Night Rest Spot with Kids at Singapore Airport

by Linda

We are a family of six, arriving at Singapore Budget Terminal at 0200 on Tiger airways. We then fly out again at 0800. Is there a comfy spot to rest/sleep, especially for the kids.



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Night Rest Spot with Kids at Singapore Airport

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Nov 27, 2008
Rest places with kids at the Singapore Airport
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Linda

At the Budget Terminal

At the Check-in Hall of the Singapore Budget Terminal, a possible rest spot is Hanis Cafe - a 24-hour place where you could buy a snack or a cup of coffee. But, theirs are normal tables and chairs, unsuitable for a snooze at that time of the night.

MacDonald's also has an outlet here.

At Singapore Airport Terminal 3

You could take the free shuttle bus from Budget Terminal to Terminal 2 Basement. It leaves about every 15 minutes. From there, you could take a little walk on the sky bridge to Terminal 3, or catch the free Skytrain if you arrive before 2.30am.

At Terminal 3 Basement 2, there is an eatery called Kopitiam Foodcourt. They have a section where the seats are really comfy - soft fabrics, thick cushions, full head-rest and some privacy. This could be a spot for the kids (actually anybody...) to rest.

The local food at this eatery is also cheap and you could thrill the little ones with a colourful dessert at 3am! Or maybe not... ;-)

Let me know if I've answered your question.

Have a pleasant stopover in Singapore.

Aug 26, 2009
Big Help
by: Maribel

Thank you so much for this information. Certainly a big help for travellers with kids.

Jun 22, 2010
Resting places at Singapore Budget Terminal
by: Vilma

My husband and I will be arriving at 12:00 midnight in Budget Terminal. Is there a place in Budget Terminal where we can take a rest and shower before leaving for the city at 5:30 am?




Hi Vilma

There are the 2 eateries listed above. Toilets are available but there are no shower facilities.


Sep 06, 2010
Arriving during wee hours at Singapore Budget Terminal
by: Lene C


I also will be arriving at 23:55 at Budget Terminal. Can I go to Terminal 2 to take a shower for a fee?


Hi Lene

I'm afraid there's no shower facilities in the public areas of Singapore Airport. Only transit passengers may use the showers in the lounges in the restricted areas.


Oct 17, 2010
Hotels and Tours for Singapore Airport Stopover
by: Ken


My wife and I arrive from Vietnam into the budget terminal ay 9pm but we dont leave until 3 pm Terminal 1 the next day. I have read we can not check in at the main terminal until 2 hours before the flight. So could you suggest a place to stay and maybe a short tour?




You could check into one of these hotels near Singapore Airport and explore the area around your hotel.

Jun 18, 2011
A place to rest and shower
by: Shane

Hi there!

I will be arriving SG midnight at Terminal 1 but am going to catch another flight at the budget terminal 12 noon.

Am i able to use the transit hotel to shower and take a rest ?

If not, where else am i able to do it ?


The Transit Hotel rents out rooms. They don't provide showers for passengers who are not booking their rooms.

There's a lounge in the transit area, however, where you may book a variety of services, including showers. This has to be done before you clear immigration checks. You collect your luggage later at Lost and Found.


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