Packing for Your Singapore Tour: Essential Items

Are you packing for your Singapore tour? And wondering if you have forgotten anything?

Well, take it easy. Ours is a well-connected, well-stocked city.

And even if you forgot something, there's always a convenience store around the corner.

But here are a few items worth reminding you about...

  1. Light, loose-fitting clothes - T-shirts, shorts, bermudas, culottes, jeans. Ours' a hot, humid island, so consider putting these into your bag.

    • If you plan on visiting the few (and rare) restaurants that require 'smart casual', pack in a dress or shirt. Off hand, I can only think of the Equinox Restaurant (@ Swissotel the Stamford) and one or two 'inner court' restaurants at the Raffles Hotel that require this dress code.

    • Of course, if you are on the club/pub hopping circuit, you'd like to take something sharper with you. You won't get through the bouncer wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

    • If you are visiting the nature spots, it might help to have your legs covered up, to prevent scratches, mosquito bites, or sandfly irritations. Shoes that cover your feet up are better than sandals, if you are going to wade through some of the inter-tidal flats around the island.

    • Remember that it's possible to travel light when packing for your Singapore tour. For a 4-day trip (or shorter) in Singapore, some visitors have made do with just hand-carry luggage!

  2. Insect repellent. If you intend to visit the Nature Reserves, Ubin island, the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park or the Singapore Night Safari. Different people have different tolerance of mosquitoes. And some of us attract them more quickly than others. So prepare a spray if you have 'sweet blood'.

  3. An umbrella, for the occasional shower. Rain coats and wind breakers are very unfashionable here because it's very humid and wearing anything extra causes you to sweat heaps, even when it's raining.

  4. Universal travel power adapter. Depending on where you come from, your electronics may not fit in your Singapore hotel room. We use 220-240V voltage here. The Singapore power plug contains three rectangular prongs which form a triangle (similar to those used in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta). Of course, you may ask for an adapter from your hotel. But what a hassle!

  5. A spare, foldable, secure bag to contain your shopping. Few stand up to the temptations of Orchard Road, Mustafa Centre, Sim Lim Square, even the Sungei Road Flea Market! This extra bag should slip easily into your luggage, and opens up easily after a shopping spree. It should also withstand the rough treatment of the airport luggage attendants.

    If you succumb easily to glitzy shopping malls, this is one item you must remember when packing for your Singapore tour.

  6. Spare memory cards and batteries for your camera! Believe you me. I've seen tourists cursing and swearing because they run out of memory during the Chingay Parade and the Chinese New Year Fireworks.

Then, there is the usual stuff like toiletries and such, which I'll not delve into here.

Do you still have a question about packing for your Singapore tour? Ask it at the Singapore Travel FAQ page.

Enjoy packing for your Singapore tour.

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