discounted IDD call to your country, ask the next question, "Is there any SIM card offer at the moment?"

If there's an offer, it is often better than the competitors' rates at that moment.

If there're no offers - and if you are not going to be on the phone for 3 long hours - just get the cheapest card available.

3) If you are mainly making local calls in Singapore, ask about the offers also. If there's a deal, buy it. If not, just buy the one whose colour you like most!

Enjoy your phone calls in Singapore ;-)

Jan 12, 2011
Singtel sim card balance
by: amy

Hello~ do you know how to check the balance of the prepaid sim card easily?

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