Little India Singapore Photo Tour
- Tekka Wet Market

A well-known landmark in Little India Singapore, the Tekka Wet Market is so-called simply because the floor is, well, wet.

You could see it from Level 2. Or by tip-toeing along the aisles among the fresh-food stalls.

As for me, I prefer the comfort of Level 2. The angle is great for those vantage-point shots...

The Tekka Wet Market has undergone some renovations in 2008/09. Expect the stalls to look quite different from the photos here - which were taken before renovations.

Fishmongers and Butchers Busy at Work. Unusual Seafood, Fresh Meats and Vegetables.

Little India Singapore - Tekka Wet Market. Copyright
Most wet markets in Singapore close around noon. Not so the Tekka Wet Market. The stalls open till late afternoon - that's why Little India Singapore is busy all day.

Little India Singapore - Tekka Wet Market. Copyright
My mother insists that the chicken and beef here are the freshest and cheapest in the whole of Singapore. The eager customers here seem to think so too. And the stall-holders? Well, they de-feather, de-skin and leave everything in full view of customers.

Little India Singapore - Butcher at work Tekka Market. Copyright
The butchers in Little India Singapore are meticulous. They'll cut all your meats to size for you, if that's what you want.

Little India Singapore - Fishmonger at work Tekka Market.
Ditto the fishmongers...

Little India Singapore - Fresh fish at Tekka Market.
And the work of their hands - fresh, gleaming, de-scaled fish.

Little India Singapore - Fish for sale at Tekka Market.
This woman here could not get enough of what's on offer, fresh fish at cheap prices. Singaporeans like their stuff fresh and cheap!

Little India, Singapore - Exotic Seafood at Tekka Centre.
But price is not the only reason why they come here. The Tekka Wet Market stocks some very unusual shell-fish and incredibly huge crabs. If you are brave to walk along the aisles of this market, look underneath some of the seafood stalls. Peer into the containers and see what creatures wriggle in there.

Little India Singapore - Spices in abundance at Tekka Market.
The spices and the greens to go along with your fish and meat are all here...

Little India Singapore - Fresh vegs at Tekka Market.
Which is more colourful? The saris on Level 2 or the fresh food on Level 1?

If you come from a temperate country, you'd be glad to try the juiciest of tropical fruits here - pineapples, bananas, mangoes, jackfruits, rambutans, guavas, starfruit and - when they are in season - longans, mangosteens, and durians. Yes, it does get very exotic.

Little India Singapore - Indian rojak stall at Tekka Food Centre.
There are enough great restaurants in Little India Singapore to fill you for an entire year. However, my personal favorites come very, very cheap at the Tekka Centre Food Centre. I'm a fan of the India rojak from stall #01-319, and the masala tea (tea with cinnamon, clove, and ginger) from stall #01-320.

This combination set me back no more than S$5.

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