New Majestic Hotel Singapore:
Is this the fun-est hotel in Singapore?

New Majestic Hotel Singapore: the cure for bland, predictable 5 star hotels.

New Majestic Hotel - A fun, adventurous boutique hotel in Singapore Chinatown.

Entrance of the New Majestic Hotel.

The most interestingly designed boutique hotel in Singapore.

31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road

What's Nearby:

5-minute walk to Outram Park MRT Station.

Walk to heritage shophouses, restaurants and clubs in Chinatown Singapore.

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Location of New Majestic Hotel Singapore

Map - locations of New Majestic Hotel Singapore & Outram MRT Station:

Highlights of New Majestic Hotel Singapore

  1. This cosy 30-room boutique hotel uses a row of restored shophouses, originally built in 1928. But it has a very adventurous interior design. For example:

    New Majestic Hotel - Roof top pool.

    The New Majestic Hotel's roof-top swimming pool.

    Notice the portholes at its bottom?

    • Its roof-top swimming pool has port-holes at its bottom. Peer through these glass panels and you'll catch a glimpse of the Majestic Restaurant below.

    • Part of the lobby ceiling is exposed concrete and steel, and it's not because they cannot afford to plaster it up - it's a reminder of the fascinating heritage of this hotel.

  2. Each room has it own unique decor, and is designed by an up-and-coming artist or a well-known Singapore designer. The rooms fall into one of 4 major themes:

    • mirror rooms: expect mirrors to make these rooms interesting.

    • loft rooms: these are found on the highest floor with private open-air terraces. Expect your bathtub(s) to pop up here!

      New Majestic  Hotel - Open-air bathtub. Photo:
      An open-air bathtub in one the hotel's loft rooms.

    • aquarium rooms: rooms where the bathtubs take on special significance.

    • hanging-bed rooms: the beds are suspended from some structures.

    Each of these rooms is guaranteed to throw in a surprise or two.

  3. You'll also find some fascinating curios and period furniture around the New Majestic Hotel - you won't get bored looking around the hotel, for sure!

Main Points of Guest Reviews:
New Majestic Hotel Singapore

I've read through the reviews of the New Majestic at major travel websites. Here's a summary of what their guests say:

  1. The staff members of New Majestic Hotel are helpful, and provide warm, friendly service.

  2. Guests could leave their luggage with the hotel's concierge after checkout. But some of them were most impressed when the hotel allowed them to take a shower after they returned to collect their luggage.

    Editor's note:
    The after-check-out shower is obviously a goodwill gesture, and not included in the room rate. So please do not hold the hotel to it.

  3. Some guests loved the hotel's Attic Suite (loft room), which comes with an outdoor bath on a private open terrace. The guests enjoyed relaxing here.

  4. Guests recommend the New Majestic Hotel Singapore to travellers who are tired of the usual 5-star hotels.

    But they also have a warning: if you must have your hotel room arranged in a certain, predictable way, this might not be the place for you.

  5. The hotel provides free wi-fi internet access in the rooms, and even loans out Macbooks for free (subject to availability).

  6. An interesting suggestion:

    If you are staying several days at the New Majestic Hotel, you could 'room hop' and enjoy the designs in different rooms during your stay.

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New Majestic Hotel Singapore

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