Pitcher Plants in Singapore - Where to Find Them in the Wild

Pitcher plants in Singapore? And in the wild? I won't blame you if you laughed this off - but they exist in huge numbers in Singapore, and I mean in the wild. I didn't believe it also at first. Then I spotted the first species. And stumbled upon a second. And almost lost my life trying to take photos of a third! (But that's a story for another day...) Yes, you can say that I'm now hooked on pitcher plants.

There are 13 species of insect-eating plants native to Singapore. 2 have become extinct. I've already spotted 3 of these species and hope to spot the remaining 8 species! But first allow me to show off these very pretty plants here.

A Photo Tour of Pitcher Plants in Singapore

Spotted on the Lower Peirce Trail

Pitcher plants in Singapore - a cluster of pitcher plants of the nepenthes ampullaria species.

This was a real treat when I walked the Lower Peirce Trail.

An area roughly 1.5m x 1.5m entirely carpeted with nepenthes ampullaria pitcher plants!

I doubt if you'll ever see more pitcher plants in Singapore.

Tip: You need to look out for the sign board describing the pitcher plants on this trail. This patch is within 10m of this sign board.

Pitcher plants in Singapore - 2 nepenthes ampullaria pitcher plants growing on a branch.

Pitcher plants are signs that the soil is lacking in nutrients.

These plants modify their leaves into pitchers to trap more food.

But this pitcher plant has taken it to the extreme. Totally disconnected from the soil, these pitchers continue to grow on a dead branch!

Just how resourceful they are!

Pitcher plants in Singapore - 2 species (nepenthes ampullaria & gracilis) growing side by side.

You know why this walk was so exciting for me?

What's the chance of spotting 2 pitcher plant species growing side by side in the wild?

But I saw the nepenthes ampullaria growing beside the nepenthes gracilis. (no camera tricks here)

Pitcher plants in Singapore - Nepenthes gracilis as seen on the Lower Peirce Trail.
A fully grown nepenthes gracilis pitcher.

The Lower Peirce Trail is easily accessible from Upper Thomson Road. This is probably the best place to see pitcher plants in Singapore. But then again I haven't seen them all - so there might be a better spot somewhere... ;-)

Spotted at Tanjong Rimau Beach on Sentosa Island

Be warned. The pitcher plants here are so beautiful, you'll be tempted to climb up the slopes (dangerously) to photograph them. Don't. And don't come here alone. Join the Naked Hermit Crabs for their regular walks on this beach. With them, you get commentary. And you move in a safe group.

Pitcher plants in Singapore - nepenthes rafflesiana as spotted on Sentosa Island.

Nepenthes Rafflesiana pitcher plants.

Pretty as a picture.

And named after Sir Stamford Raffles.

Pitcher plant - Nepenthes rafflesiana with beautiful markings.

The markings on the Nepenthes Rafflesiana pitcher plant are probably the most beautiful of them all.

Nice to hold. Nice to behold.

Pitcher plant - Nepenthes rafflesiana cluster.
They grow in abundance here, by the cliff side on Sentosa's Tanjong Rimau beach.
Pitcher plant - nepenthes rafflesiana, single pitcher.
Look at the curves on this one.
Pitcher plant - nepenthes rafflesiana top view.

I just could not resist looking into the pitcher.

Murky and slimy. But absolutely nutritious, for the plant I mean.

A Word of Caution

Now that you know where these pitcher plants in Singapore are...

Please note that pitcher plants in Singapore's Nature Reserves are protected - in fact all plants are. This means it is illegal to take them away. Please leave these plants where they are for everyone else to enjoy. Take nothing but photos of the plants!

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