DK Eyewitness Singapore Travel Guide

(The Beautiful Souvenir Guidebook)

DK Eyewitness Singapore Travel Guide Takes No. 4 Spot in 'My Top 5 Singapore Travel Guides' Ranking - Recommended!

DK Eyewitness Singapore Travel Guide - A nice travel book with many nice photos.
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What's good:

Visually, this is the best Singapore travel guide. If you have bought any DK Eyewitness guide, you'll know what I mean.

It's got the most number of photos, of all the guides. A representative photo is placed at each point on their recommended routes. So you actually get a glimpse of what your tour looks like.

Eyewitness Singapore's best features, however, are its 3-D drawings of famous buildings. In these drawings, the buildings are 'disected' to reveal the most fascinating features inside. Once you get to the place, you won't miss the best sights.

What's not so good:

I suspect that this is probably the most popular Singapore travel guide in the market. Its seductive cover and colorful pages would tempt you from the book stand, and it's easy to succumb to them. But I must warn you...

Because of the use of photos, the texts are sometimes very short. It's clear that the writers want their pictures to do most of the talking.

Their presentation is great. However, I feel that the writers have opted to list only the most common attractions on the beaten tourist trail. The other guides are more imaginative when it comes to the lesser known gems.

(But this is ok if you are on a whirlwind tour of Singapore. You'd only have time to visit the main spots any way.)

Also, like the Insight Guide reviewed above, they use a $, $$, $$$-rating system - rather than giving specific prices - for the hotels, restaurants and so on. I much prefer specific prices for budgeting.

I still think it's a worthwhile book to buy. But for the reasons given above, I rate this book at only No. 4.

My recommendation:

Get Eyewitness Singapore travel guide if
  • you think having lots of photos will help you decide where to go.
  • you want a keep a glossy paper guide as a souvenir for years to come.
  • you intend to visit just Singapore's main tourist spots.

The Others in 'My Top 5 Singapore Travel Guides'

No. 1
- Lonely Planet Singapore
for its comprehensive, spot-on and objective coverage of everything you need for a great Singapore tour.

No. 2 - Insight Guide Singapore
for its very substantial background information to each spot & souvenir-quality pictures.

No. 3 - The Rough Guide to Singapore
for its incredibly good range of budget travel options and useful background information all-round.

No. 5 - Fodor's Singapore
for sticking out their necks to say which the best is in every aspect of Singapore travel.

and a good companion to these - Singapore Cityscoops.

Go read my summary of Eyewitness Singapore and other good Singapore travel guides.

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