Macau SAR to India: Stopover at Singapore Budget Terminal Visa Needed?

Already related question has been asked for India to Australia.

But I'm not sure, whether that is applicable for Macau to India.

I am going from Macau - India by Tiger Airways. I have a stopover at Singapore for a few hours. I am arriving and departing from the Budget terminal.

In case if visa is not needed, how do I collect my baggage in singapore, as check in baggages are not taken care by tiger airways directly.

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Macau SAR to India: Stopover at Singapore Budget Terminal Visa Needed?

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Feb 02, 2009
Visa Needed? Depends on Your Passport!
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

1. Is a visa needed for this Singapore stopover? It depends on what passport you hold. What passport do you hold?

2. How to claim luggage at Singapore Budget Terminal?

You claim your checked-in luggage from the conveyor belt at Arrival Hall.

Have a good trip.

Feb 02, 2009
I'm holding Indian passport
by: Gayathri

Thanks for your immediate reply.

1. I hold an Indian passport and a valid work permit in Macau.

I travel by two separate flights from Macau to Singapore and Singapore to Chennai (budget terminal and transit time is 4 hours)

So, I have to collect my check-in baggages at singapore and check-in that again for chennai flight.

2. Is there a way to collect baggage without Visa?

(My assumption is in all airports, we need to cross immigration to collect baggage)


Feb 05, 2009
Visa and Luggage Issues at Singapore Budget Terminal
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Gayathri

Question: Is there a way to collect baggage without visa?

You'll definitely need to clear customs at the Budget Terminal to collect your luggage. Then check in again at the Departure Hall.

Question: Visa needed?

I believe you'll need a visa for your transit in Singapore. I don't think Macau has any kind of arrangement for Indian travellers to enter Singapore without visa.

I'm not absolutely sure about this visa question. If I can get hold of any CAAS personnel at Singapore Airport, I'll do an update here.

Feb 05, 2009
Thanks for your update
by: Gayathri

Thanks for your update Gabriel. In case if you get a chance to get info from CAAS, please let us know.

Feb 05, 2009
Indian Passport Holder - Visa Needed for Macau-Singapore-India
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Gayathri

I've checked with the Airport Information Service and have this to report:

Indian passport holders flying Macau-Singapore-India, will need a visa to enter Singapore.

For your information:

As of 5 Feb 09, Indian passport holders may enter Singapore for up to 96 hours without a visa if they have

1. a valid visa, OR
2. a Residence Permit (of at least 1 month validity)

for any of these countries:

Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Feb 05, 2009
Thank You!
by: Gayathri

Really thanks for your update Gabriel.
I'll check from Singapore consulate in Macau/Hongkong for Visa formalities.


Feb 07, 2009
Clear Visa For Singapore Airlines
by: Anonymous

I am an Indian passport holder. I am planning travel from Macau to Chennai. Which one is the cheapest airline? For Tiger Airways, do I need visa for Indian passport? Advance thanks to all.

Kindly Regards.

Feb 07, 2009
Flight from Macau to Chennai
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Siva

1. Cheap flight:

Try using a flight comparison tool such as Wego.Com to find cheap flights.

2. If an Indian passport holder is using Tiger Airways for Macau-Singapore-Chennai, a Singapore visa is needed for change-over at Singapore Budget Terminal.

All the best ;-)

Feb 08, 2009
Macau - Chennai Flight List
by: Arun

Hi Siva,

The cheapest fare for flying Macau-Chennai is by tiger airways via Singapore, however a visa is needed for transit in Singapore for Indians.

Other than this no other deal works out good from Macau, the next nearest destination would be to fly from HongKong. As per my research on finding the cheapest fare, i find Singapore airlines (From HongKong) the cheapest, as they have very attractive and cheap rates. The next cheapest would be Jet Airways (HongKong- Mumbai-Chennai).


Jul 19, 2009
Chennai to Hong Kong ( Transit at Singapore)
by: manoj

I am an Indian passport holder and intend to travel from Chennai to Hong Kong ,via Singapore. I am traveling through Singapore Airlines. I have a question that since I don't need a visa to travel to Hong kong for less than 14 days, do I need to get visa for my transit in Singapore for immigration and custom checks.

Jul 22, 2009
Transit & Visa Issues for Indian Passport Holder
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Manoj

If at Chennai Airport you're issued the boarding pass for your onward flight from Singapore Airport - i.e. you are not expected to leave the transit area - you don't need a visa for Singapore.

If you are clearing immigration at Singapore Airport to get to your connecting flight, you need a visa. Consult the Singapore Embassy in Chennai for your visa.

Aug 22, 2009
travelling from australia to india via singapore..
by: tito

Hi Gabriel,
can you please confirm if I have a australian work permit can i travel via Singapore to India as i need to change terminals (flying from perth on tiger airways @ budget terminal in singapore and from there i need to go to terminal 2 changi to take a silk airway) on my way to kochi-india?

please advice

Aug 22, 2009
Verify Your Visa Requirement with the Singapore Embassy
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear Tito and all

I'd like to re-iterate that I'm not the official spokesperson for the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

I've done you a favour by speaking to the airport authorities and done the 'first cut' research for you. I'd like to help you but I'm in no position to ascertain your visa requirement for Singapore.

There are thousands of permutations determining whether you need a visa or not.

Please contact the Singapore ICA or the Singapore Embassy in your city for up-to-date, authoritative statement on whether you need a visa to enter Singapore.


I'll now proceed to lock this thread. Thank you for your participation and have a very pleasant stopover in Singapore.

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