Singapore Shopping: Toys and Toy Shops?

by Laura
(Southern California)

Where are the good places for toys or toyshops in Singapore?

We'll be visiting next week with our 8 & 10 y/o boys who are fiends for all the usual Japanese-style stuff here in the US (Pokemon, Bakugon, etc.), and it would be a kick to have them spend their Christmas money in Singapore.

I've heard about one big store, OG, but are there other kinds of places, street shopping districts, whatever, that are good for toys?

BIg thanks, Laura

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Singapore Shopping: Toys and Toy Shops?

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Dec 27, 2008
Toys Galore in Singapore!
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Laura

here are a few suggestions:

(My top recommendation is at the bottom!)

Around City Hall MRT Station (Singapore's subway)

1. First you have the usual suspects, Toys R Us. One of their biggest stores is at:

Suntec City Shopping Centre, Unit 03-005

(Another Toys R Us store worth checking out is at Vivo City Shopping Centre, Unit 02-183. Nearest MRT Station: Harbourfront.)

2. And while you are at Suntec City, check out also the Toys Section of Carrefour.

Carrefour also provides a free shuttle bus from the City Hall MRT Station, though you can actually walk through the One Link underground shopping street to get to Suntec City.

3. Then you have a good local chain called Kiddy Palace.

A convenient branch is located at Marina Square Shopping Centre, Unit 03-160/164. This shopping centre is also a short walk from the City Hall MRT Station.

Near Bugis MRT Station

4. You'll obviously need to visit Bugis Junction Shopping Centre.

Check out:

a. BHG, Level 3 (Toy Section)

b. Action City (Unit 03-23)
(a store which stocks a wide range of unusual toys)

c. Absolute Comics (Unit 03-13)

Note: Bugis Junction is also very near OG @ Albert Complex, which is a short walk away along Rochor Road.

5. Toy Shops at Sunshine Plaza - Highly Recommended!

Sunshine Plaza is a little gem of a place if you are looking for toys, especially fix-it-yourself toys.

Japanese anime characters, Marvel action heros, and lots and lots of others - you'll find them here. And if they are in the mood, the youths here may get into their cute-sy cosplay as well.

It's not a very big place. But I believe your kids will get quite excited here! And perhaps you too ;-)

It's a pity I don't have the pictures to show you here. Perhaps, this will be the next stop for my photo shoots.

My request to you: If you go to Sunshine Plaza and like it, could you ask the shops if you could take a photo of them and post it here?

Getting to Sunshine Plaza

From Bugis MRT Station, walk along Victoria Street in the direction of Middle Road. At the junction of Victoria Street-Middle Road, turn onto Middle Road. Sunshine Plaza is at the junction of Middle Road and Princep Street.

Notice that Sunshine Plaza is also close to OG Albert Complex and Bugis Junction (both mentioned above).

Have a great time shopping for toys in Singapore!

Dec 27, 2008
Good to go
by: Laura

"Thanks for the information, we'll be using it - a lot!" Nils, age 10.

Jan 10, 2009
Sunshine Plaza Toy Shops
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Laura and Nils

I don't know whether this comes too late for your trip. But I dropped by Sunshine Plaza today and here's an update on the toy shops there.

There used to be more toy shops at Sunshine Plaza - 8 at one time. A few have moved out. But here are the addresses of 5 toy shops at Sunshine Plaza:

1. Xeno Hobby Workz (Unit 1-33)
- has a wide variety of comics-related toys

(Xeno Hobby Workz @ Sunshine Plaza)

2. Hobby Art (Unit 1-44)
- has a large selection of Ban Dai toys, amongst others

3. Ani Play (Unit 1-46)
- specialises in Japanese anime/cosplay characters.

4. The M Workshop (Unit 01-58)
- specialises in Tamiya fix-it-yourself models.

5. Hello Kitty (Unit 1-77)

Please note that most of them are closed on Monday. Best time to come here: afternoon.

May 02, 2009
China Square Central Singapore
by: Anonymous

You haven't heard of the toys shop in China Square Central. Better visit it especially, on Sun. Ciao.

May 21, 2009
About China Square Central
by: TheLocalCode

Toy Shops in 'China Square Central'

-Ace Ventuna Toys
Marsh & McLennan Centre,#02-14
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 10.30am to 7pm, Sunday - 10am to 7pm. Public holidays - 11am to 6pm.

-Ng's Collections
Marsh & McLennan Centre, #02-09
Opening hours: 12pm to 8pm daily
Contact numbers: 6536 5320

Marsh & McLennan Centre, #02-31
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily

Marsh & McLennan Centre, #02-11/12
Opening hours: 11.30am to 8pm daily.
Contact numbers: 6438 4326

-Vincent Collection
Marsh & McLennan Centre, #01-22
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 2pm to 8pm, Sunday - 11am to 7pm.
Contact numbers: 6337 3256

Some of the Toy Shops that are WORTH!

May 21, 2009
i need others xmen
by: emile

halow guys...
im emile from indonesia and i will trip to singapore on june 10 - 14, 2009....i will hunt more xmen squad to finish my collection
i looking for:
kitty pride giantman series( lus better )
professor x marvel legend 9
havok giantman series
emma frost and banshee hasbro ML 1
cyclops brood queen series
sandman classic spidy
iceman new xmen
lady deathstike and marvel girl
thanx for u re support


May 25, 2009
Vintage Toys Shop
by: swanhawk

Well, it appears everyone has overlooked a shop at Excelsior Shopping Centre in Excelsior Hotel at 5 Coleman Street, Level B1-17.

The shop - ROBO ROBO carries varieties of vintage toys along with various branded collectible toys. You name it, there you can find it! Prices are moderate.

Jun 03, 2009
Spawn Asia
by: Anonymous

I want to buy some Spawn / McFarlane toys. Any recommendations? Is there a Spawn Asia?

Jun 12, 2009
I want to buy DC Universe Wave 6 Killer Moth Action Figure
by: Bui

Hi, I'm in Hanoi. I will have a short trip to Singapore soon. I want to buy DC Universe Wave 6 Killer Moth Action Figure for my son's collections. Please recommend me where to buy it?

Thanks a lots

Jun 18, 2009
More Recommended Toy Shops
by: Anonymous

i have a good recomended place to buy marvel toys in suntec 3rd floor ( i forgot the shop ) and toy questz at far east plaza orchard
good service, good discount, good stuff ....
i have my kittypride, iceman new xmen, prof x, avalanche, etc.....

Jul 24, 2009
Laser Tag Guns
by: Universe

HI! do you guys know where can i buy laser tag guns in Singapore?

Jul 31, 2009
McFarlane Beatles
by: AT

Does anyone know where can I buy a McFarlane Beatles Alligator set? And about how much is it?

Aug 27, 2009
spawn asia in singapore
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me where's Spawn Asia shop?
I can't find it in yellow pages?

Sep 02, 2009
by: Alex

May i know which shop can i get the cheapest gundam model in singapore? I happen to stay here for a few days.

Sep 15, 2009
Toy bow and arrows
by: Ken


I'm involved in a school's children day carnival.
We will have some game stores.

One of these is the Arrow game, where students will get to shot targets using toy bow and arrows.

I'm looking to buy more arrows. These arrows are the one with the rubber suction tip.

Does anyone know where I can buy these arrows?


Oct 14, 2009
Chibi Maruko Chan Stuff
by: cori

Hi, I will be in Singapore on 16 Oct 09. Do you guys know where to buy Chibi Maruko Chan stuff?? Thanks a lot :)

Nov 30, 2009
Danboard Toy
by: wei

where got sell it in singapore?

Dec 01, 2009
Danboard Toys
by: Anonymous

Go to Far East Plaza #05-126 Earth X Toys & Collectibles, or website:

to check whether stocks are available.

They update their site very often. Hope this helps.

Dec 11, 2009
Where can I get WWE figures?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm in Singapore. Where can I get WWE figures?

Dec 21, 2009
WWE Figures Available at Toy Questz Far East Plaza
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

I did see a few WWE figurines at Toy Questz (Far East Plaza #05-105).

Jan 06, 2010
Takara Tomy Toys
by: Anonymous

Where could I buy Takara Tomy toys in Singapore?

Jan 07, 2010
RE:Takara Tomy toys
by: TheLocalCode

It depends what you want. You want the Toku Toys like the freshly stock-in Tomica Hero Rescue:Rescue Force that is in Isetan Scotts (name of mall is Shaw Centre).

Jan 31, 2010
Bandai Batmobile
by: Anonymous

Where can I get Bandai Batmobile in Singapore?

Mar 03, 2010
One-piece Collection
by: Anonymous

Where can I get one piece collection?

Mar 18, 2010
Mad Hatter 12 inches action figure.
by: tai tai

I am looking for Mad Hatter 12 inches action figure recently released by Medicom toy for Disney Picture ,Alice In Wonderland.

Pls tell me which toy store import it in or i can special order it in.


Mar 25, 2010
Where can I get action figure in Orchard Road
by: McAndrian Edmund

Can someone list it for me

I'm from Brunei so it's hard to find some good ones in my country...

In Singapore are action figures in fixed rates or do they give discount??

Where can I get one in Orchard Road or which place is the best to get one?

Mar 28, 2010
John Cena T-shirt
by: Hafiz

Hye, I'm Fafiz, from Brunei. Where can I find John Cena orange t-shirt at Singapore? And how much it cost? Thanks ;)

Apr 17, 2010
about xeno hobby workz
by: Anonymous

hi,does anyone knows where to get the email or contact number of xeno hobby works toy store?if anyone knows abt it,please email it to me at thanks.

Apr 24, 2010
Super Mario Bros
by: Anonymous

Where can I buy Super Mario Bros novelty items in Singapore? I'm looking for paper plates, candy, figurines, etc.

May 02, 2010
Luffy's Straw Hat
by: ruffy

Where can I buy luffy's straw hat?

May 09, 2010
War Machine
by: Matin

Anyone knows where the 6 inch War Machine figure, the Wal-Mart exclusive version,is still selling?

May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Where can I get Dragonball toys in Singapore?

May 16, 2010
Star Wars lightsaber
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where to find the anakin skywalker force fx lightsaber (the Revenge of The Sith one)
I can only find the force action one with the spring and a huge hilt which I don't want. It should cost about $100 bucks.

May 22, 2010
War Machine 8 Inches from Hasbro
by: Anonymous

Anyone knows if the War Machine 8 Inches is sold in Singapore? I know the 6 inches is not in Singapore.

May 24, 2010
Gundam Freedom
by: Davin

Anybody knows which shop has Gundam Freedom?

Jun 10, 2010
Godzilla Figures
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can get godzilla figures in Singapore?

Jun 28, 2010
Plastic Crocodile Toy
by: Anonymous

Can someone tell me where can I purchase a plastic crocodile toy?

Jul 01, 2010
Looking for Revoltech Queen blade series.
by: Anonymous

Anyone selling or know where still selling Revoltech Queen Blade series "Alleyne", pls let me know, thx. email me at... TLPWP2002@YAHOO.COM ... thx

Jul 16, 2010
Fortress Maximus
by: Don

elooo does anyone know where can I get a transformers G1 Fortress Maximus??

Jul 18, 2010
Where to Buy Transformers G1 Fortress Maximus
by: Anonymous

Transformers G1 Fortress Maximus? You can try China Square Central. I've seen it before, but the price... be prepared to burn 1 big hole in it.

Jul 21, 2010
by: C

How about Pixar figurines? Looking for Up,


Jul 22, 2010
Toy City, where are u??
by: Indonesian

Is there any TOY CITY in Singapore?

Jul 23, 2010
Pixar and Toy City
by: Anonymous

Regarding the Pixar fingure. Saw that like 2 weeks ago at China Square Central Level 1. I think the shop name is "Vincent's collection". But he usually sell things more ex than others. So you might want to go other shops there to check it out.

Toy City in Singapore? don't really think so... but China Square Central is close... close to being a toy city... esp on Sunday with the flea market on.

Jul 25, 2010
Sid the Science Kid
by: Anonymous

Hello, does anyone know where can I get merchandise of Sid the Science Kid?

Jul 26, 2010
For SID the science kid
by: Anonymous

where to get merchandise of Sid the Science Kid? hmmmm... you can try kiddy palance, toys "r" us, robinson, metro, OG. You can check EBAY. quite a number of people selling, but seller not from singapore.

Aug 06, 2010
Kamen Rider and WWE
by: DG

Hi where can I get Kamen Rider and WWE figures?

Aug 07, 2010
Kamen Rider and WWW Figure
by: Anonymous

Where to find Kamen Rider and WWW figure? That was easy. Go China Square Central, a must go on Sunday. Because I know some flea market store selling Kamen Rider stuff. As for WWW, just go there can Liao. Few shops selling, got the hard to find LOD. Hope this helps.

Aug 13, 2010
Toy Story Collection Series Woody
by: ToyStoryCrazy

Hi there, I have been trying to find the TS3 Collection Woody (

Do you know where I can get this? I tried Toy Story and major toy stores like Simply Toys but they do not stock them :(

Aug 19, 2010
Super Mario Kids TShirt
by: Anonymous


Need help to locate where can i buy Super Mario Kids tshirt in Singapore? Please email me at

Sep 23, 2010
Crows Zero Doll
by: Anonymous

I happen to watch Crows Zero, a Japanese movie.. Does anyone knows if the Genji doll is still sold in Singapore..? If not, where can I get it..?

Oct 08, 2010
Armored Core Models
by: Armored Core

Does anyone know where can I get Armored Core(Aaliyah) model in Singapore??? Please reply asap..

Oct 11, 2010
Austin Power Dr. Evil and Mini Me
by: Anonymous

Do you know where I can buy action figure of Dr. Evil and Mini Me in Singapore? Thanks!

Oct 19, 2010
Saint Seiya in Singapore
by: alex

Hi, I'm going to Singapore next week, I'd like to know where can I find Saint Seiya toys "new myth cloth or Japan vintage toys".

Here in Malaysia not so easy to find !!!!!

Thanks for your help !!!

Oct 19, 2010
Go to China Square Central to find your answer.
by: Anonymous

Dear all, Go to China Square Central to find your answer. Recommended to go on Sunday to enjoy the flea market there as well.

Oct 30, 2010
Marvel Legends
by: Anonymous

Where can i get Marvel Legend toys in Singapore? Can anyone list the shop names? Thanks.

Nov 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

All of you who's asking where to get this and that here in Singapore,, if you would only scroll up to the first few post you will find what you are looking for as the guy who patiently list up all the area's where a good shop is located here is listed, he even took some photo with it.

Please spend some time to read and not just wait for someone to spoon feed you.

By the way great effort for the dude who listed all those shops, most appreciated, thanks.


Hi there

Thanks for speaking what is in my heart! All readers: please read the listings before adding to the thread!

Gabriel Tan

Dec 29, 2010
Plaza Singapura
by: Shah

Here are two shops I know where there are toys. Plaza Singapura Level 7 Toy Outpost and Toy Closet.

Jan 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Gabriel

Thanks for posting where to find Pokemon. Was just doing a search and clicked on here, glad I did. My boys are right into it so we will visit the toy shops you recommended in April.

Cheers Shaz from Australia

Aug 30, 2011
WWE figures

Hello, just though that I can provide some information.
So far, other than Toys R Us, I have only bought WWE figures from 2 sources.

1-Ebay Singapore
Ebay is a great way to find figures. I have found many rare and hard to find figures there. You may want to try these Ebayers too, they sell good condition, rare figures:

This shop is located at Far East Plaza at Orchard Road. It is at the 5th floor. They have many, many figures there, all directly imported from the US. Also, they constantly bring in new stores, so you may want to check them out. Other than figures, they have many other WWE items too, such as Figure Belts, Toy Belts, Rings, Pendents, even Adult Size Replica Belts.

Dec 19, 2011
Japanese manga figure
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just got a website which is selling some kind of action figures, in there also have Chibi Maruko chan and One piece, lovely, but I haven't shop there. does anyone buy stuff online? how abt online store?
Thanks a lot

Dec 19, 2011
Japanese manga figure (2)
by: Anonymous

Hi, Sorry I forgot to leave that website I have browsed.


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