Singapore NDP Tickets

by Manoj

How to get the NDP tickets in 2009?


I'm not being cynical here, just stating the reality...

In the likely event that you won't get any tickets this year, here are some tips to still enjoy Singapore National Day 2011.

(Application for NDP 2011 tickets closed on 29 May 2011.)

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Singapore NDP Tickets

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Aug 10, 2008
Singapore NDP Tickets & Other Tips
by: Gabriel

Hi Manoj

first of all, I must say it's very difficult to get the Singapore NDP tickets. I've applied for them for the last 3 years and never got any luck.

But nearer next year's National Day (i.e. around April/May 2009), you may check out the NDP e-balloting website ( to try your luck. In 2008, they allowed applicants to apply for 2, 4 or 6 tickets each. If you are allocated tickets, they'll send you an sms telling you how to collect your tickets.

If like 99% of us, you can't get Singapore NDP tickets, check out my alternative Singapore NDP webpage on how to watch the displays from around the Parade grounds.


2011 Singapore NDP Tickets

The e-balloting for NDP 2011 tickets is over. Congratulations to those who've got tickets!

If you are unable to get NDP 2011 tickets, check these out:

1. Singapore NDP 2011 Schedule

2. Singapore NDP 2011 Fireworks - When & Where

3. Hotels with Views of NDP Fireworks

Nov 05, 2008
Hope everyone has a chance to watch it LIVE once~
by: Pingerrain

It's quite hard to get it, and I always forget to go ballot for it.
Actually, I'm quite envious to many primary school students now where every year a level in the primary school (usually is P4 or P5) gets to watch the parade previews.

I never had a chance to go, hopefully the NDP people can come up with a system so that every Singaporean has a chance to go watch it LIVE once.

If not, book the hotel near to the stadium where you can view the show right out from the window... The fireworks display is always the best~

Nov 05, 2008
National Day Parade At Least Once in a Lifetime! Absolutely.
by: Gabriel Tan

Yups, I think so too - every Singaporean should have at least one chance to watch it live.

A thought just came to my mind... I wonder if the primary schools accept volunteers who'd accompany the children for the Preview Show?

Hopefully once the new stadium is up, more people can watch NDP live.

Feb 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to get the preview tickets for the past 4 years and was very unlucky.

I really hope the balloting of NDP Tickets should be given to those who has been rejected. It seems that many who go there every year got more chances. They should look into this via the identity card numbers and allocate tickets to those who have been unsuccessfully trying. They should give others a chance to see the preview live.

I hope I could get a good chance this year when they start balloting for tickets.

Mar 22, 2009
Pleasure Day
by: Sherene Yeap

- Is difficult to get Singapore NDP tickets because it is our "Home" celebration day.

- Hope to have a fair chance for everyone so that can enjoy and celebrate this wonderful day together.

- Exiting and fun to see "Live" then watch from the TV.

- Giving away at least 1 or 2 admission tickets for those family have children aged below 6 years. Children will see the NDP "Live" and it will cultivate spirit of patriotism from small.

Mar 31, 2009
by: Shahila

I've been waiting for 7 years to go to National Day parade. I heard from my friends, its not easy to get the NDP tickets.

As for others singaporean that have been their luck get to go to NDP for several times, please give us and others that have NOT been to NDP before.

Even for once in a lifetime, we would GREATLY really appreciate it. I really hope to bring my family members to NDP life. My parent getting old, i really wish to bring them visit the NDP atleast once in their 50 years times.

Thank you soo much.

Mar 31, 2009
I'll point the NDP committee to the heartfelt desires here!
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

When I read all your comments, I'm really touched. I have really been encouraged by how genuine your desire is to watch the Singapore National Day celebrations. I also like the suggestions to distribute NDP tickets more fairly.

Now this is the least I can do: I'll either call or email the Singapore NDP committee, and point them to this page. I hope they'll really take note of all your thoughts and feelings, and do something about it.

And Shahila, I'd say that your parents deserve to be at the front of the queue.

Apr 20, 2009

I have been trying for the tickets for the past 5years and am very unsuccessful. I really wish I could get to see the NDP2009 this year atleast the preview.

I really would love to bring my children to see the NDP this year. I hope those who has been lucky all these years could kindly give some chance for the unlucky ones to see the preview or the actual day parade.

Being a Singaporean I really wish me and my family would get a chance to see the NDP live or preview.

Kindly please help us to get tickets this year. Hope to get a good chance this year which would be an unforgettable day for me.

May 03, 2009
by: Ayie

It's been ages that i've got the ticket for NDP. As i remembered the last ticket i got was 2001 and that time we collected the tickets at Nanyang Polytechnic.

That time the tickets were only given by queueing..Well it was fun queueing the whole night for the tickets. Anyway this year i would like to try the e-ballot.

Hopefully I can get the tickets as my parents and wife have been asking when the tickets are going to be released. And if this year we don't get it,it's still OK...! Because we can always watch it on TV.. hahaha..

Good Luck Everyone..!

May 03, 2009
Wish me luck
by: Ningrum

I agree with most of them, who talk about the difficulty to get the NDP tickets.

Me n family also try to get it for 5 years but always disappointed.

I also agree with the idea that families who have watched NDP should not be included in the balloting for the tickets. Especially when the new stadium is still not ready yet, as the capacity at the floating stage is very small.

I will try again this year to get the NDP ticket, so...

Wish Me Luck!

May 03, 2009
NDP ticket .. give others a chance please..
by: Singaporean

I've been trying to get the ticket since having my 1st son. Now with 3 children, still no chance.....would suggest that those who haven't had the chance to the parade be given priority. Wondering why some of them always got the ticket every year?????

May 03, 2009
NDP Tix 09
by: Anonymous

The last time i watch NDP was 11yrs ago where it was still held @ National Stadium.

Since 2000 till last year,been trying balloting, but to no avail..tired of balloting but still wanna try.

But sometimes I feel frustrated with people who have gone many times but still not giving others a chance who have not been able to get a tix. I think it's time the committee get people to try the old way of getting the tix, eg. queueing up for the tix rather than e-balltoing.

Wonder how the committee select all those lucky ppl who are able to get the tix???

May 04, 2009
Getting NDP Tickets
by: Lucky Boy

I was very lucky in 2006 when i got 12 tickets when i e-balloted for my family members. It was the first time i balloted for it and i got them! It was so cool to be there watching the performance live with all the fireworks!

This year, i wish to try my luck again. May i know how do we go about getting them? Last time i did it through Internet..

May 04, 2009
NDP Tickets....
by: Anonymous

Hai, firstly would like to say that i'm proud to be a Singaporean...

But sadly, till now - I'm 35 - I've never got a chance to see the celebrations live before my eyes.

Sometimes I feel bad to tell my kids about it cos kids sometimes find it hard to understand. Till now, I've got 3 kids, we could only watch it from our tv.

The atmosphere is very different from 'live' and it's hard to explain it to them sometimes... So I hope this time round in 2009, I could get some tickets for my family and myself....

May 04, 2009
Singapore NDP 2009 Latest Update!
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

I'm encouraged by all your enthusiasm about Singapore National Day. Yes, it's disappointing to try every year and still not get the tickets.

But at least we can still do the next best thing - watch the march-past and fireworks this year. Here's an update on Singapore NDP 2009:

1. National Day Parade Schedule 2009

2. National Day Fireworks 2009 - When & Where

3. Watch NDP Fireworks from Marina Bay Hotels

May 07, 2009
Singapore NDP tickets
by: Loser Always

I have always envy those that have the chances to participate in the parade year after year since the tickets went e-balloting.

Gone were the days where people get the tickets through queue-ing overnight. Those were fun days, people of all races took to helping each other whether it's going to the toilet, buying food or drinks. Most of them were happy partying in line for the tickets.

The spirit was all so lively amongst different races. Communication was never a problem, when body language too and much of the missed laughter was never heard again these days.

I have never once won a ticket to Singapore NDP and will not again this year or many many more years to come.

May 07, 2009
Every Singaporean Should give Chance By making Schedule
by: Delwar Hossain

I have been trying to see the NDP live for 5 years. But I was not lucky even once.

The government should give opportunity to every Singaporean to watch the NDP live at least once. Those who are lucky to see the NDP this year should not be included in the balloting of NDP tickets for the next few years. So that every new citizen gets a chance to see the NDP live.

Thank you.

May 12, 2009
Request for 4 NDP Ticket for Year 2009
by: Ken Ang

I have not been to the NDP since 20 yrs ago but this time round I am quite interested to go with my family & my twin kids, who are about 3 yrs old.

Will appreciate if someone can provide me with 4 tickets. Address : Blk 865 #02-563 Juroung West street 81 S'pore 640865.

Thanks in advance.

May 14, 2009
No More Tickets Request Here, Please
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

Please do not make any more requests here for NDP tickets.

This thread is started mainly for people who are unable to get NDP tickets - where and when you can still catch a glimpse of Singapore National Day Celebrations.

We are not the official NDP ticket booth. And you'll never get any NDP tickets here just by leaving your address and handphone numbers.

The ticket balloting for Singapore NDP 2009 tickets is over. May you have better luck next year.

Kind regards.
Gabriel Tan, as web administrator

May 16, 2009
Why Don't You Guys be The NDP Volunteer
by: Ivan

if you guys can't watch the NDP preview or on the actual day you all can always volunteer yourself to be a motivator it will be fun too....=)

May 17, 2009
No Luck for NDP tickets
by: Shirley Tan

May I suggest to the NDP committee that tickets be allocated once only to every household be it Singaporean or PR.

I have applied since it started this e-ballot NDP but never get any tickets. I have 4 children & they got to watch it when they were in Primary 5(Now 3 older children are in secondary & JC).

We would love to watch it "live" as a family & also as a citizen of Singapore.

Cheers :)

May 19, 2009
by: Shobhana

Hi, I have been trying to get the NDP tickets for the past few years but always very very dissappointed for my 60 years old mother and my two kids. I'm trying to get the tickets for this year and hope that i will not be dissappointed again and hope that they should not be given by balloting. It should be given by the I/C no so that other's will get the chance to see the parade.

May 19, 2009
ndp tickets balloting
by: Anonymous

they should rotate the ticket balloting by constituency, this way all hv fair chance to go

May 20, 2009
really hope to get selected
by: ♥ wawa ♥

i really hope to get tickets for NDP . every year i've been watching it outside from the actual place . why those who ever get NDP tickets and again their getting it ? why dont we take turns . whoever goes NDP parade before , cancel their ID . its really not being fair in this way . every each one of us should experience our own national celebration . mind me people . im just so dissapointed and upset about it like when will it be my turn sitting and watching my nation celebration .

Jun 03, 2009
Try harder.....
by: Emma

I've been getting tickets for the last 4 years. I pool in all my friends and relatives who are not keen in going to submit their ic on my behalf. You may want to try by asking friends and relatives too....wish you all luck.

Parents don't worry too much about your kids not being able to attend NDP ok....when they are in Primary 5 they would be attending through their schools so don't fret.

Happy National Day 2009 in advance!

Jun 08, 2009
gooooot it at last!! :)
by: waka waka

Hi Just now got a call from ndp & for my surprise i won SIX tickets ;) can't believe! after 3 years of hard luck... appy appy! wish u all very best!! HAPPY National day'09

Jun 09, 2009
NDP Tickets
by: bbpete

Hi all, yes the call comes from an annonymous no. I too got 6 tickets to the actual day!

Jun 11, 2009
Balloting NDP Tickets
by: Ramadass Balan

I became a Singapore PR in year 2003. I have been participating in the balloting from 2003 onwards. But till now, my name has not been selected.

A suggestion to the NDP organising team:

Please conduct balloting only for people who have not attended previous years' NDP parades (i.e include people who have not seen the parade through other's tickets). So that new peolple get the chance to see the NDP parade.

Jun 17, 2009
NDP Tickets
by: Shane

Will it seem most of the Singaporeans who love Singapore don't have a chance to go the the NDP. Trying to get the NDP Tickets is worse than buying 4D or ToTo. Very hard to get it and every year, we only have a chance (not weekly).

Pls change the NDP Ticketing System. Instead of balloting, we can have a system fair to every Singaporean.

1. A system able to track who had been to NDP in previous years by IC Nos.

2. Those who have been to the previous year's NDP will be classified as 'second time applicant'. Those have never got tickets before will be considered first timers.

3. If your Balloting System is operated in this way, every Singaporean in their life time will have a chance to go to NDP.

Jun 20, 2009
NDP TIckets......
by: Tulip

I definitely agree with suggestion that the system should be able to scan those who have been sucessful and reject their ballot. This way, there will be equal chance for everyone...

Ppl taking care of this, please don't ignore this suggestion!!!!

Jun 24, 2009
Preview ticket to exchange for actual day ticket
by: Skate Newbie

Hi, due to last minute change in my daughter school schedule, we are unable to attend the NDP preview. I have 4 tickets to the preview and if anyone has 4 tickets to the actual day and would like to swop, please email me at Thanks

Jun 24, 2009
NDP Ticket
by: Jasmine

I felt very unhappy of the NDP ticket collection arrangement. I have been trying to apply online for the past few years but till today I still can't able to get a single ticket.

Now my eldest daughter is already 12 years old and she still doesn't have this chance to explore and experience the parade on site/live.

Therefore, I suggest the NDP tickets should be charged at SGD 5.00 each. Then it will be fair to everyone. Or make it free only to those who have never got it before. And the fee collected can donated to charity organisations.

So, do you think this way is much better?


Jul 10, 2009
NDP balloting system
by: Rick

Hi all,

First of all, have to say congrats to those who are successful in their application. As for me, I'm just 1 unlucky guy who hasn't been able to have his application successfully since the first year the balloting system was launched.

This is super unfair. Really hope one day, 1 of the NDP committee could take a look into this, whereby we should not let repeated applicants to be able to apply again and deprive others who haven't watched NDP live for their whole life.


Jul 23, 2009
Don't Just Say Say. Go Do It!
by: Anonymous

I understand the frustation for those who didn't get the ticket for many many years. But why get annoy about it.

Are you really want to be at the parade ground to feel the mood of National Day Parade?

If yes, simply just be one of the volunteer to participate in any of the presenting groups involved in the parade. You might able to get 'free' tickets for your family members also.

For me, National day is a holiday which I don't have to work and be relax at home. Anyway, I still able to watch the live telecast national day parade on TV together with my family memebers, friends gathered having our own 'small' celebration.

Lastly, ask yourself. Are you really interested to see the parade or you just want the goodie bag?

I suggest the organising committee to stop giving out 'free' NDP goodie bag.

Let cheer for the coming National Day holiday.

Jul 28, 2009
This year's fire works will be nice!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm in primary 5 this year and I went to the NDP rehearsals for this year! The fireworks were great! Be sure to catch it!

Aug 02, 2009
by: Teh Lye Cheng

I live to see NDP.

Aug 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

I watch NDP every year because my father is army people. This year NDP was very nice, I saw it at NE SHOW 1. I was very happy and wish Happy Birthday Singapore.

LIM JIN HENG from South View Primary School.

Aug 04, 2009
Happy Birth Day Singapore 44th Anniversary.
by: A.A.Abdul Jabbar, Jaffar.

I would like to congratulate the Singapore's Government, The Prime Minister, The Senior Minister, The Minister MM Mr.Lee and other Ministers & MP'S For Their Intellectully Thriving THE NATION AS SUCCESSFUL. For the past years for our CITIZEN'S OF SINGAPORE.

We,the people of Singapore Celebrate the 44th
Anniversary National Day As One Country, One Nation and as one people.

I pledge as loyal citizen of Singapore.


Aug 05, 2009
Past 7 years been trying for the NDP tickets but always dissapointed my 4 children.
by: Frustrating Singaporean

Since the NDP tickets change to balloting system i always think it was a good idea rather than queueing. but after 7 long years trying for the NDP tickets till today still unable to even get 1 piece. I'm just wondering how the balloting been done? or who is conducting the balloting?


1) Singapore is a very small country i think is wise if the NDP Org. Committee divide the balloting into 4 zone (North / South / East / West) each zone at least will get 25% of the NDP tickets.

2) Any Singaporean who have the tickets for this year their names will not be included for the next year balloting. At least others will have the chance. I believe that the NDP Org. Committee have the record for the tickets distribution each year.

3) last but not least may instead of balloting systems the NDP Org. Committee can consider of distributing the tickets by using the postal code so that it will be equally distributed each year.

I believe that there are many more Singaporeans having same faith like me and thats the reasons why lots of Singaporeans will leave Singapore for holidays during our National Day because they don't have the chance to bring their children to see the parade.

I hope the NDP Org. Committee will kindly consider of a better way on how to distribute the NDP tickects fairly to Singaporeans.

Aug 07, 2009
NDP Parking
by: david

Where is the best place to park if we are going for the NDP celebrations? Will most of the commercial parking nearby be blocked off for VIPs etc?

Aug 07, 2009
Parking Near NDP Venue
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi David

For the 25 July NE Show 3, I approached from Nicoll Highway. The LED signboard indicated that there were car park lots available at Esplanade and Suntec City. Eventually, I parked at Raffles City Shopping Centre because I was meeting a friend there.

Aug 07, 2009
NDP Ticket Thread is Now Locked!
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

Thanks for sharing your grouses, suggestions and best wishes to our beloved country, Singapore.

I'm proceeding now to lock this thread about NDP 2009 Tickets.

For 2010 and beyond, I'll do an update on my main National Day page, with tips on how to enjoy ourselves even when we don't have tickets.

Meanwhile, I invite you to share any photos or stories you may have about Singapore National Day - e.g. a photo of your family enjoying the Parade, a nice shot of the fireworks, a let-your-hair-down moment during a rehearsal, anything.

Last year, one of our friends sent in this photo of the the aerobatic performance. It was a real treat.

Why not share one of your NDP magic moments now?

Gabriel as Web Admin

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