Little India Singapore Photo Tour:
Tekka Centre

Sarees, antiques, collectibles. The Tekka Centre is a must-see on your Little India Singapore tour!

Don't be fooled by the plain exterior of this building. Within, you'll find some of the most enchanting sights in Singapore - Singaporeans doing very Singaporean things.

Soak in the vibrant colours of sarees and fruit. Sniff the unmistakable scents of spice, meat and flowers. Listen to the endless noise of a busy community eking out a living. Little India's Tekka Centre is perhaps Singapore at its raw-est.

The Tekka Centre has re-opened in September 2009 after undergoing major renovations in 2008-2009. So expect a slightly different look from what you see on this page. Enjoy ;-)

Colourful Sarees, Nostalgic Antiques and Collectibles

The best way to see the Tekka Centre is to walk up a flight of stairs and stroll along the aisles of the second storey. Many people call this place 'the heart of Little India Singapore'.

Singapore Little India - Tekka Centre

Here, you could browse some very interesting shops, or get a bird's eye view of the Tekka Wet Market below.

Little India Singapore - Saris on sale Tekka Centre. Copyright -

It's sarees galore here on Level 2 of Tekka Centre. There are no fewer than 10 shops with these eye-catching dresses. Just taking in all the colours is an experience by itself.

Little India Singapore - Bangles on sale Tekka Centre. Copyright -

There are also matching bangles to go with any sari you've bought. These ones are found at the shop at #02-56.

Little India Singapore - Face Jewelery at Tekka Centre. Copyright -

And something for that pretty touch-up - face jewellery!

Little India Singapore - Antique Shop Tekka Centre. Copyright

If saris, bangles and jewelery are not your cup of tea, walk on and you'd come to the friendly Mr Poh's antique shop at #02-85 (Poh Antiques & Collectibles).

Singapore Little India - Antiques for sale at Tekka Centre

Salvage an antique iron or a doll-clock to give your room that old world charm... This doll here has eyes that oscillate left and right!

Little India Singapore - Antique Mask. Copyright

Or settle for something that's more ...erm... ethnic?

Singapore Little India - Antiques at Tekka Centre

A competitor to Mr Poh is the Meng Lee Brass Art Wares at #02-19. Their offerings are fewer, but worth a look. Here, you see a pair of brass antelopes and some disused gamelans (a type of traditional Malay gongs).

Little India Singapore - Antiques from Tekka Centre

These intricate bronze sculptures come in pairs.

Little India Singapore - Tekka Centre

The aisles are narrow at some places. But this only adds to the charm of this place. Descend the stairs and visit the Tekka Wet Market at Level 1.

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