Little India Singapore Photo Tour
- Colourful Buffalo Road & Artsy Kerbau Road

Once the 'Cattle Corner' of Little India Singapore, Buffalo Road and *Kerbau Road today still bustle with many colourful sights, minus the buffaloes. 

(* 'Kerbau' is Malay for 'buffalo'.)

I absolutely love this corner of Singapore. It is a photographer's dream - the colours, the movements, the inpiringly created works of art.

Yes, I never knew Little India Singapore was so colourful till I came here to photo-shoot for this website.

Buffalo Road Things to See

Little India Singapore - Garlands on Buffalo Road Buffalo Road bursts into a riot of colours every morning.

Stalls along narrow walkways sell jasmine garlands, loose flowers, lime, coconut, mini oil lamps. These are quickly snapped up by Hindu devotees heading to the nearby Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple.

Little India Singapore - Garlands on Buffalo Road. You can't miss the garlands along Little India's **5-foot-ways.

They are an enduring sight on Buffalo Road.

The air is an undescribable mixture of smells - the scents of flowers, incense and spice. Your nostrils must get ready for this unusual mix.

**The walkways outside most colonial shophouses in Singapore are 5 feet wide. A legacy from the colonial town planners. Hence, the name 5-foot-way.
Little India, Singapore - Garland seller.
There are so so many garlands. Who'd buy them, I wondered.

Yet the demand for garlands can be overwhelming at times.

And the stall vendors start making new ones by late afternoon to cope with late-night customers.
Little India, Singapore - Coconuts along 5-foot-way on Buffalo Road. The vendors who sell garlands also sell de-husked coconuts.

The ones here are not for cooking - their shells are still intact.

They are meant for worship at the nearby temples. Do you know what they are used for?
Little India, Singapore - Clay oil-lamps on Buffalo Road. Clay oil-lamps are also plentiful here. They eventually make their way to the temples. Devotees light them up before they pray.
Little India, Singapore - Crowded walkways along Buffalo Road.
There is nothing minimalist about Buffalo Road. And the shops couldn't care less about looking good, as long as customers buy.

I found the shops overflowing onto the walkways outside - heaps and heaps of vegetables, fruits, grains, and every other item used for Indian cooking.
Little India, Singapore - Eager customers at a heap of vegetables, Buffalo Road. There isn't enough space, so everything goes higher and higher in heaps.
Little India, Singapore - Unusual vegetables on Buffalo Road. If you like surprises, you'll get it here in Little India.

I found the range of vegetables unusual and bewildering.

Honestly, some looked like weeds to me. I wonder who really eat them.
Little India, Singapore - A stall vendor arranging vegetables to attract customers, Buffalo Road.
Competition is intense here. So this vegetable vendor exercises a bit of creativity...
Little India, Singapore - An attractive heap of vegetables, Buffalo Road walkway. All vegetables being equal, the most eye-catching ones win!
Little India, Singapore - Chilli and spice on Buffalo Road. Chilli and spice.
Little India Singapore - Posters against rundown shops on Buffalo Road. Some of the shophouses have sold out. They put up with poorer ventilation for a little advertising income.
Little India Singapore - Poster advertising body artwork on Buffalo Road And there are many competitors. This banner tempts you with all types of body treatment.

For the fun of it, why not get your hands henna-painted, at 16 or 22A Buffalo Road.

Buffalo Road is a bit chaotic for some, but I absolutely love it.

At the end of Buffalo Road, you'll come to a T-junction with Race Course Road. Turn right onto Race Course Road and after a few steps, you'll come to the start of Kerbau Road - the 'Arts Centre' of Little India Singapore.

Kerbau Road Things to See

Little India, Singapore - Frame-maker at work, Kerbau Road. One of the first shops you'll come across is Y Shahul Hameed Glass and Frame Makers at No. 57.

Mr Yoosuf, the owner, makes mostly picture frames showing Hindu deities.
Little India, Singapore - Picture frames on Kerbau Road. They cover every available wall space inside and outside his shop.
Little India, Singapore - Picture frame of sultry woman on Kerbau Road. But not all his pictures are of Hindu gods. This one on the left is for his more carnal customers.
Little India, Singapore - Ansa Picture Frames on Kerbau Road. Mr Yoosuf's competitor is a few doors down the road at No. 29, Ansa Picture Framing & Art Gallery.

This is another fascinating shop and worth a look.
Little India, Singapore - No. 37 Kerbau Road. On the way, you'll pass by this refurbished Chinese mansion at No. 37, which has a very curious spiral staircase and some ornate window shutters.

On the ground level of this mansion is T.M. Silk Sarees Pte Ltd, run by Mr T Murugan.
Little India, Singapore - T.M. Silk Sarees on Kerbau Road. Mr Murugan's shop is extremely attractive. You just have to marvel at his wares.

The silk sarees are stacked in reams to the ceiling. Some fan out invitingly.
Little India, Singapore - Beautiful Sarees from TM Silk Sarees, Kerbau Road. Even hardened scrimpers become weak here.

These exquisite sarees make great gifts.

Get them if the price - at S$100 to $1000 a piece - doesn't hurt your pockets ;)!

Little India Singapore Travel Tips
- Buffalo Road & Kerbau Road

Best Time to Walk:
Late morning, when the crowds come in, and create the bustling atmosphere.

Allow yourself 1-2 hours to take an unhurried stroll, browse and have a sip.

How to Get Here:
Take the MRT (city train) to Little India Station. Take the exit that says 'To Tekka Centre'. Buffalo Road is just next to Tekka Centre.

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