Left Luggage at Singapore Airport

I'm on a 2-day stopover in Singapore. I'd like to leave my bigger suitcase at the Airport and take only a smaller pack to my hotel. Is there left luggage facility at Changi Airport?


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Left Luggage at Singapore Airport

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Sep 26, 2008
Singapore Airport Left Luggage Facilities & Fees
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

All 3 terminals at Singapore Airport have left luggage facilities. They are available at both the transit area and the public area.

Here are the left luggage locations at Singapore Airport:


T1 Transit Area:
- Level 2, Transit Mall East
- Near Sincere Watch shop

T1 Public Area:
- Basement West


T2 Transit Area:
- Level 2, Transit Mall South
- Near Chocolates Candy Delicatessen

T2 Public Area:
- Level 1, Arrival Hall North


T3 Transit Area:
- Level 2, Transit Mall South
- Near RISIS shop

T3 Public Area:
- Basement 2
- near car park 3A


- Only at the Check-in Hall (Departure)

Each piece of left luggage will set you back between S$3.15 and S$10.50 per 24-hour block. The charge depends on the size of your luggage.


Check-in for SIA and Silkair flights operates 24 hours a day. If you are flying with them, you may find out if you could send in your luggage earlier. These 2 airlines allow Internet check-in (boarding pass printing + seat selection) of up to 48 hours before departure.

Jan 14, 2009
Left Luggage Rates
by: Anonymous


say if I arrive in singapore at 1:30 and I put 2 of my luggage - 1 is quite a big size, another one is tennis bag - at 2pm Saturday, and I pick them up at 4 pm sunday, will you charge 2 days' rate or only 1 day's rate?

Feb 08, 2009
2 Days
by: Anonymous

According to airport website, the rate is per 24 hours. Therefore you would be charged for 2 days if you go over 24 hours.

Jan 03, 2010
Luggage Transfer - Singapore Cruise Centre to Airport
by: Frank AllanAnonymous

We arrive in Singapore by cruise ship and fly out to Australia later that evening. Can we leave our luggage at the airport and spend the day in town. What is the cost and location of left luggage centre?

Jan 05, 2010
Porter Xpress Can Transfer Your Luggage
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Frank

You might want to use the luggage transfer service of Porter Xpress. They can collect your luggage from a specified point and send it to the airport for holding.

After sight-seeing, you could collect your luggage from the Porter Xpress counter and then proceed to check in.

Apr 04, 2010
Leaving Luggage at Airport for Days
by: Thapa

I am flying from Brunei to Singapore on 22 Apr 10. Flt No SQ181. On 23 Apr 10 I will fly to Nepal. My return flight to Singapore is on 7 May 10 arriving around 2015 hrs and fly to UK on same day at 2330 hrs. I want to keep my UK Luggage at Left Luggage Section at Singapore Airport for 16 days. My query are:

Will I be allowed to keep the luggage for that longer period or not?

If yes, How much do I have to pay?

My flight to UK is on 7 May at 2330 hrs. Will the Left Luggage Section provide service late hours or not?

Very much appreciate for your help

Mr Thapa

Apr 06, 2010
Left Luggage Costs and Duration Allowed
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Thapa

1. There's no limit on how long you may keep your left baggage at Singapore Airport.

2. Rates range from $3.21 per 24-hour block for a small cabin bag to $10.70 for an odd shaped object. The rates increase after the first 24 hours.

3. The left luggage service operates 24 hours, but you should verify this with them before leaving your stuff there.

Oct 11, 2010
Left Luggage for 9 days
by: AnonymousEurope

Hi, I have a similar question too. I need to know how much it would cost to keep my BIG luggage for 9 days. If I should contact the service center, could you give me their number please. Thank you.

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