Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm: Meet Malaysia's Crocodile Hunter & His 130-Year-Old Playmate

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm
a.k.a Crocodile World


  • Teluk Sengat Village, off Highway 92 between Kota Tinggi and Sungei Rengit.

  • 20 minutes' drive from Kota Tinggi Town.

  • 1 hour's drive from Johor Bahru.

  • See my Johor Farm Tour Itinerary for directions.


Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - An adult crocodile standing up and showing the teeth between its jaws.


  • Mr Ng, Malaysia's Crocodile Hunter, a third-generation crocodile farmer

  • More than 1000 crocodiles

  • Feed a 130-year-old toothless crocodile

  • Watch Mr Ng 'battle' with his crocodiles

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm Photo Tour

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - Mr Ng, Malaysia's Crocodile Hunter kissing baby crocodile.

Mr Ng shows an 8-month-old crocodile some tender loving care.

He trains these babies to be gentle on strangers and to pose for photos!

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - Mr Ng tending to young crocodiles.

It's hell lot of work.

Being Malaysia's Crocodile Hunter is not just about entertaining visitors. Mr Ng has many daily chores.

How else to keep his crocs in tip top condition?

Here, he's washing, sunning and feeding the babies.

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - Crocodile thrashing in water after being agitated.

The further you go into his farm, the bigger the crocodiles get. And the more exciting the action.

An adult crocodile can exert up to 500 pounds of pressure between its jaws.

Its hind legs and tail are also incredibly powerful, as this thrashing crocodile shows.

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - An adult crocodile acting aggressively after being agitated.

They don't respond to stones being thrown at them. So don't ever throw anything at them.

If you want to see an aggressive and fearsome crocodile, wait for Mr Ng to draw out the brute in them.

Look at the sheer power of this croc's swinging tail!

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - An preying crocodile lurking in the water.

Mr Ng knows every crocodile at the Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm.

Just don't think that the Crocodile Man is scared! He doesn't just taunt the beasts from behind a wall.

Here, he goes to the edge of the water, and created some excitement for his visitors.



Mr Ng actually invited me into this swampy area to shoot what he calls a 'defining moment'. Well, I half trusted him. I made sure that the path out of the enclosure was clear and mentally worked out what I'd do should the crocodile come too close.

Ha, ha. I made a fool of myself. They weren't that interested in biting. I suppose human flesh is nothing compared to the buffet they get every 3 to 4 days. At the Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm, each adult croc gets about 5 chickens a week. And then there's the occasional 'tidbits' - fish and other small seafood.

(I found out, however, that crocodiles don't eat everyday. They can go for weeks without food!)

The pond you see above was formed out of a swamp. When Mr Ng's grandfather first built the farm, the fencing was just planks and wire-mesh erected around the swamps. I don't suppose their neighbours slept very well...

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - A 130-year-old crocodile.
A 130-year-old crocodile

But 3 generations have passed without any crocodile attack.

And some of the crocodiles in the farm - like this toothless 130-year-old senior citizen - were passed down to Mr Ng from his father and grandfather.

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - A lurking crocodile.

The crocodile's favourite pastime...


Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - a priming crocodile. priming...



Tips for Visitors

  1. Mr Ng sometimes occupies himself at the Sengat Seafood Restaurant just up the road. Don't worry when you see the farm gate locked. Just call the number on the gate. He'll be there in a moment. Or simply back-track to the restaurant to look for him.

  2. Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm entrance fee: Adult RM 8, Child RM 4.

  3. See my Johor Farm Tour Plan - get specific directions to Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm, Kota Tinggi Fireflies Boat Jetty , Desaru Fruit Farm and Desaru Ostrich Farm.

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