Local SIM Cards in Singapore

by Vimal
(UK (London))

I plan to go to Singapore by end of this month. I am after two Singapore sim cards to use in our mobiles. One for my mobile and the other for my wife's.

1. How much are they?

2. Can i buy them in UK?

3. How much will it cost per minute between two mobiles?

4. How much will it cost to make calls to UK?

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Local SIM Cards in Singapore

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Mar 03, 2009
Singapore SIM Cards and Costs
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Vimal

I did a quick check with the 3 major telecom players here in Singapore - namely SingTel, StarHub, and M1 - and there's really not a lot of difference among them.

1. How much are they?

The cheapest SIM card starts from S$18 (about 8.5 pound sterling as of 3 Mar 09).

2. Can i buy them in UK?

I don't think they're available in the UK.

3. How much will it cost per minute between two mobiles?

For local calls, the rates typically range from 8 cents per minute during off-peak hours to 16 cents per minute during peak hours.

4. How much will it cost to make calls to UK?

StarHub and M1 currently offer *free IDD calls to fixed/residential lines in the UK on their prepaid cards. This means you pay only the local per minute rate when you call UK residential/fixed lines!


*Important Note:

1. According to Starhub website, the free IDD calls apply to voice calls to UK 'fixed lines' only.

2. According to M1 website, the free IDD calls apply to voice calls to UK 'residential lines' only.

As these are considered constantly changing offers, please verify that they are still valid before you buy the prepaid cards from the mobile store.


In this sense, they have an edge over SingTel.

Hope this helps and have a great holiday in Singapore.

Apr 03, 2009
by: Jill

Hi Vimal,

I'd like to clarify..so if i have an M1 prepaid card and i'd like to call Birmingham UK..that means it's free and will only be charged as a local call?


Apr 03, 2009
It's as if you are making a local call
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Jill

yes, you'll only be charged the local call rate when you call a UK residential line with a M1 prepaid card.

Note that these free IDD 021 calls apply only to voice calls to residential lines in the UK and not to mobile phone lines, according to the terms stated at M1 website.

Please verify this with the seller just before you buy the card, as these offers are constantly changing.

May 06, 2009
Prepaid credit balance
by: Anonymous

can the credit balance from one prepaid sim card account be transferred to another prepaid sim card?

Thanks n regards

May 07, 2009
Singapore SIM Card Value Not Transferable
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

the value in one SIM card cannot be transferred to another card.

Jul 23, 2009
Singapore and Malaysia SIM Cards Inter-Usable?
by: Anonymous

Not sure if this post is still active, plus i am flying out in a few hours.

My question is if i buy a sim card in Singapore, will that also work in Malaysia? or do i have to get a Malaysia card as well?

If so, do they have IPHONE pre paid cards?


Jul 24, 2009
Using Singapore SIM Cards Outside Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

you can use pre-paid Singapore-registered SIM cards in Malaysia and wherever the telco has roaming agreements. Remember to activate roaming for your SIM card if the telco requires you to do so.

However, do note that you'll be making a roaming call if you call overseas from Malaysia. This means you'll pay the overseas call charge plus a roaming charge! It may be cheaper just to get a SIM card for each country you go to.

Apr 14, 2010
Starhub SIM Card Price
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm new in Singapore and I dont know the prices of sim cards. Today I bought a Starhub sim card and they said it has 100 dollars load already in it. Then when I asked how much, she said it's 193 dollars. Is it correct or I've been fooled? Thanks.

Aug 26, 2010
Global Starter Pack
by: indra

Dear Vimal,

I know it's to late for giving you the information. But this information very important for the travelers like you..its simple, you just must visit this website www.travelneeds2u.com and click on GSP (Global Starter Pack).

GSP is world local sim card, for now on they already available on a few country such as : Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Philipine. In the future the GSP will be available on the whole world. Just try and prove it, the GSP cut your Roaming problem until 95%.

Thanks for your kind attention.



Jan 19, 2011
Thank you so much!
by: Mimi

Thank you for your time and information that you have given in this website. it is extremely helpful for those (like me!) who are in search of a "good value for money and practical" prepaid phone card in Singapore. Your contribution is invaluable! Well done!

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