Enjoyable Spots in Little India Singapore

For me, Little India is a must-see on any Singapore tour. The colours and vibrant atmosphere are simply inspiring.

Singapore Little India Highlights

  • Tekka Centre: sarees galore, antiques, wet market

  • Serangoon Road: the vibrant main road

  • Buffalo & Kerbau Roads: garlands, spices, artsy shops

  • Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple: Hindu worship

  • Mustafa Centre: 24/7 mega-mall

Little India's Background

Little India Singapore - Family day out, Thaipusam Serangoon Road Stand at the centre of this place, and you'll notice its distinct 'Indian-ness'.

Indian men going to the temples in droves. Indian women in their colourful sarees.

The smells of spice. The vibrant colours of jasmine garlands. The blasts of Bollywood music

Then, you look up at the road signs and begin to scratch your head - streets with names like Dickson Road, Clive Street, Dunlop Street, and so on. Why such English-sounding names in an Indian district?

Well, these streets did not begin as an Indian district. The first settlers were Europeans who set up a 'suburb' here in the 1820s. The streets got these names because they were once homes to these colonial settlers.

Little India, Singapore - The cattle trade used to flourish here.
The Little India of old, however, was blessed with good grassland and water.

So cattle traders from India were attracted to this area in the 1840s. As cattle rearing began to take root here, so did other economic activities. These drew many Indian immigrants to this area.

By the early 1900s, a distinct Indian community was formed. Meanwhile, the European presence faded.

Today, the street names remind us of the cattle trade that once thrived in Little India. Buffalo Road runs parallel to Kerbau (which means 'buffalo' in Malay) Road. Adjacent to these is Belilios Road, named after a prominent cattle trader from Kolkata.

The only buffaloes you'll find here today, however, are sculptures in the Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple.

Little India Today - What to See and Do

You'll love the way Little India is different from the rest of Singapore. Because it is authentically Indian, and authentically Singapore. The businesses here are geared towards the locals, not the tourists - which is why the real travellers simply love it.

The best way to see - and understand - this place is to take a guided Little India walking tour. Why not go on the following photo tours first, and see how enchanting this place is...

The Tekka Centre

Many locals drive along the main road and pass the Tekka Centre by. They don't realise how interesting it is inside. Don't make the same mistake.

The Tekka Centre is the first building you will see when you come out of the Little India train station (see the Getting Here section below). It's full of buzz all day long. Some say this is the heart of Little India.

Tekka Centre Shops Photo Tour

On Level 2 of Tekka Centre, you find some of the most colourful sarees in all of Singapore. And then there are the little surprises in the antiques-and-collectibles shops.

Little India Singapore - Sarees on sale Tekka Centre Level 2

Tekka Wet Market Photo Tour

A fascinating wet market is located on Level 1 of Tekka Centre.

You'll find some unusual seafood, and (allegedly) Singapore's freshest meats and vegetables. It's also a great place for rare Asian spices.

If you are brave enough to walk along the aisles, look under the seafood stalls, and marvel at the creepy creatures that wriggle in the containers there.
Little India Singapore - Tekka Wet Market

Buffalo Road and Kerbau Road

Little India Singapore - Silk Sarees on Kerbau Road. These two side-roads are next to the Tekka Centre, and are therefore a natural extension to the Tekka Centre walking tour.

Take in the riot of colours and unusual blend of scents along Buffalo Road. Then walk on to Kerbau Road and marvel at the exquisite silk sarees and eye-catching picture-art shops.
Take the Buffalo Road-Kerbau Road Photo Tour.

Serangoon Road

Littel India Singapore - Serangoon Road during Thaipusam Festival This is the main road that runs through Little India, and therefore receives lots of traffic - vehicles and people.

It's easy to walk along this main road and get distracted - by endless rows of shops and curious side roads. Be prepared to linger and make many detours.

You'll first be struck by the number of goldsmith shops here - and jewellery designed to please both young and old customers. Some of the best Indian restaurants are found here. They overflow regularly during the weekends.

Not to be missed here are two very prominent Hindu temples - the Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple and the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. The best time to visit the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is during the Thaipusam Festival, when you could see devotees prepare for an arduous 4-km procession, their bodies pierced with frighteningly sharp objects.

It is worthwhile to stroll along Serangoon Road just to feel its spontaneous energy.

Why not go on my Serangoon Road Photo Tour and see its most enchanting sights.

The Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple

Little India Singapore - Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple
This is truly a charming little temple. I remember my surprise when I first entered it...

Its fine sculptures are hauntingly realistic, and its atmosphere inviting. Hindu devotees worship freely. Onlookers watch in awe.

Take a Photo Tour of the Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple - you will love it.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre - The 24/7 Mega Mall.

The Mustafa Shopping Centre is a amazing 24-hour shopping centre. Apart from real estate and vehicles, they sell everything! A great place for last minute shopping.

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