Sentosa Beach Tour:
A Nature Walk on Tanjong Rimau Beach

Go on a totally different type of Sentosa beach tour. Check out a rocky beach teeming with marine life...

Forget about the Siloso Beach Party. And give the hunks and babes a miss.

Come with me and check out the marine creatures on Sentosa's Tanjong Rimau Beach.

Tidal pools. Hard corals. Soft corals. Red egg crabs. Hermit crabs. Even a stingray or two if you are lucky...

It's hard to believe that one could see so much marine life here, on Singapore's most touristy resort island. And for free!

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Seen on This Sentosa Beach Tour

Sentosa Beach Tour - Nature walk on Tanjong Rimau Beach.

It was an overcast Saturday morning and I joined about 30 other enthusiastic people on this intertidal shore walk organised by the Naked Hermit Crabs.

The name of the place is Tanjong Rimau Beach. I know that some locals have never even heard of it, much less know where it is. Well, it is a relatively untouched tract of rocky beach between Fort Siloso and Rasa Sentosa Resort.

The tide was about 0.2-0.3m, so we didn't get to see everything this beach has to offer. But it was nevertheless very satisfying.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Hard corals.

Hard corals abound. So you can't miss them on this Sentosa beach tour. Seen here is the favia boulder coral.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Hard corals.

This one, I believe, is the cauliflower coral. Another hard coral.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Soft iridescent soft corals.

Seen on the sandy patch: carpet anemone with almost luminous tentacles.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Turban shell.

Here's one of the many turban shells we saw. Notice the round disc which covers the mouth of the shell. Doesn't it look like an eye? At first look, I thought it was soft, slimy and flesh-like. But I was surprised to feel how hard it was. This disc is called the operculum. It makes it difficult for predators to dig out the snail within.

Sentosa Beach Tour - A turban shell with the snail exposed.

While I was holding up this turban shell, the snail retracted its operculum and emerged! As if it was saying, "Take a shot of me."

Sentosa Beach Tour - Sea cucumber.

A rather thick sea cucumber.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Red egg crab.

A very pretty red egg crab. When they have such beautiful colours, they are usually saying, "Eat me and you die." It was hunter-sought for us. I had the privilege of releasing it back to the water at the end of this Sentosa beach tour.

Sentosa Beach Tour - A tidal pool.

Here's our guide for the day, Vyna, standing just below one of the observation towers of Fort Siloso. Just why was she peering so hard into the tidal pool?

Sentosa Beach Tour - Fan worm. Sentosa Beach Tour - Zoanthids and a goby.

Well, there are some pretty stuff in there: a fan worm (left) and a goby trying to camouflage itself against a bed of zoanthids.

Sentosa Beach Tour - Pitcher plants, nepenthes rafflesiana.

When there's so much to see near the water, it's easy to overlook the things on land. Do take a breather, scan the cliff edge near the beach and look out for some beautiful pitcher plants. The ones above are of the nepenthes rafflesiana species.

How to Go on this Sentosa Beach Tour

  1. Contact the Naked Hermit Crabs. During suitable low tides, they conduct this guided tour on a not-for-profit basis. In fact, I went on this Sentosa beach tour for free (island entry fee your own). These folks are nature-lovers. They run the tour because they love the place and want to create an awareness of our rich natural heritage.

  2. Unless you are a conditioned nature tripper, I don't recommend that you visit this place yourself. There are safety precautions to be observed. And you need to time your visit with suitable low tides. So it's best you start with the Naked Hermit Crabs.

    But if you have the know-how and the confidence, you could access this beach by:

    • skirting the edge of Rasa Sentosa's compound until you see the resort's nursery, and

    • descending a rocky slope onto the beach.

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