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Here are some frequently asked questions about Singapore Changi Airport, sent in by users of eTour Singapore. They are compiled here because they are of importance to many visitors.

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Singapore Customs Issues

Visa Issues

Is a visa needed for stopover at Singapore Budget Terminal?

I hold an Indian passport and will be stopping over at the Singapore Airport. Do I need a visa to enter Singapore for a couple of days?

I hold an Australian passport. Do I need a visa to enter Singapore?

Cigarettes and Tobacco

Is it true that if I bring cigarettes into Singapore, I'll be heavily fined?

Cigarette duties and taxes in Singapore?

Where to buy and smoke cigarettes in Singapore?

Where may I smoke at Changi Airport?

Alcoholic Drinks

HOT! How much duty-free alcoholic drinks may I take INTO Singapore?

How much duty-free alcoholic drinks may I take OUT OF Singapore?

Duty on 2 bottles of wine at Singapore's Airport?

'm taking wine meant for onward journey from Singapore. How may I avoid taxes and duties?

Will a single 3-litre bottle of wine be duty-free? (I know 1 litre is duty-free)

A funny question about Bacardi Rum!


Cabin Baggage Allowance: Will a wedding cake get through?

Can a tourist bring food into Singapore?

Can a tourist bring meat into Singapore?

Checked-in and Hand-carried Luggage

HOT! Prohibited Items - What may I not take onto the plane?

How much luggage may I check in at Changi Airport?

Can I take baby food into the plane's cabin at Changi Airport?

Other Duties and Taxes

Will brand new electronics be taxed at Singapore Changi Airport?

Any duties on left luggage at Singapore Airport?

Travelling with Pets

How do I take my pet dog onto the plane with me?

What arrangements must I make with the airline to take my dog onto the plane? At what cost?

What must I do to take my pet into Singapore?

What must I do to take my pet out of Singapore? What documents must I have?

Shopping at Singapore Airport

Where to buy laptop computers at Changi Airport?

Moving Around / Resting at Singapore Airport

I'm leaving from Terminal 1. Can I still shop at the Transit Mall (a restricted area) in Terminal 2?

I'm arriving at Budget Terminal at 2am. Any suggestions for rest spots with kids?

I have a 20-hour transit stopover at Singapore Airport. Any hotel/lounge which I may book? What leisure facilities may I use during this time?

I'm staying at the Airport Transit Hotel. Do I need to clear the customs to collect my luggage?

Any Singapore hotel that doesn't charge extra for early arrival?

Is there any massage service at the Airport?

Who's eligible for the free Singapore tour?

Transiting at Singapore Airport

Could you tell me what to do if I'm transiting at Singapore Airport?

Using Singapore Budget Terminal

Where is the left luggage facility at Singapore Budget Terminal?

Location of Singapore Budget Terminal?

How do I get from Terminal 1/2/3 to Singapore Budget Terminal?

Transiting and resting at Budget Terminal

Midnight Arrival at Budget Terminal: What to do?

Left Luggage (Storage) at Singapore Airport

Where's the best left luggage location at Changi Airport?

Where is the left luggage facility at Singapore Changi Airport?

Any left luggage facilities outside the Airport? e.g. Near Sentosa?
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I'm transiting at Changi Airport. But I don't want to take all my luggage with me. Where and how can I leave my luggage at the airport?

I'm transiting at Singapore Changi Airport. How do I know whether I should use the left luggage facility in the transit area?

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The Top FAQs about Singapore Airport


Is it true that if I bring cigarettes into Singapore, I'll be heavily fined?

It's true that you can't bring cigarettes (or tobacco in general) into Singapore without being taxed. When the customs officer sees your cigarettes, he'll ask that you pay duty on them. Just as if you're importing them for sale here.

Most smokers would have an opened pack with them any way. I haven't heard of anyone who's been asked to pay duty on an opened pack, but an opened pack is still liable for duty. A pack of 20 sticks costs about S$9-12 here.

Special Note:
(I've added this point because of the wrong advice many are giving in the forums about taking cigarettes into Singapore.)

The wrong advice is this:

  • To avoid paying duties on your cigarettes, stash them in your checked-in luggage and keep the cigarette receipts.
  • When the customs officer finds them in your checked-in luggage, just produce your cigarette receipts, show her/him your onward air ticket and tell him that you're going to take them out of the country.

The reality is this:

  • Customs officers can and will probably inspect your checked-in luggage as you are leaving the arrival hall.

  • When the custom officers find cigarettes in your checked-in luggage, showing that you've bought your cigarettes from another country and that you've got an onward flight out of Singapore will NOT exempt you from cigarette duties.

    You may have a case if you are a transit passenger and your connecting flight is leaving a few hours' time. Highlight this to the customs officer and see what he/she has to say.

    In other circumstances, as long as you are taking cigarettes through the Singapore customs (even if they're in your checked-in luggage), you'll still be asked to pay duties on these cigarettes.

  • Spare yourself the hassle and get your duty-free cigarettes on your way out of Singapore Airport, and not when you are coming in.

  • Important Note:
    What's the fine for every packet of duty-unpaid cigarettes carried around in Singapore? A hefty S$500! The duty-free shops of the world will not tell you that. So if you are taking cigarettes into Singapore, declare them and pay the taxes and duties.


How much duty-free alcoholic drinks am I allowed to take into Singapore?

1 litre of spirits (e.g. rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, brandy, etc)

1 litre of wine

1 litre of beer or ale or stout (or a combination of these not exceeding 1 litre)

(must be over 18-years-old; must have spent more than 48 hours outside Singapore in a country apart from Malaysia)


I'm staying at the Airport Transit Hotel. Do I need to clear the customs to collect my luggage? If I clear the customs, can I still go back to the Transit Hotel? If not, how do I collect my luggage?

Once you go through the customs, you may not go back to the Airport Transit Hotel, which is in the transit area.

If you are staying at the Singapore Airport Transit Hotel, do not clear customs. Go straight to the Hotel.

What happens to your checked-in luggage meanwhile? When the luggage is not collected from the luggage belt after 30 minutes, the airport team puts it with the Lost and Found counter at the Arrival Hall.

After your stay at the Transit Hotel, you may clear the customs and collect your luggage from the Lost & Found section. When I checked with the Airport Transit Hotel, they told me none of their customers has lost their luggage this way. Travellers using the Transit Hotel have also shared that they had no problem with lost luggage.


How do I get from Terminal 1/2/3 to Singapore Budget Terminal?

If you are in Terminals 1 or 3, take first the Skytrain to Terminal 2. At the basement of Terminal 2, there's a free shuttle bus that'll take you to the Budget Terminal. It leaves approximately every 15 minutes.

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Singapore Transit:
Using Transfer Desk for Two Separate Tickets
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Left Luggage at Singapore Airport:
Maximum Duration Allowed?
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Unclaimed and Belatedly Claimed Luggage at Singapore Airport 
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I fly Jetstar from Darwin to Singapore. Then I fly Singapore Airlines to Germany. Can I take the duty free from Darwin through customs in Sigapore to Germany? …

Handling Duty Free Cigarettes
at Singapore Airport and Budget Terminal
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How much cash can I take out of Singapore? 
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Is the Crowne Plaza Hotel after one goes through customs? If so, how far is from customs to the hotel? Thank you very much, Joan Anderson

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What proof of sufficient funds will be required at the Singapore Airport? I am an Australian and have never EVER been asked to supply proof of funds. …

Arrival Tax into Singapore from Australia? 
How much is the arrival tax into Singapore from Australia?

Taking Duty Paid Wine into Singapore 
Can I bring China duty-paid wine into Singapore? Will i be taxed again?

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Is it possible to reach the Budget Terminal in 45 minutes from Terminal 1? Then I have another 45 minutes to check in.

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Is a person in Singapore if he has not cleared customs and is still in the transit area? Thank you.

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Transfer from Singapore Budget terminal to Terminal 3 at 3am 
Will a taxi take you from the Singapore Budget Terminal to Crowne Plaza in Terminal 3? I know there is a shuttle bus to T2 but the sky train does not …

Can Passengers Arriving at Different Terminals Meet? 
I am flying in from Kuala Lumpur, arriving at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. After claiming my baggage, can I go to Terminal 1's baggage claim area …

Using Foreign Currencies at Singapore Airport 
We will be in transit in Singapore on our way to the UK. We would like to know if the duty free and other stores (eg coffee shops) accept payment in Australian …

Transit Visa for Singapore City Tour 
Hi, I and my wife are Indian passport holders flying Singapore Airlines from Ahmedabad (India) to Hong Kong and back. On our return journey we have …

Maximum Amount of Money Allowed into Singapore 
I want to know what is the maximum amount of money I can bring into Singapore if I'm coming to work?

Getting from Singapore Budget Terminal to Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport) 
Could you please describe in detail how I can get from the Singapore Budget Terminal to the Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport. Thanks Gerald.

Singapore Transit Procedures 
I am planning to travel from Athens (Greece) to Sydney via Singapore with Singapore Airlines next March 2010. I have never made such a long trip and …

Singapore Budget Terminal: Parking for Motorcycles 
Is there any parking for motorcycles at Singapore Budget Terminal? If there is, how much is the charge? Thanks.

Taking Pets Out of Singapore 
I travelled to Singapore for 1 month, and I'm going home in 3 days' time. I bought 2 hamsters. I want to know: can I carry them back to Vietnam? Is there …

Singapore Airport Taxi Transfer to Hotel 
Where can we get a taxi in Singapore Airport to transfer us to our hotel?

GST Refund at Singapore Budget Terminal? 
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Singapore Transit: Leaving the Airport to Shop 
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Strapping Machines at Singapore Airport? 
Hi, I would like to ask if there is any strapping machine in Changi airport? you know the kind that straps PP band onto carton boxes?

How long can I leave my luggage at the left luggage facility? 
Hi, I would need to leave my luggage for 18 days at Singapore Airport. It is a small cabin luggage with my computer and clothes. Is it possible? …

Singapore Budget Terminal Passengers: Duty Free Shopping at Other Terminals 
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Singapore Transit: Wine Allowance 
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Are Powdered Items Allowed on Planes? 
Are protein powders allowed in the check in luggage? Or in the hand-carried cabin luggage? Out of singapore...

Packing Fruits for Flights from Singapore to US 
My friend is leaving home to the US and I would like to pack a box of local fruits for is family to enjoy. How do I pack these fruits for him to bring …

Buying Duty Free Alcohol: Time Restriction  
What does '48 hours out of Singapore' mean? Does this mean that for a 2 days 1 night trip, we are not allowed to buy alcohol back to singapore?

Claiming Confiscated Stuff at Singapore Airport 
Hi, I'll like to ask if there's any way where we can claim back things that are confiscated by the airport? Thanks a lot for your help! Lin Shiyun …

Transit Hotel and Checked Baggage at Singapore Airport 
We are arriving from Darwin via Jetstar at 18.35pm(Terminal 1) and departing Singapore for Bandar Seri Begawan via Royal Brunei Airlines (Terminal 2) next …

Recommended Hotel in Kuala Lumpur City Centre 
Can you save me lots of time and hassle and bless me with your knowledge of a reasonably nice hotel that you have stayed in or heard about from satisfied …

Singapore - Kuala Lumpur Transport Options  
1. Can I contact a company at the airport to hold my luggage for 2 weeks whilst I visit Malaysia? 2. How far is the train station by taxi from the airport? …

Singapore Transit: Getting Rest and Storing Luggage 
I am arriving in Singapore at midnight, and will leave at 6.30am the next morning by Jetstar Asia to Manila. I would like to rest at the Transit Lounge …

Luggage Allowance on Flights To / From US and Canada 
Hi, I'm going to India from Los Angeles on Singapore Airlines. My question is how many bags are allowed to take & how much they charge for an extra bag. …

Visiting Singapore: Long Hair, Tattoos & Chewing Gum 
I want to visit Singapore. I heard that tourists with long hair or tattoos or gums face problem. Is it true?

Packing Alcoholic Drinks in Luggage 
Can I pack Jack Daniels alcohol in my suitcase from Chicago?

Singapore Currency: Exchange in Australia or Singapore? 
Hi, we are 2 Australians intending to travel from Darwin to Singapore on a 3 week holiday in August. What currency should we have on arrival? Thank you. …

Taking Pets Into Singapore 
Hi, I am currently living in Australia, and would like to work at Singapore for two years, but not sure if I may bring my little dog with me. Could …

Singapore Transit: Transferring Between Terminals 
I am flying from Mumbai to Melbourne with a 12.5 hour stopover at Singapore's Changi Airport. Since it is a codeshare flight between Jet Airways(Mumbai …

Singapore Transit: Requirements for China Passport Holders 
Hello. I am Chinese and I have to transit through Singapore Airport. One of the transit stops is about 11 hours. Do I need a visa for Sinpapore? Thank …

Japanese 'Shochu': Liquor or Wine? 
Hi, I would like to bring in some Japanese sake and 'shochu' from Japan. But I am not sure how do they different between liquor and wine? Is it by the …

Prohibited Items at Singapore Airport 
I have heard that you cannot take chewing gum into Singapore. Is there anything else? I will be going through Singapore on my way to Malaysia and back …

Declaring Watches at the Airport? 
Do I have to declare if I am bringing OUT of Singapore more than 5 hand watches as gifts for my loved ones? I only go home once a year. As such, I will …

Duty Free Cigarettes at Singapore Airport? 
If I purchase duty free cigarettes from Melbourne Airport, can I take them to Singapore during my 2 hour stopover onwards to Germany and then Croatia?

Using Transit Hotel When Arriving / Departing From Singapore Budget Terminal 
We arrive in Singapore from Perth on Tiger Airways at 0250 at the Budget Terminal on a Perth-Singapore ticket. If we go through customs etc, can we …

Best Left Luggage Location in Singapore Airport? 
Hi, I am travelling from India to USA via Singapore. I have to visit the Philippines for 7 days (and will be using the Singapore Budget Terminal). I …

Singapore Budget Airlines: Cost of Check-in Luggage 
Hi, i would to know the cost of check-in luggage for Tiger Airways passengers. I'm flying to Malaysia. How many kg and charge? Can any cosmetic product …

GST Refund: What to Do if I Have Lost the Voucher 
I bought a Panasonic camera in Singapore at Vivo City. I paid by credit card. I have lost the bill and the gst refund coupon that I got with it. I …

Declaration for Liquor When Entering Singapore 
If we bring in 1 litre of each approved liquor(beer, wine and spirit), do we need to declare it?

Hand Carry Fruits onto the Plane? 
Good day! I'm going home to visit my mother in the Philippines. I want to bring small pieces of plum fruits and half a kilo of grape fruits for her. Am …

Left Luggage Facility at Singapore Budget Terminal 
I have 6 hours for my onward flight from the Singapore Budget Terminal. I have a valid VISA. Hence would like go to the city for some shopping. Is there …

Taking a Desktop Computer into Singapore 
My dad bought a desktop computer for me in Malaysia. He plans to carry it with him when he is coming to me. He is coming by bus. Is it allow to do so?

Airport Tax at Singapore Budget Terminal 
Hi, my friend and I will visit Singapore on October 26, 2009 with Cebu Pacific Airlines. We want to explore other asian cities such as Bangkok and Kuala …

Cost of Excess Luggage 
Hi, I'm leaving Singapore soon and I'm afraid that my luggage would go beyond the weight allocated by the airline. How much would it cost me(per kilo) …

Singapore Budget Terminal Car Park 
Where can I park my vehicle at Singapore Budget Terminal?

Which Terminal Does Singapore Airlines Use? 
What terminal do I go to for a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth from London? Who gives me the boarding pass? Are the terminals far apart? I have a one …

Taking Duty Free Alcoholic Drinks Out Of Singapore Airport 
How much duty-free alcoholic drinks allowed while going out of singapore?

Singapore Airport Tax Refund for Transit Passengers? 
We will be flying in from Manila via Cebu Pacific and will be in transit for about 15 hours for a flight going to Kuala Lumpur via Jet Star. From what …

Taking Duty Paid Alcoholic Drinks Through Singapore Airport 
How much alcohol (not duty free, for it is bought in Australia with tax) is allowed to be brought via luggage into the Singapore Airport?

Singapore Airport: From Landing to Taxi Stand 
From the time the plane lands at Singapore Airport, how long will it take an arriving passenger to get to the taxi stand?

Changing Planes at Singapore Airport: Transit Requirements 
I am flying from Hong Kong to Delhi with a stop over at Singapore Changi Airport. My flight from Hong Kong to Singapore is a budget airline (Jet Star) …

About Singapore Visa Requirements 
I am holding an Indian passport with valid Business VISA for US, Canada, Malaysia and Philippines. I was told that if you hold valid visa for US or Canada, …

How much cash can I take into Singapore? 
What is the maximum amount of cash I can take into Singapore?

Why are Certain Things Banned from Airplanes? 
Hi I'm Xinying. I have a project... I need to know why things are banned from the airport?

Alcoholic Drinks During Singapore Transit 
I am travelling to India from Australia via Singapore. I would like to take wine purchased from Australia. Can you tell whether I am allowed to take the …

Duty Free Shopping While Transiting At Singapore Airport 
If I am coming from Malaysia to Changi airport for a stopover to Australia, am I eligible to buy duty-free products especially cigarettes?

Hand Carry or Check In Baby Things? 
hi can i check in my hand carry luggage with my baby formula in containers, my baby plastic feeding bowl n spoon, my baby water bottles n feeding bottles...etc …

Thumbprint Verification at Singapore Checkpoints 
I am an Indonesian. Is it true that there is a thumbprint verification when we go through immigration checkpoints?

Singapore Budget Terminal Passenger Service Charge 
How much is the terminal fee at Singapore Budget Terminal? (a.k.a passenger service charge)

Traveling with My Dog from Singapore to London 
I plan to fly from Singapore to London with my dog. He weighs about 10kg. What are some of the services available at the airport to allow for a smooth …

Singapore Visa: Do Barbados Passport Holders Need It? 
Do I require a visa to enter Singapore if I am travelling to Australia from london but on a Barbados passport? I will only be transiting to my next flight. …

Turned Down By Singapore Duty Free Shop 
I was back from Malaysia yesterday after my 3 days business trip. I am 100% Singaporean. I was turned down by the Duty Free Shop staff - I can't …

Regarding Luggage in Singapore Transit 
I am travelling from New Zealand to India via Singapore. I have got a 12 hrs halt at Singapore. I was just wondering, do I need to collect my luggage at …

Singapore Visa: Do Americans and Filipinos Need One? 
My name is Esperanza, US citizen, but I'm originally from the Philippines. I'm planning to visit again the Philippines on September '09. I'm also planning …

Terminal Fee and Airport Tax in Singapore 
Hi. I would like to inquire if I will go to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, is there a terminal fee and airport tax? If there is, how much is the terminal …

Cigarette Issues If Transit in Singapore 
Hi, I am travelling from Hong Kong to Australia on a Jetstar flight via Singapore. As I have about 6 hours in singapore, I have decided to meet one …

Carrying 40 Inch LCD TV Up the Plane 
I have bought a 40 inch LCD TV to use in Singapore. Can i carry it back to India along with my luggage whenever I return? Is there any specification regarding …

Left Luggage at Singapore Budget Terminal 
Hi, Will be arriving at the Budget Terminal at about Midday on the 23rd.... FEB 09. Depart for Perth at about 1550 on the 25th... I want to leave my …

Boarding a Plane: Prohibited Items 
What are the banned things we cannot bring up the plane?

Airport Taxes in Singapore 
I'd like to know if I'll be paying any terminal fee or airport tax if I purchased my tickets(Jetstar) online and how much would it cost me?

Taking Checked In Alcoholic Drinks into Singapore 
Can I check in my own alcoholic drinks into the check in baggage? How much of it can I bring along? Is it 1 litre of liquor and how much for beer?

Importing Pets into Singapore 
Hello. If a UK person carries her pet from the UK to Singapore, what are the neccessary actions for allowing her dog to be left here?

Duty Free Allowance for Cigarettes and Alcoholic Drinks 
Am I able to purchase a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka to take back to Manchester and also how many cigarettes am I allowed?

Singapore Airport Transit Hotel: Luggage Retrieval 
I am arriving into Singapore on SilkAir from Da Nang (Vietnam) at 10.15pm (Terminal 2 I believe) and will fly out at 7.40am next morning by Jetstar to …

Singapore Budget Terminal
Duty Free Shop Opening Hours
I would like to know the opening hours of Duty Free Shop at Singapore Budget Terminal. My flight arrives at 6.30 morning.

Macau SAR to India: Stopover at Singapore Budget Terminal Visa Needed? 
Already related question has been asked for India to Australia. But I'm not sure, whether that is applicable for Macau to India. I am going from …

Transit Hotel Plus Singapore City Tour 
Flying from the UK to Australia, stopping for 17 hours. Will book six hours in hotel but want to know if you can leave the airport for a city tour?

Silk Cut Cigarettes sold at Changi Airport? 
Can I buy Silk Cut cigarettes at Changi Airport or anywhere else in Singapore?

Buying Whisky and Taking It Out of Singapore 
What whisky can I buy to take out of Singapore and how much?

Duty Free Liquor 
I know this sounds funny, but I want to prove my father wrong. If my friend bought a bottle of 1L Bacardi from the DFS in Changi Airport, can she give …

A single open pack of cigarettes 
I know you have already mentioned about getting cigarettes to Singapore, but this is the latest Customs circular …

Will they confiscate my 3 liter single bottle of wine? 
I am malaysian, am going to landed in changi airport,i would like to know that can i bring a 3-liter wine in a single bottle to singapore?

SBS Bus Service 36 From Singapore Changi Airport 
Please give the route and frequency details of bus route no.36.

Cost of Left Luggage Facilities at Singapore Airport 
say if I place 2 of my bag on saturday at 2pm and i pick them up the next day on sunday 4:30 pm, would you charge 2 days of rate or only 1 day of rate? …

Jetstar and Tiger Terminals: are they at the same place? 
We are flying on a Tiger flight from Bangkok to Singapore and have 6 hours before connecting to our Jetstar flight to Australia. Is Tiger's terminal …

Singapore Airport: Clear Customs or Collect Baggage First? 
Do I get my check in bags 1st or go through customs 1st?

Hotel Use During Transit at Singapore Changi Airport 
I am arriving from Perth via Tiger Airways at 02.50 and departing Singapore for Taipei, via Eva Air at 13.10 the same day. Can I use the Transit Hotel …

Are There Any Laptop Showrooms at Singapore Airport? 
is it possible to buy laptop from singapore airport? i will be on a transit and will just have 4 hours at the airport? pls help

Alarm Clock Onto the Plane 
Can I carry on board an electronic alarm clock which is dead? It's fragile so i'd rather hand carry than put in the check-in luggage.

Getting from Changi Airport to Johor Bahru 
Hello, we are a family of four adults and we need advice on how to get from Changi Airport to our accommodation in Johor Bahru. What options are there …

Carrying Wine through Singapore Transit to India 
I am transitting at the Singapore airport for few hours. Could I carry in my hand luggage 2 bottles of wine which I am going to buy at the Sydney airport …

Cigarette Brand Unavailable in Singapore 
The cigarette brand that I smoke is not available in Singapore and it is very difficult for me to switch brands when I am visiting here. What do you suggest …

Time Needed to Clear Customs at Singapore Airport 
How much time do I need to clear Customs & Immigrations at Terminal 1 and then get to the Budget Terminal. I will be arriving at 06:50hrs and will be …

Singapore Airport Customs for Australian Passport Holders 
We (Family of five Australians) are stopping in Singapore for 19 hours (arrival at 10 pm) before our flight to the Philippines. Do we need to clear at …

Can i bring crystal which size 15x15cm from malaysia to Singapore?

Weight and Number Limits for Checked In Luggage at Changi Airport 
How many pieces of checked in luggages allowed for flying from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? What is the weight limit on each?

Excess Checked In Luggage While Leaving Singapore 
Hi, I will be travelling from US to India and will be stopping over in Sinagpore for 2/3 days, on return I will be taking Singapore Airlines to India. …

Visa on Arrival at Singapore? 
I am a Indian and I am travelling to China by Singapore airlines in this month. While coming back from China I have a transit time of around 27 hours. …

Wine Limit at Singapore Changi Airport 
If I am purchasing wine from DFS Perth Airport (keeping to the limit of 1 litre), am I still allowed to purchase wine from DFS Singapore when I arrive? …

GST Refund and Shopping at Singapore's Changi Airport 
Hi:) i am a tourist that going to singapore next two week. i always go to singapore with international flight which landed at T2 but this time we are …

Bringing Beef Jerky through Singapore Changi Airport 
I am coming to visit someone in singapore and want to bring them some dried meat/ beef jerky from South Africa as a gift. Is this allowed?

Left Luggage for Transit Passengers at Changi Airport 
Hi I am travelling to Rome on SIA with Transit in Singapore. On the way back from London I am stopping in Singapore for a few days. I would like …

Visa Requirement for Indian Passport Holder Transiting at Singapore Changi Airport 
I'm coming from Chennai to Singapore by AirIndia Express and will leave to Ho Chi Minh City on same same day (within 3 hours connecting time) by Lion Airlines. …

Alcoholic Drink from Malaysia at Singapore Airport 
I am Malaysian, Can i bring 1 litre of brandy purchases in Malaysia to Singapore?

Night Rest Spot with Kids at Singapore Airport 
We are a family of six, arriving at Singapore Budget Terminal at 0200 on Tiger airways. We then fly out again at 0800. Is there a comfy spot to rest/sleep, …

Smoking Areas at Singapore Airport 
Are there smoking areas at the Singapore Airport?

Left Luggage Facilities for Transiting Passengers at Singapore Airport 
I am making plans to fly into Singapore from London with S.I.A. during January, 2009, and, almost immediately, to depart for Vietnam (where I am hoping …

Indian Passport Holder with Stop Over at Singapore Budget Terminal 
I'm coming from Jakarta to Singapore by Lion Airlines and will leave to Bangalore same day by Tiger airlines. Both are budget airlines. Do I need to clear …

Liquids and Gels onto the Plane at Singapore Airport 
hi,i will be travelling overseas soon...i would like to bring some of my cosmetic stuff like hair gel, face cream, roll on deodarant, powder n stuff. But …

Taking Cigarettes onto Outbound Plane at Singapore Airport 
I will be travelling out of singapore soon....can i pack my cigarettes in my luggage n bring it on board for my own use?

Access to Transit Hotel at Singapore Airport 
My group arrives after midnight on Tiger airways at the Singapore Budget Terminal. We need to check in to Singapore Airport Terminal 1 for our onward …

Are perfumes allowed to be taken out from singapore? 
Hi, I will be buying perfumes in Singapore to bring home to my relatives, Is there a limit on how many i can bring back home?

Desktop Computer and GST 
Is there any GST imposed if I bring in a desktop computer into Singapore?

20-Hour Transit Time at Singapore Airport - Where to Rest? 
Hi, I am travelling from Los Angeles to India and have 30 hrs of stoppage time at Singapore Airport. The Airline is not providing any help with accomodation/food. …

Cigarettes Availabiltiy in Singapore 
Are Cigarettes freely available in Singapore? Is there any prohibition in smoking it anywhere?

Where is Singapore Budget Terminal located? 
A very good day to you! Where is the actual location of Budget Terminal? Is it in the Changi Airport? Kindly furnish me a detail information of …

Left Luggage at Singapore Harbourfront Centre 
Where is the Left Luggage in Vivo City or Sentosa Island and how much does it cost?

Any restrictions on bringing food into Singapore? 
Is there any restriction on bringing food such as fried chicken, cooked sweet sausage, pastry, cakes, etc. when entering singapore airport?

Hotel for Early Arrival in Singapore 
I arrive in Singapore at 6.30 in the morning and would like to know if there are any hotels that allow early check in without charging a full night's rate? …

Singapore Airport: Taking Wine Meant for Onward Journey Through Customs 
I am traveling to Singapore and staying with some relatives for 3 days. Then I continue my trip to Switzerland. My question is: how can I avoid tax …

Indian Passport and Australian PR: Singapore Visa Needed? 
Am an Indian national & holder of an Indian passport living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for the past 17 years. Am also holding a permanent Australian …

Midnight Arrival at Singapore Budget Terminal: Places to Rest, Wait or Stay 
Is there a place in the budget terminal wherein we can stay from 12am (arrival) up to 7am before going to the city center? We're planning on staying at …

Stopover at Singapore Budget Terminal - Visa Needed? 
I am going from India to Australia by tiger airways. I have a stopover at Singapore for a few hours. I am arriving and departing from the Budget terminal. …

Left Luggage at Singapore Airport 
I'm on a 2-day stopover in Singapore. I'd like to leave my bigger suitcase at the Airport and take only a smaller pack to my hotel. Is there left luggage …

Australians Transiting at Singapore Budget Terminal 
I am an australian citizen travelling to phuket. I have a five hour stopover in the budget airport. Can i use the facilities at terminals 1,2 and 3? Do …

Taking a Cake Through Singapore Airport 
Can i take my daughter's wedding cake through Singapore airport to another country?

Tiger Airways Check In Time 
What is the latest check-in time for Tiger Airways?

Duty on Wine at Singapore Airport 
i have asked the question before about 2 bottle of wine..and if i insist to bring them much do i pay for the wine tax?? Thank u in advance.

Duty on Left Luggage at Singapore Airport 
If I put the luggage in left luggage at the airport, while I go to Malaysia for 1 week, en route to Australia, will I have to pay duty? What is the …

Taking 2 Bottles of Wine Through Singapore Airport 
I will be flying from Toronto to Hong Kong. and Hong Kong to Singapore.. I have 2 bottle of wine with me and some presents that i bought from Canada …

Transit from Singapore Budget Terminal 
i'm flying via cebu pacific which will arrive almost midnight and i'll be travelling the following day to johor. can i possibly stay at the transit hotel …

Cigarette Duties and Taxes in Singapore 
Do I pay tax for my cigarettes when I come to singapore or not?

Will brand new electronics be taxed in Singapore? 
Is it true that one will be taxed should he bring in brand new (unopened) electronics into Singapore? (Eg. Laptops) I've been asked to purchase a laptop …

Nice Restaurant at Singapore Airport 
Could you recommend a nice restaurant at the Singapore Airport?

Immigration Clearance at Singapore Budget Terminal (No Luggage) 
We don't have any check in luggage when we arrive in Singapore Budget Terminal. Do we need to clear immigration there? Can we take the free shuttle …

Remote Controlled Plane at Singapore Customs (Woodlands) 
OK, I am wanting to buy a RC(remote controlled) plane that costs about 700+ ringit or Malaysian money. I'm not sure if i could bring that from Malaysia …

Taking Durian Cakes Up a Plane at Changi Airport? 
Is durian cake allowed in Changi Airport to be taken to Thailand on a plane? thanks :) Durian cakes are not prohibited under international aviation …

Powder in Hand Carry Luggage 
Is powdered isotonic drink in large amount allowed in hand carry luggage in Singapore Airport?

Singapore Transit Stay: Luggage, Customs and Visas 
We arrive to Singapore Airport at 8am from London on flight QF32. We then have 12 hours in Singapore before catching our flight to Adelaide on QF82 …

Singapore Airport DFS Catalog? 
Is there anywhere that I can view the whole list of catalog regarding the latest or current stock in the Singapore Airport DFS? Eg. Latest promotion …

Re-entry into Singapore on a Philippines Passport 
I am a tourist from the Philippines, and I've been in Singapore twice. I will go back to the Philippines after 3 weeks of vacation here in Singapore and …

Taking Injectable Drugs for Liver Through Singapore Airport 
I am working here in Singapore, and I have supplementary glutathione injectable for my liver. I have prescriptions. Will I have any problem at immigration …

From Main Terminals to Budget Terminal:
Time Needed and Procedures
I am landing at 16.10 at Singapore Airport Terminal 1 and my next flight is Tiger Airways at the Singapore Budget Terminal at 18.30. My question is: …

Vodka In Checked In Luggage? 
Is it vodka allowed in check-in baggage, since it has a high point of ignition?


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