Left Luggage at Singapore Budget Terminal

by Mal & Lee
(Perth Australia - currently Saigon)

Will be arriving at the Budget Terminal at about Midday on the 23rd.... FEB 09. Depart for Perth at about 1550 on the 25th...

I want to leave my bags inside the budget terminal if possible WITHOUT exiting customs...

I just want to take a small backpack into Singapore to do some shopping and sightseeing for the 48hrs or so I will be there. Is this possible???

Does anyone know the charges? I will have a bicycle and a large bag. Any help much appreciated.


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Left Luggage at Singapore Budget Terminal

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Feb 22, 2009
Left Luggage Facility is in the Check-in Hall (Public Area)
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Mal

I'm afraid you'll need to take your luggage through customs and use the left luggage facility at the Check-in Hall, which is a public-access area. There's no left luggage facility in the restricted area of the Arrival Lounge.

The Singapore Budget Terminal is structured quite differently from the main terminals. The BT Arrival Lounge and Departure Lounge are in separate buildings.

So when you touch down at Singapore Budget Terminal, you'll need to:

1. go to the Arrival Lounge,

2. clear customs and collect all your luggage,

3. deposit your bulk luggage with the Left Luggage counter at Check-in Hall,

4. and collect it before your flight to Perth.

The left luggage charges range from S$3+ to S$12+ per piece per 24-hour block, depending on the size and shape of the item. Oddly shaped items may be charged more.

Feb 23, 2009
Budget Terminal Baggage etc
by: Mal & Lee

Thank you so much for the quick reply :-)

Our experience follows..... It may NOT be your experience (You the reader that is).

We had bicycles and trailers - which double as a bag, wheels removed etc...

We went through the very pleasant immigration people, with whom we chatted... They gave us all the info we needed.

We collected our smaller bags at the carousel, then went to the "oversize" collection area (near customs).

A long wait ensued as they dispatched the smaller bags from our flight and one that landed ten minutes after.

After we retrieved our bikes, we went to talk to the very pleasant customs guys... Told them who we were and what we wanted to do... The guy waved us through after he was satisfied and directed us to left luggage.

We were charged S$79.00 (About $85.00 Australian) to keep our bikes and the two smaller bags for a 48 hour period.

The process was quick (apart from the baggage collection). We were helped by nice people throughout.

Downside is the horrendous charges to leave our bags... (Immigration warned us of this and suggested we look for any options that may exist)
Hope it helps someone else.

Warm Regards
Mal & Lee

Feb 23, 2009
Thanks for Sharing Left Luggage Experience
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Mal & Lee

thanks for sharing your experience. So we now know it's possible (and expensive!) to store very large items at Singapore Budget Terminal. I'm glad you got proper assistance from the customs officers.

Have a good stopover in Singapore, and then a safe trip home.

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