Fodor's Singapore Travel Guide

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The Guide that Tells You What's Better than the Rest...

Fodor's Singapore Takes No. 5 Spot in 'My Top 5 Singapore Travel Guides' Ranking - Recommended!

What's good:

As with all Fodor's guides, the 'Smart Travel Tips' section is very good and answers your questions on how to save money and make the most of your time.

Their recommendations are often backed up by relevant background information. Even if you don't go to some of these places, you'll still be enriched by reading these nuggets.

I find Fodor's Singapore's lists of hotels and restaurants a tad too short, but their comments on these places are very helpful - they tell you why a place is atmospheric and sometimes even recommend specific dishes at a restaurant.

The 'Fodor's Choice' section - their top recommendations - are generally spot-on. So if you stick to their Fodor's Choice recommendations, you'll have a positive experience.

What's not so good:

Fodor's Singapore could do well to improve on their map details. Some street names are left out of their maps. So when you see a numbered circle on the map representing a restaurant or hotel, you'll only have a 'rough' idea it's around there. You'll find the place for sure, but could we not have something more tangible please?

Also, there are no tips on how to make day-trips (or longer ones) to those lovely spots in nearby Malaysian and Indonesian islands.

Pricing of rooms, food, entrance fees: This book gives you a range ($, $$, $$$) rather than exact prices.

My recommendation:

Buy Fodor's Singapore travel guide if

  • you love good recommendations, but love even more what's better than the rest.
  • you are not making any short trip to nearby Malaysian and Indonesian attractions
  • you like your recommended list short, but with each recommendation talked about more.

At the airport, go to the Singapore Visitor Centre, and pick up a tourist map, which is likely to be better than Fodor's.

The Others in my 'My Top 5 Singapore Travel Guides' List

No. 1 - Lonely Planet Singapore
for its comprehensive, spot-on and objective coverage of everything you need for a great Singapore tour.

No. 2 - Insight Guide Singapore
for its very substantial background information to each spot & souvenir-quality pictures.

No. 3 - The Rough Guide to Singapore
for its incredibly good range of budget travel options and useful background information all-round.

No. 4 DK Eyewitness Singapore Guide
for its numerous photos and see-through 3-D drawings.

and a good companion to these - Singapore Cityscoops

Go read my summary of Fodor's Singapore and other good Singapore travel guides.

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