Singapore EZ-Link Card: FAQs for Visitors

"The EZ-Link Card allows seamless travel on public transport in Singapore."

  1. What is this Card all about? How do I use it for my travel in Singapore?

    The EZ-Link Card is simply a card used for cashless travel on Singapore's public transport system - namely buses and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains. To pay your fare, you tap the card on panels at entrances and exits of train stations. You do the same when getting onto and off a bus.

  2. Where may I buy the Card? How much does it cost?

    The card is sold over the counters at MRT stations and bus interchanges for $15.

    There are 2 components in the $15 price of the (new) EZ-Link Card:

    • Non-refundable Card Cost: $5

    • Stored Value: $10

    When the value is less than $5, the card reader will flash green-amber. This is to remind you to top up your card value.

    When there's insufficient value to travel (less than $3), the card reader will flash red. You then have to pay for your travel using cash. To use the card again, you'll need to top up the card value at MRT stations or bus interchanges.

  1. What's the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Singapore EZ-Link Card?


    • It's very convenient. You don't even need to know the fare to your destination. The electronics does the work for you.

    • EZ-Link Card is 'discount travel'. Any trip paid for with the EZ-Link Card is cheaper than the same trip paid for with cash. Also, if you need to transfer to another bus or train, the fare for the subsequent part of your journey is discounted - not so if you paid cash.

    • If you plan on visiting Singapore again, you may keep the card and use it again within the next 5 years. You may also pass it on to anyone who is visiting Singapore. Else, you may get a refund (of the Stored Value & Travel Deposit) before leaving Singapore.


    • As a visitor, you'll have to make many trips for the Card to be worthwhile - remember that the $5 Card Cost is not refundable!

  2. I'm visiting Singapore for 3 days. Should I buy the EZ-Link Card?

    If you are visiting for only 3 days, the discounts from using the Card is unlikely to exceed the $5 Card Cost. Probably, it'll be more cost-effective to pay cash each time you take the bus or the MRT.

    This is especially so if you are spending the entire day at a single location. For example, if you are spending a day on Sentosa Island, you won't be using the public transport a lot.

    However, the card saves you from having to buy tickets on buses and at MRT stations. If this convenience is important to you, then heck, just buy the EZ-Link Card.

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This page updated: 29 Jan 2010.

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