Left Luggage Facilities for Transiting Passengers at Singapore Airport

by Peter Sich
(Devon, United Kingdom)

I am making plans to fly into Singapore from London with S.I.A. during January, 2009, and, almost immediately, to depart for Vietnam (where I am hoping to spend about two weeks touring that country). I will be returning to Singapore from Ho Chi Minh City before travelling to Phuket.

There would be no sense in me taking all of my luggage to Vietnam so I wonder if there is any facility at Changi Airport where I could leave, say, two suitcases for about a fortnight.

I would be so grateful if you could give me guidance on what i might do.

Thank you very much.

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Left Luggage Facilities for Transiting Passengers at Singapore Airport

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Nov 23, 2008
Left Luggage Facilities in the Transit Area
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Peter

Here's a post I've written about the locations of left luggage facilities at Singapore Airport.

There are left luggage facilities in both the public areas and the transit/passenger areas of all the main terminals at Singapore Airport.

I believe yours could be one of 2 possible scenarios:


If your flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City is on a separate ticket from your London-Singapore flight, you need to clear customs, claim your luggage and use the left luggage facility in the public area.

Thereafter, check in again for your flight to Ho Chi Minh.


If you've bought a ticket with SIA for London-Ho Chi Minh City with a transit in Singapore only, then yours is a transit stopover at Singapore Airport.

SIA will put your checked-in luggage on the connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh City. You do not need to leave the transit area at all.

In such a case, you can only leave your checked-in luggage at Ho Chi Minh Airport. This is likely to be cheaper than leaving it at the left luggage facility at Singapore Airport. But please verify that there's left baggage facility at Ho Chi Minh Airport.

However, you may leave your hand-carried luggage at Singapore Airport...

If, for some reason, you want to leave your hand-carried luggage at Singapore Airport, you may use the left luggage facility in the transit area.

However, this is in a restricted area and is not accessible to non-passengers. So you need to be flying back to the same terminal to retrieve your left luggage.

Correct information:
The transit areas of all 3 main terminals at Singapore Airport are inter-connected. You may move from one transit area to another using the Skytrain, without clearing immigration/customs.

This means that

a. you need to collect your left luggage from the transit area of the terminal where you've left it,

b. and then return to your arrival terminal to clear customs and collect your checked-in luggage.

Charges for the left luggage facilities range from S$3.15 to S$10.50 per piece per 24-hour block, depending on the size and shape of the luggage.

Let me know if I've answered your question...

Have a pleasant trip.

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