Shopping for Laptop Computers in Singapore

by Dinesh
(Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)

I am going to Singapore next week from India. There I will purchase a laptop. Where can I get it more cheaply in Singapore?

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Shopping for Laptop Computers in Singapore

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Dec 28, 2008
Suggestions for Buying Laptop Computers in Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Dinesh

If you are buying your laptop from an established brand - e.g. HP or Lenovo - it's good to check the prices online before you arrive. Or walk into a shop in India and record the prices.

After that, narrow your choices to a few. This way, your shopping becomes more focused when you are in Singapore.

I recommend the shops on the higher floors at Sim Lim Square - Level 2 and above. Apple's MacBooks are also sold here.

Remember to ask for your international warranty. If they are selling something to you without warranty - or with some funny 'only-my-shop's-guarantee' - walk away.

Alternatively, you could go to one of the custom-assembly computer shops at Sim Lim Square. You pick the components according to your needs and they assemble it for you on the spot. These shops are usually found on the upper floors.

This might save you some money. But check whether the components can be replaced in India by the manufacturer, e.g. check whether the hard-disk or sound card has a warranty that is valid in India as well.

Nov 09, 2009
Shopping for a Laptop Computer During Singapore Stopover
by: Anonymous

How can I check prices? How can I go to to that place? Can you say how to get from Changi Airport to that place and return to Changi Airport?

Within 3 hours, I should return to airport. Is it open till midnight and possible?

Thank you.

Nov 09, 2009
Limited Time? Shop at Singapore Airport Duty Free Shops
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

given the limited time you have, I recommend that you get your notebook computer at one of the electronics shop at Changi Airport (duty-free). A few of these are found in the transit mall and you don't even need to clear immigration checks to get to them.

The popular brands such as HP, Sony and MacBooks are represented there.

If you insist on going into the city, only the 24/7 Mustafa Centre is open around midnight. You'll need to take a taxi to Mustafa Centre in Little India and back. Even then, you might not make it in 3 hours.

Aug 07, 2010
Laptop purchase advice
by: Chakur

Dear sir,

I am from Eritrea, and I coming to singapore to participate in the youth olympic games in the cycling part. Along with that I want to purchase a laptop of good quality and at faire price. So, please help me where I can easly get near by to the place I am going to do my bicycle racing.

And how is the purchase mechanism, because I have difficulty in having dollars from my own but I have a brother living in USA, so can my brother transfer the cost of the laptop to the singapore shops or it is a must to have dollars in my pocket and then purchase.

Sorry for the too much requests it is only because my knowlege about singapore is very little.

With great respect.

Hi Chakur

You'll need to pay for you computer in cash. It's too much of a hassle to TT the money to the shop and wait for clearance.

Hope this helps.

Gabriel Tan

Feb 23, 2011
A reliable shop for laptops?
by: Anonymous

I'm coming to Singapore in the very near future and I would like to buy a laptop there.
Is there any recommendations as to where I should go?(somewhere near Marina Bay)

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