Singapore Tour Plan: A Day at
Jurong Bird Park & Nearby Attractions

Singapore Tour Plan >> Jurong Bird Park & Prawn Fishing with Kids

A kids-friendly Singapore tour itinerary taking in:

  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Prawn-fishing @ Jurong Hill
  • A Walk in a Singapore Heartland Town Centre

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Map of Jurong Hill Attractions

Singapore Tour Itinerary to Jurong Attractions


8am - 9.30am

Macaw at Jurong Bird Park.

Journey from Hotel (city area) to Jurong Bird Park

  • By taxi:
    • takes 30-40 minutes
    • about $20-$25 one way
      (incl. peak hour surcharge on weekdays)

  • By MRT + bus:
    • takes 1 hour - 1 hour 30 min
    • about $3-$4 one way
    • Movement:
      • MRT to Boon Lay Station
      • then Bus No. 194 or 251 from Boon Lay Interchange

9.30am - 1.30pm

Have a blasting time with the birds @ Jurong Bird Park!

Do not miss these shows:

1.30pm - 3pm


Option 1:
Hilltop Japanese & Indonesian Restaurant
2 Jurong Hill Road Singapore 628925
(Just up the same road as Jurong Bird Park)

Option 2:
Bongo Burgers @ Jurong Bird Park.

Option 3:
Pack your own. Buy a pack of local food from a hawker centre before you leave in the morning. Savings!

3pm - 6pm

Prawn Fishing @ Jurong Hill

  • Rent a rod and catch your own prawns. Then barbeque them on the spot. Or take your catch home.
  • Rental of rod & bait:
    • $15 for 1 hour
    • $25 for 2 hours
    • $30 for 3 hours
  • Address: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 629143.
  • This attraction is just across the road from Jurong Bird Park, and uses the same car park.

(Don't fancy prawn-fishing? Visit the Science Centre instead - find out how.)


Heartland Town Centre Walk + Dinner + Back to Hotel

  • Bus back to Boon Lay Bus Interchange
  • Dinner + Shopping at Jurong Point Shopping Centre nearby
  • MRT from Boon Lay Station back to hotel in city

Afternoon Alternative to Prawn Fishing: Singapore Science Centre




Option 1 (Recommended):

  • Taxi from Jurong Bird Park to Science Centre (about $5-6) - taxis arrive regularly at this time of day.
  • Lunch at Singapore Science Centre, options of:
    • MacDonald's
    • Cafe Rocks
    • Sakura International Buffet
    • Tolido's Cafe

Option 2:

  • Bus back to Boon Lay Bus Interchange
  • Lunch at Jurong Point Shopping Centre
    • next to Boon Lay Bus Interchange
    • many food options
  • MRT to Jurong East Station / Interchange
  • Bus No. 335 to Singapore Science Centre
  • (Add 30 minutes for longer travel)


Option 1: Snow City OR

Option 2: Singapore Science Centre OR

Option 3: Singapore Science Centre + IMAX Movie

Important Notes:

  1. Any one of the options above could be covered in an afternoon. But all 3 attractions are better enjoyed over an entire day. See this tour plan for spending the whole day at these attractions.

  2. The Singapore Science Centre, Omnimax Theatre and Snow City are closed on Monday, except when it's a school or public holiday.
    (An important note for your Singapore tour!)


Jurong East Town Walk + Dinner + Back to Hotel

  • Bus No. 335 back to Jurong East Town Centre, instead of Boon Lay.

Tips for Enjoying this Singapore Tour

  1. If you plan on visiting the Jurong Bird Park together with the Singapore Zoo and/or Singapore Night Safari, you could buy either the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Park Hopper Ticket. This will give you some discounts off the total admission charges:

    • 2-in-1 Park Hopper Ticket : Choose any 2 from Bird Park, Zoo and Night Safari. (Price varies according to parks chosen.)

    • 3-in-1 Park Hopper Ticket: $58 per adult, $38 per child for 3 parks + Night Safari tram ride.

    • Jurong Bird Park only: $18 per adult, $12 per child.

    The Park Hopper Tickets make a lot of sense if you plan to visit the animal parks over a few days on your Singapore tour. The ticket is valid for a month and you don't have to visit all 3 parks in one day.

  2. This is one of those trips in Singapore where a car would be very useful.
    • If you take a good map (and can read it well!), you could plan a route to take in the many spots on this itinerary. It'll save you a lot of time comuting from one spot to the next.

    • If you are taking young children and want to 'stretch your day', you could get them to have a snooze in the car - for example, after lunch, between stops and even on the way back to your hotel.

    • If you still have stamina, you could even end this Singapore tour with a side trip to the Jurong Fishery Port in the evening. Here, you'll be rewarded with a very interesting experience: watching the shiploads of seafood being sold off at the dealers' area.

      All these wouldn't be possible if you are relying on public transport.

  1. Consider having dinner at the Hilltop Japanese Restaurant on Jurong Hill (mentioned above). Firstly, the food is pretty good. Secondly, the views from the top of Jurong Hill is pretty interesting during and after sundown.

    Although it is not as sophisticated as the Singapore city skyline, the views over the ports and industrial structures seem right out of a sci-fi movie. So it's interesting in a very unusual way.

  2. If you are taking children on this trip, you'll obviously have to adapt it according to the inclinations and stamina of the little ones.

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