Marina Barrage Available for Fireworks Viewing during Countdown to 2009

by Teddy

2008 Singapore National Day Fireworks as viewed from Marina Barrage

2008 Singapore National Day Fireworks as viewed from Marina Barrage


Marina Barrage is available to view Fireworks during Countdown 08/09.

I attached a photo I took during NDP 08 at Marina Barrage.

I heard there is going to be a family carnival and performances too!!

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!!

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Dec 25, 2008
Thanks for sharing a great shot! And fireworks tips!
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Teddy

thanks for sharing a wonderful NDP photo from the Marina Barrage. I was just across the water at Marina East that day!

We'll all keep our 'antennas' up for the latest updates on the Marina Barrage celebrations on New Year's Eve. So to everyone reading this page: kindly share with us when you get any news about the events, transport, police guidelines etc.

And yes, Teddy, your photo has got me itching for fireworks shoots again. I'd probably try out this new spot to shoot fireworks in Singapore. And if you are there on 31 Dec 08 night, allow me to shake your hand and say thank you!

Dec 27, 2008
Don't mention it. Just sharing information...=)
by: Teddy


The details of the count down at Marina Barrage is available on PUB's website.

I've cut and paste the info below for your easy reference.


Administrator's Remarks

Hi Teddy,
really really thanks for this update! I'm sure everyone reading this will appreciate your post. I've edited your post for 2 reasons:

1. You would have noticed that the original link and the cut-and-paste texts have thrown this page out of format. Therefore, editing was done to correct the formating.

2. I'm not sure whether PUB allows their information to be put here 'as is'. It might violate their terms of use.

For these 2 reasons, I've summarised the information into a point by point version.


Family Carnival at Marina Barrage

The Schedule for BOTH 31/12/08 & 1/1/09:

New Year's Eve 31/12/08 - 12pm to 12:30 am.
New Year's Day 1/1/09 - 12pm to 9pm.

Venue: 260 Marina Way (Free admission!)

- Family-friendly carnival

- Venue: Marina Barrage Courtyard

- More than 30 food and game stalls

- Programmes:

12pm-9pm: Rides for children.

Free kayaking and aqua-bike tryouts for everyone.

Free stage performances at the Courtyard.

(Charges apply for carnival stores and rides.)

On New Year's Eve Only

- Performances by celebrities on the Green Roof, 10.30pm - 12.30am.

- Midnight: view the fireworks against the city skyline.

Getting there

- Free shuttle bus from the Marina Bay MRT Station.

- Buses leave at 10-minute interval subject to traffic conditions.

- First bus: 12pm. Last bus: 1.10am on 1/1/09

Dec 30, 2008
Other Spots to Watch the Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 31 Dec 08
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

you may also check out these other places to watch fireworks in Singapore, including the Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks on New Year's Eve.


Nov 16, 2009
by: Desmond

Means everone will be squeezing there :(

Mar 06, 2015
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