Midnight Arrival at Singapore Budget Terminal: Places to Rest, Wait or Stay

by yayix

Is there a place in the budget terminal wherein we can stay from 12am (arrival) up to 7am before going to the city center? We're planning on staying at the airport till morning then go to the city for breakfast/roam around since hotel check-in starts at 3pm.

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Midnight Arrival at Singapore Budget Terminal: Places to Rest, Wait or Stay

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Oct 02, 2008
Where to Rest at Singapore Budget Terminal (or at Main Terminals)
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Yayix

You have a few options for resting, waiting or staying at the Singapore Budget Terminal:

1. While the night away with your travel companions at Singapore Budget Terminal.

At the Budget Terminal's Departure Hall, there's a cafeteria called Han's Cafe & Bakery. What I like about Han's is that their prices are very reasonable, compared to the other restaurants at Singapore Airport.

You could buy a coffee or snack, and plan your vacation with your travel companions here, if you have not already done so.

2. Rest, fill up or take a nap at Singapore Airport's Main Terminals.

Take the 24/7 free shuttle bus, which leaves approximately every 15 minutes, to Terminal 2. From Terminal 2, you can go to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 using the Airport Skytrain (monorail), which runs from 5am - 2.30am.

a. 24-hour Eateries @ Singapore Airport

There are many 24-hour eateries at the main terminals, including the very good Kopitiam Food Court at Terminal 3 Basement 2. The airport's Kopitiam serves very nice local food, though after midnight the choices may be limited.

b. Resting, Snacking and Taking Showers

If you want to

i. sink your bums into a nice couch,

ii. help yourself to coffee, soups and light snacks,

iii. or even take a shower,

you could make your way to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 3 Level 1. For a fee depending on what you actually require, you may rest here until it's time to catch the first MRT train down to town.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 3 is in the public area (as opposed to the other 2 at Terminals 1 & 2, which are in the transit areas). It's open 24 hours to anyone needing a rest or freshening up.

So you could use their facility even if you have arrived from the Budget Terminal or if you do not yet have your onward boarding pass.

February 2010 Update:

Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 3 has stopped operations. Only the one in the transit area of Terminal 2 is open.

3. Leaving for the City

Note that the first MRT train leaves the Changi Airport Station at:

a. 5.31am, Monday - Saturday, and
b. 5.59am, Sunday & Public Holidays

So you need not wait till 7am to leave for town.

Dec 22, 2008
How about Waiting Chairs at Singapore Airport
by: yayix

Hi Gabriel,

if the lounge is full, are there waiting chairs in the public area of Budget Terminal, T1, T2 and T3 where we can snooze for a few hours?

Dec 22, 2008
Singapore Airport Has Chairs to Rest on But...
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Yayix

there are chairs at all the terminals of Singapore Airport, including the Budget Terminal.

But don't imagine these to be comfy sofa sets that you can sink into! They are basic plastic-type chairs, comfortable to sit on but hardly the kind that you'll find comfortable snoozing on.

Yet, I've seen people napping away on these chairs!

Aug 19, 2009
Budget Terminal Passengers allowed at Main Terminals?
by: Maylene

Hi, we will be arriving via Cebu Pacific at the Budget Terminal but before we go to the city, I want to show my mom the main terminals of the Changi Airport. Are we allowed to access places like the Fern Garden and Koi Pond even if we are only using the Budget Terminal? Thanks!

Aug 19, 2009
Entry Not Possible
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Maylene

the Fern Garden and the Koi Pond are in the restricted area of the main terminals.

As the Budget Terminal is in a separate building from the main terminals, I'm afraid you cannot take your mum to the Fern Garden and other facilities within the main terminals' restricted zone.

Have an enjoyable Singapore tour.

May 24, 2010
Arrival at 6AM in the morning
by: Anonymous


I arrive at 6AM in the morning and need to bide time till around 12 - is there a place to shower in the budget terminal - I guess can't go to the main terminal transit hotel as I need to check in via immigration?

Sep 20, 2010
Money Changers/Banks at Budget Airport
by: Rey A

We will be arriving close to midnight. Will there be money changers/banks that will be open for us to buy some SGD?


Hi Rey

There are 24-hour money changers at both the Arrival Hall and Departure Transit Lounge of the Singapore Budget Terminal.

Gabriel Tan

Nov 15, 2010
Can Budget Terminal passengers go to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 and roam around?
by: Shaun

Dear Gabriel, I will be arriving in the budget terminal just before midnight and I was wondering whether I could walk around in terminals 1,2 and 3 while waiting for my next flight which is at 7am the next morning in the budget terminal?

I know my question is similar to Maylene's but it's not entirely the same that's why I'm asking you.

And are there any restricted zones for budget terminal passengers(for eg. terminals 1, 2 and 3)?

I would love to be able to just wait in any of the 3 terminals for my next flight and not just be confined to the budget terminal..

Appreciate your help. Thank you very much!


Hi Shaun

You may take the free shuttle to Terminal 2, and from there take the Skytrain to either Terminal 1 or 3. The public areas of all 3 main terminals are accessible to everybody. Basement 2 of Terminal 3 has a very nice food court. There are also several cafes spread over the 3 terminals.


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