Little India Singapore Photo Tour
- Busy, Busy Serangoon Road

Serangoon Road is the main road through Little India Singapore.

Along this road, you'll find uncountable goldsmith shops, two very beautiful Hindu temples and a fascinating range of Indian trades.

Little India Singapore - Garlands about along Serangoon Road You cannot miss the jasmine garlands here. You find them on Serangoon Road, as well as on every side road.

Devotees readily buy them for their temple visits. Garland offering is part of Hindu worship.

Little India Singapore - Costume accessories on sale along Serangoon Road. The colours in Little India Singapore are truly awesome. The Indians have a way of making everything fit into colourful patterns.

This shop along Serangoon Road sells colourful necklaces and bangles to the budget-

Little India Singapore - Goldsmith shops abound along Serangoon Road For the wealthy, there is also no shortage of jewelery to choose from. The real McCoy glitters from shop windows throughout Little India Singapore.

There's so much gold in the shops on Serangoon Road. If you smelt them and lay it out, you could pave a road to heaven!

Little India Singapore - Gold hunters browse the numerous goldsmith shops along Serangoon Road. And the gold is sold by proprietors of all races to customers of all races. See who's buying in this picture?

Jewellery-loving Singaporeans flock to Little India for a great bargain. Besides, the variety is mind-boggling.

Little India Singapore - Indian language magazines abound along Serangoon Road. I am amazed by the variety of Indian magazines sold here - most of which are not found elsewhere on the island.

But I am even more amazed that they stock so many copies of each type.

Bollywood has a strong following in Little India Singapore - their music rings from the amplifiers and their images shout at you from every newstand. 

Little India Singapore - Banner advertising a Bollywood performance. And if you miss the Bollywood frenzy at ground level?

Simply look up - banner upon banner advertising performances by up and coming stars.

Little India Singapore - Upmarket art making their presence felt along Serangoon Road. Tushiv Art Gallery. Of late, a couple of more 'upmarket' art shops have sprouted in Little India.

One of these is Tushiv, at 123 Serangoon Road. A charmingly decorated art-and-collectibles shop.

You'll find some rather curious figurines, religious sculptures, lampstands and the like.

Little India Singapore - Curious 3-D paintings at Tushiv, Serangoon Road. The most interesting items in Tushiv, however, are the 3-D holographic sculptures and framed pictures.

As you walk past each portrait, see how the eyes of the subject follow you! Haunting.

It's just an illusionary trick, but nevertheless interesting.

Little India Singapore - The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple along Serangoon Road. The main temple in this part of Little India Singapore is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

The temple is a constant buzz of activity and worth a look inside. They welcome everybody.

The majority who come here are Indian devotees.

However, visitors of all races come in the droves, trying to understand the bustle.

Take a look inside.

Little India Singapore - Woman in Saree, Serangoon Road. Though it gets very crowded on Sundays, Serangoon Road is a wonderful place to explore on foot.

Soak in its atmosphere. Feel its energy.

There are good pavements to walk on, but expect yourself to make many detours into the shops. Even if you never intended to buy anything.

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