Parking at Singapore Budget Terminal

by Francis

A few questions for parking at Singapore Budget Terminal car park:

1. Is overnight parking allowed at Budget Terminal car park?

2. What is the parking fee for motor car?

3. Is there a maximum parking fees per block of 24 hours? If yes, what is the rate?

Thanks / Francis

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Parking at Singapore Budget Terminal

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Sep 01, 2009
Overnight Parking & Charges at Budget Terminal
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Francis

1. Overnight parking is allowed and possible at the Singapore Budget Terminal car park. It is an open-air car park just outside the Departure Hall - with a capacity for 300 vehicles.

2. The parking fee for motor car is 1.78 cents/minute.

3. The parking fee is capped at S$13.25 per car per 24-hour block.

4. Multi-day parking is possible subject to the parking fees described in 2 and 3 above.

Jul 22, 2010
Safe to park car at Singapore Budget Terminal?
by: Anonymous

Is it safe to park overnight at the Singapore Budget Terminal? Any guard or camera at the car park?

Jul 22, 2010
Parking Over 24 Hours
by: Kelvin

Where/how can I get the 24hrs block parking fee at Singapore Budget Terminal?

Dec 11, 2010
Parking at Airport?
by: Anonymous


We are leaving for HK on Mon 4.30am at Terminal 3, and will be back on Thur midnight. Would like to ask where is the cheapest to park in the airport? Is it safe to park at Budget terminal? How to travel from budget terminal to terminal 3 & how long it will take? Appreciate any advise. Thank you.


1) The parking rates at Singapore Airport are as follows:

Terminals 1, 2, and 3 = 4 cents per minute
(with a cap of $20 per 24-hour period)

Budget Terminal = 2.5 cents per minute
(with a cap of $13.25 per day)

How much you eventually pay is calculated based on your entry and exit times.

2) All car parks at the airport have electronic entry and exit points with security cameras.

3) For commute between the Budget Terminal and the main terminals - and all other info concerning the Budget Terminal - please read this primer on the Singapore Budget Terminal.

Gabriel Tan

Mar 26, 2011
Overnight Parking Procedures
by: Nicole Lim


I would like to know if there're any procedures that we have to undertake prior to parking or it can be done on the day itself?Thank you!


Hi Nicole

No special procedures. Just park at any of the car parks and ensure you have enough credit in your cash card upon exit.



Important Note to All Readers

Please know that I'm not an official representative of the Singapore Budget Terminal. I'm just doing you a FAVOUR by consolidating the details here.

As parking rates and procedures change all the time, it's your responsibility to find out the latest parking information - from the Singapore Airport authorities and NOT from this thread - before leaving your vehicle at the airport.

Gabriel as Web Admin

Jun 14, 2011
New parking rates at Budget Terminal?
by: BC

The parking rate has increased.

Just parked there from 8/6/2011 at around 1950 hrs to 12/6/2011 2130 hrs. and it cost more than $85.00.

Can anyone confirm?

Jun 17, 2011
Latest Parking Charges at Singapore Budget Terminal
by: Gabriel Tan

The parking charge at Singapore Budget Terminal has been revised to be on par with the charges at the main terminals - $0.04 per minute with a cap of $20 per day. (as of June 2011)

Here are the official parking charges at Singapore Airport (T1-3 & BT).

Aug 07, 2011
Very helpful tip
by: Bong

This is great saving for overnight business trip to park rather than to take taxi.

Sep 18, 2011
Parking Charges Highest Among All Terminal!
by: Yanto

To my dismay!

Yesterday I saw the parking charges at Singapore Budget Terminal had removed it's maximum cap per day.

Now per 24hours block is $58 SGD.

Please kindly take note. For those who wish cheaper, T1,2 & 3 capped $20 per day.

Don't understand what they're thinking!


Hi Yanto

I'm sorry to hear about the parking charges you've had to pay. Nevertheless, thanks for the update.

To all readers:

Please take note the latest official latest parking charges at Singapore Airport.

Gabriel Tan

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