Singapore National Day 2011 Tips:
What to Do When You Can't Get Tickets

I've been trying to get Singapore National Day tickets for the last 5 years, without any success. Well, next year I hope to have better luck!

But what can you do if you cannot get tickets? Well, fret not. This page is all about doing the next best thing - how to enjoy the celebrations, fireworks and other fringe activities for Singapore National Day 2011.

On this page:

[National Day 2008 Videos]

[National Day 2011: Schedule & Tips]

[NDP Fireworks 2011: Where & When]

Singapore National Day 2008 Videos

Here are a few videos from 2008's National Day Parade. Enjoy...

Aerobatics by the RSAF's Black Knights - Elite F16s!

(Black Knights Aerobatics Video - NE Show in preparation for Singapore National Day 2008. Taken on 5 July 08)

Watch this awesome display by some of the Air Force's best pilots - the Black Knights.

They are exciting because they fly dangerously close to each other.

At some point, they seem to be diving towards the water, only to pull away in time.

The spectators went 'ooh' and 'aah'. I don't think the pilots' wives and mothers are quite as excited ;-)

UFOs Invade Marina Bay! What Will They Think of Next?

(Video taken on 5 July 08)

The organisers of Singapore National Day 2008 made clever use of the setting (water) and timing (twilight).

A very pretty sight. Helium-filled lanterns moved along by SAF assault boats.

I later found out that the green UFOs are called 'baybirds'!

The Most Spectacular Fireworks in the Singapore Calendar!

(Singapore National Day Fireworks. Video taken during the NE Show on 19 July 08)

Forget about all the others. Singapore National Day fireworks is the biggest, most spectacular of them all!

I was lucky enough to get an unhindered spot at the Merlion Park, by the water's edge.

Each burst of fireworks seemed so close that they'd land on me! But this spot is too near to the fireworks to take good photos.

Singapore National Day 2011 - Highlights

Schedule of Parades and Rehearsals:

  1. NE Shows (Saturdays):

    • NE Show 1 - 9 July 2011

    • NE Show 2 - 16 July 2011

    • NE Show 3 - 23 July 2011

    These are 'full dress rehearsals' watched by Primary 5 students as part of their National Education programme.

  2. Singapore National Day 2011 Preview Parade:

    • Saturday, 30 July 2011

  3. Singapore National Day Parade 2011:

    • Monday, 9 August 2011

    • Events galore for Singapore National Day 2011:



      The pre-show and main show are likely to run from 5pm to 8pm. Watch out for the aerial fly-past and military displays during this time around Marina Bay. The show segment culminates with spectacular fireworks launched around 8pm.


      For NDP 2011, the organising committee has worked with several organisations to run celebration activities around Marina Bay. So you may soak up the atmosphere at Marina Bay, even if you can't to get tickets for NDP.

      @ The Padang (St Andrews' Road). 13,000 people will gather to form the Singapore Flag, followed by candle-lighting to reflect the nation's hopes.

      @ The Esplanade. Free events galore. Face-painting. Music performances. Film screenings. Marching bands. 5-9 Aug 2011.

      @ Coach Bay of Singapore Flyer. Soldiers prepare themselves for the flag march-in on 9 Aug 2011.

      @ Marina Barrage. A great carnival! Flea market with 100+ stalls. Roving performances. 6, 7 & 9 Aug 2011.

      @ The Promontory (near Marina Boulevard). Floats Parade by NUS students.

      @ Universal Studios Singapore. First 5000 people aged 65 and older enter for free on 9 Aug 2011! Collect tickets in person from USS's ticketing booths 1-5 Aug 2011, with identity documents.

    • The Float @ Marina Bay (floating platform near the Esplanade) is the venue of the celebrations.

  4. Singapore National Day 2011 Fireworks
    See the tips below...

Tips for Watching National Day Fireworks 2011

Don't miss the fireworks for Singapore NDP 2011! The fireworks will be launched from around the Float @ Marina Bay:

So practically any waterfront location at Marina Bay will be a good spot to watch the fireworks for NDP 2011.

In the event of bad weather (or for health safety and other pertinent reasons), the NE Shows and Parades may be delayed, cut short or postponed according to the judgement of the organising committee. If this happens, the fireworks will be similarly affected.

  1. How many fireworks displays are there?

    Fireworks will be launched at the Preview Parade (30 July 2011) and National Day Parade (9 Aug 2011).

    Fireworks will also be set off during the NE Shows (9, 16 & 23 July). But these are likely to be shorter, scaled-down bursts.

I photo-shot the fireworks during all 3 NE Shows and the Preview in 2008. And they were as good as the actual day's fireworks.

  1. What's the fireworks schedule like for Singapore National Day 2011 (and all the rehearsals)?

    Expect the fireworks to be launched near the end of the Show Segment, probably around 7.30pm - 8pm. Obviously, you'll need to turn up earlier to find yourself some space.

  2. Where to watch them?

    Here are the best spots to watch fireworks for Singapore NDP 2011.

  3. Want to watch the fireworks in luxury?

    Here are a few hotels and restaurants with great views of the fireworks...

  4. What if I cannot make it for the dates listed above?

    Go down to Marina Bay again for the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations. Each evening, the fireworks usually go on for 15 minutes.

    (Fireworks Celebrations for 2011 to be confirmed.)

So don't fret if you can't get tickets to the National Day Parade.

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