Singapore Tour Plan:
A Day at Singapore Science Centre ++

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A kids-friendly Singapore tour itinerary including:

Important Note:
The attractions mentioned on this tour are closed on Monday, except when it is a school or public holiday.

Reschedule this itinerary on another day if your Singapore tour spreads over a non-holiday Monday.


9am - 10am

Journey from Hotel (city area) to Singapore Science Centre

  • By MRT + bus:
    • takes 1 hour - 1 hour 15 min
    • about $3-$3.50 one way
    • Movement:
      • MRT to Jurong East Station
      • then Buses No. 66 or 335 from Jurong East Bust Interchange to Singapore Science Centre
  • By taxi:
    • takes 30-40 minutes
    • about $15-20 one way
    • leave after 9.30am (see Tips section below, point #4)

- Map of Jurong East -
Top to bottom: Snow City, Omnimax Theatre, Singapore Science Centre.

10am - 1pm

Enjoy the Mind-boggling Exhibits at Singapore Science Centre


  • Waterworks
    • 11 great water exhibits/games which parents and children may enjoy together
    • Learn about water and its conservation
    • Prepare to get wet and take a change of clothes

  • The Amazing Electron
    • Interactive exhibits that draw you into the fascinating world of the electron and how it has changed our lives

1pm - 2pm

Lunch at Singapore Science Centre

Options of:

  • MacDonald's
  • Cafe Rocks
  • Sakura International Buffet
  • Tolido's Cafe

2pm - 3pm

Watch an IMAX Movie at the Science Centre's Omnimax Theatre

  • 40 minute all-surround movie projected on a dome-like screen
  • Currently showing
    • Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

3pm - 5pm

Snow City

  • Next to Singapore Science Centre
  • Play with snow in a snow chamber, all clad in snow boots and jackets
  • Positively the coldest location in Singapore ;-)


Heartland Town Centre Walk + Dinner + Back to Hotel

Bus No. 335 to Jurong East Bus Interchange

  • Dinner at any of the many eateries
  • Browse the Jurong East Town Centre shops
  • MRT back to hotel in city

Tips for Enjoying this Singapore Tour

  1. The Singapore Science Centre, Omnimax Theatre and Snow City are all closed on Monday, except when it's a school or public holiday. Please take note of this when planning your Singapore tour.

  2. Here are the admission fees for the attractions mentioned on this page:
Admission Charges
Singapore Science Centre
$5 (age 3-16)
IMAX Movie @ Omnimax Theatre
$7 (age 3-12)
Snow City (1 hour's snow play time)
  1. You could get some discounts by buying the so-called value package:

    2-in-1 Package
    Combined Ticket
    Singapore Science Centre + IMAX Movie
    $10 (age 3-12)
    You save...
    Singapore Science Centre + Snow City
    $14 (age 3-16)

    Note: Prices correct as of May 2011.

  2. If you are visiting on a weekday, take the taxi after 9.30am because:
    • there's a peak hour surcharge of 35% for taxis from 7am to 9.30am, and
    • the Science Centre only opens at 10am any way.

  3. There are lots of water-based exhibits at the Science Centre's Waterworks. If you plan on getting wet (or letting your kids get wet), take a change of clothes along. Or even the swimming costumes.

  4. The Snow City gets really cold, given that you're going in from our tropical heat. Take a winter hat for the little one or for anyone liable to lose heat quickly.

  5. You'll clearly have to make all the necessary changes if you are taking children on this tour. Doing everything in this plan could be very tiring for young kids. And if you've already let them loose at the Science Centre's outdoor exhibits, it might be a strain on them if you follow up with the snow jackets, boots and snow tubes in the ice-cold environment of Snow City.

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