Singapore Malaysia Philippines Vacation Transfers

by Jay
(Manila, Philippines)

Can I cross into Malaysia from Singapore? Philippines being a member of the ASEAN community I believe that visa is not required to visit these two countries.

Hi Jay

The best way for you to verify your visa requirements is to consult the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the Malaysian Immigration Department directly.

You might want to read this page about Singapore entry requirements, which has links to official websites should you need further clarification.

Everyone else who provides advice to you without understanding your specific circumstances might get you into trouble.

Gabriel Tan

Is it possible that my entry point is Singapore Airport and exit point is Kuala Lumpur Airport? Cause I'm planning to have a 4-day vacation in Singapore and 1-day vacation in Malaysia. And I dont want to go back to Singapore just as my exit point, which is kind of inconvenient for me. Will my passport still get stamped that I already exit Singapore, and the immigration will not think that I am overstaying in Singapore.

My plan is I will have my flight going back to the Philippines through Air Asia which has a flight schedule at KL International Airport.

As long as you have all the relevant documents, you may enter Singapore, leave by land to Malaysia and fly back home to the Philippines from KL.

There are also budget flights from Singapore to the Philippines. I wonder if these might be a better option for you.

In my opinion, you lose a large proportion of your vacation time by travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, whether you travel by bus or plane.

Although the Singapore-KL bus journey will take 5 to 5.5 hours, you also lose time for transfers and waiting. So you'll easily lose 7-8 hours just for commuting.

(Of course, you can get around this by taking a night bus if you can sleep in a moving bus.)

Even if you are taking a flight, you'll spend 4-5 hours commuting, waiting, clearing immigration checks.

With just a day in KL, you might just have enough time to get onto the flight home. So I recommend that you spend all your time in either Singapore or Malaysia. Or extend your vacation to make the all the travel hassle worthwhile.

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Singapore Malaysia Philippines Vacation Transfers

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Mar 28, 2012
The Same Dilema
by: khalil

I have the same dilemma. I am planning to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as my entry point because the airline ticket going there is cheaper rather than my entry point is Singapore.

By the way, I am coming from Clark,Philippines.I will stay in K.L. for a few hours for picture taking at the Petronas Towers and then leave either by train or bus going to Singapore. But I never thought that it will take 6 hours by train. So I will be arriving in Singapore probably at midnight.

I also heard that buying a train ticket in Malaysia is way cheaper than buying it in Singapore. To cut the story short, I will be in Singapore-Malaysia for 3 days and 2 nights. Last day I will spend it in Universal Studios Singapore and the following day leave via Singapore. So it doesnt matter if my entry point is Malaysia and my exit point is Singapore.Right?


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