Singapore Night Safari
- How to Enjoy Your Trip There

Singapore Night Safari Highlights:

- Over 1000 night-active animals of 120 species.

- See tigers and other big cats feeding from less than 1m away.

- Up close with flying squirrels and bats in a walk-through enclosure.

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I must say that I did enjoy the Night Safari a lot. Apart from the animals, I was quite impressed by the enchanting atmosphere they've created. The lighting is clever - enough for you to make out the animals, yet not enough to distract them. Look out also for the viewing hides with floor-to-ceiling windows, from where you get close-up views of the animals and their every move.

Tips for Enjoying the Singapore Night Safari

The entrance fee is quite hefty (S$32 adult / $21 child). So work out a tour plan to get the most out of it.

Here are my tips for enjoying the Singapore Night Safari...

  1. Although the Singapore Night Safari officially opens only at 7.30pm, the restaurants are ready at 6pm. You may dine al fresco and enjoy the Bornean Tribal Show at 6.30pm (Ulu Ulu Restaurant) or 7pm (Bongo Burgers). You eat your burgers; they eat balls of fire (really)!

  2. Remember that you'll be walking through tropical rainforest - the overhanging creepers, the sounds of insects and the mosquitoes are all an experience in itself. So don't be in a hurry. Soak in the night-time rainforest atmosphere. But, yes, you should take some insect repellent along.

  3. There is a tram ride round the park with useful commentary by a guide. But don't be in a hurry to take the tram.

  4. The first thing you should do is to quickly go and see the big cats - the tigers, leopards and lions. I highly recommend the Malayan Tigers.

    Why see the cats first? These beasts are given food early in the night (approximately 7.30pm). And they gobble up the chunks of meat straight away. You need to catch them early to see the feeding rituals. Once their stomachs are filled, they'll retreat to a cosy corner and rest. They'll even take a nap and ignore all your desperate shouts to wake them up.

  5. Personally, I prefer walking to taking the tram. This way, I could spend as much or as little time as I want at an exhibit. To get the most out of your visit, collect the park map at the entrance and and work out some kind of route plan. Otherwise, you may end up doing a lot of back-tracking in the dark.

    (1 June 2011 Update: The tram ride is now included in the price of the entry ticket. So you might as well used it. Take a look at the route map - and see how it may cut down on your walking to a favourite animal exhibit.)

  6. If you intend to dine at the Night Safari restaurants, do it before 7pm. Else, have dinner before you arrive. Why? Because there's really a lot to see. More time in the restaurant means less time with the animals.

  7. If you plan on visiting the Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park, you might want to buy the 3-in-1 Park Hopper Ticket and save a chunk off the combined ticket price You may get the Park Hopper at any of the 3 parks and take up to a month to see all 3 parks.

    • 3-in-1 Park Hopper Adult Ticket: $58
      (Entry to 3 parks + Night Safari Tram)

    • 3-in-1 Park Hopper Child Ticket: $38
      (Entry to 3 parks + Night Safari Tram)

  8. The Creatures of the Night Show is a wonderful display of nocturnal animal behaviour. There are a few shows each night. Catch either the first one or the last one, so that your tour round the park is uninterrupted.

Getting to Singapore Night Safari

(Map of Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari)

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road

Public Transport from City:
MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station. Then Bus No. 138 to Park entrance.
(Approximately 70-75 minutes for a journey starting from Orchard MRT Station)

Driving from City:
Take the PIE towards Jurong. Turn off onto BKE. Exit at Exit 7. Follow the 'Singapore Night Safari' signboards.
(Approximately 30 minutes for a journey starting from the Orchard Road area)

Taking the Taxi:
The fare for a trip starting in the city should be about S$15-25.

Adult, S$32; Child, S$21.

Singapore Night Safari FAQs

  1. When is the best time of the week to visit Singapore Night Safari?
    Try to go from Monday to Thursday. If you could help it, avoid Friday-Sunday, when local families with young children add to the crowd. It's also crowded during the Singapore school holidays.

  2. What is the fastest way to get to the Singapore Night Safari?
    By car or taxi. If you are going there from the city, follow the route given above. Taxis are also abundant for the return journey, up till 11pm. If you intend to stay beyond 11pm, ask the Night Safari staff to help you call for a taxi.

  3. Does the Admission Fee include the tram ride?
    The tram ride costs an additional $10 ($6 for child). You may get a combined admission + tram ticket at the entrance. Note that the Park Hopper ticket does not include tram rides at any of the parks, only the admission charges.

  4. How much time should I set aside for the Night Safari?
    To enjoy the Singapore Night Safari fully, allow at least 2 hours. I enjoyed myself so much that I was there until 11pm. Better if you set aside the whole night for the animals.

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Page Updated: 1 June 2011.

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