First Timers' 4D4N Vacation in Singapore

by Icey
(Manila, Philippines)

An itinerary for a 4-day vacation in Singapore. Plus answers to a few pertinent questions: choosing transport, finding affordable hotel rooms, enjoying cheap-and-delicious Singapore food, and managing your time in Singapore.

Hi e-Tour! Boy, am I glad to see that you provide critiques and/or comments on Singapore tour plans. You will definitely be of help to me and my family on our visit there on March.

I (26 yo) will be going to Singapore with my mom (46 yo), brother (23 yo) and aunt (50 yo). We will depart from the Philippines on March 26 at 21:10 hrs and arrive at 00:40. Our flight back is scheduled on the 30th of March at 17:10 hrs.

I tried hard not be overwhelmed with all the information and all the things that we should do while in Singapore. Although I have yet to ask them about our budget for sightseeing and other activities (I have a feeling we may be on a tight budget), here is the itinerary I have tentatively came up with:


See the infamous Merlion and the Singapore River.

Experience the Equinox High Tea Buffet OR ride the Singapore Flyer.

Visit Chinatown and have dinner at the Maxwell Food Center.


Enjoy the Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon from early morning until about lunch time.

Spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening at the Resorts World Sentosa.


Feed the animals at the Singapore Zoo, see the Bird Park, and be amused at the Night Safari.


Walk all the 5km of Orchard Road.

Check out Sim Lim Square, the flea market and one of the heartland shopping spots.

I am not sure if these activities are near each other or even possible to do in each of the day I have assigned them to. Also, I am hoping that all these will not leave us too exhausted to enjoy each day.(:

Hi Icey

For someone who hasn't been to Singapore, your schedule looks pretty do-able! I have 2 comments regarding your vacation in Singapore:

1) How much walking is your family used to? The schedule for Day 1 and Day 2 looks comfortable to me. But Day 3 and Day 4 involve lots of walking, which I myself would not do if I were in your shoes. Consider seeing less. But ignore my rumblings if all of you are fit and used to walking all day.

2) The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are next-door neighbours. So it's better to see the Zoo in the afternoon, rest, have dinner, and then proceed to the Night Safari.

Oh, and here are some of my questions:

1. Since we will be arriving past midnight, what will be the best way to go to our hotel - a taxi or the airport shuttle?

*BTW, we have yet to book a hotel since we are looking for a place which can accommodate all four of us in one room at an affordable price (something like S$100/night). Is there such a hotel??

a) Take the taxi from the airport to your hotel. With 4 persons, it's cost effective.

b) It's almost impossible to find a decent hotel room in Singapore at S$100 nowadays (double/twin), let alone a family room for that price.

You could consider YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. They do have family rooms. Rates are likely to be upwards of S$200.

2. Except for the Maxwell Food Center, where are the other places we can experience local food without hurting our pockets? How much, in average, should we allot for our food during our entire stay?

The most affordable eating places in Singapore are food centres (a.k.a. hawkers' centres) and food courts. They are spread all over the island and easy to find.

In Chinatown, you could also check out Chinatown Complex Food Centre and People's Park Food Centre.

Food courts are found in most shopping malls. Check their store directories - the food courts are usually on the highest floor or at the basement.

In Sentosa, the most affordable place to have a meal is probably Koufu Food Court on Palawan Beach.

3. If we will be doing all the activities I have included, is there some place where we can get a discount for all of them like a tourist package or something? (:

If you are visiting at least 2 of the animal parks (Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park), you could buy the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Park Hopper tickets - some decent discounts.

4. Is it advisable for us to purchase the S$8 Unlimited MRT and bus rides considering all the activities we are planning to do?

For the outlying attractions, such as Jurong Bird Park and the Zoo, I recommend taking the taxi. It saves you loads of time.

If you are walking the whole of Orchard Road, there's no need to get the $8 tourist pass.

These day passes are useful for people who like to move among many places in a day. If you spend lots of time at one place - something which many visitors end up doing - just pay cash when you buy the train tickets.

5. I think we should leave for the airport right after lunch. Will the last day itinerary allow us to do such?

Please, please provide any feedback you may have. I am super excited for our trip (as you notice it's still 3 months away hehe) and I want it to be fun and memorable for us. BIG THANKS in advance!!

Your last day is spent shopping. So 'play by ear'. Some people plan to spend 2 hours on Orchard Road. They may eventually spend 2 days there!

Just take it easy and be prepared to forego something. Should you like one place very much, linger on and forget those places down your itinerary. You can always have another vacation in Singapore.

Plan to be at the airport 2 hours before departure time. So work backwards and you'll know when to leave for the airport.

Have a great vacation in Singapore.

Gabriel Tan

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First Timers' 4D4N Vacation in Singapore

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Feb 26, 2011
Thank you!
by: Icey

Thanks Gabriel! We'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind. We're all excited now. Thank you again. (:

Apr 20, 2011
Great Itinerary
by: Anonymous

This is such a great itinerary! My family (me, hubby and 2 kids) are going to Singapore. Will be staying from April 23-27.

I would be following this itinerary and the transportation suggestion. I've been debating about taking the taxi or the MRT. Looks like the cabs would be better considering there are 4 of us, right? We're lucky we have an added day to spend at Universal Studios.


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