Desaru Ostrich Farm - Where the Birds are as Comical as They are Big!

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Desaru Ostrich Farm

EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

  • Entrance Fee: Adult RM 12, Child RM 8.
  • Open daily 10am - 6pm
  • Driving: see Johor Day Tour Plan

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Desaru Ostrich Farm - A close-up shot of a female ostrich.


  • More than 300 of the world's largest birds
  • Very informative commentary by your guide
  • See a chick hatch (or at least see them in an incubator)
  • Ride on a trained ostrich

I was greatly cheered after my visit to the Desaru Ostrich Farm. Partly because it was the first time I've seen a real ostrich. But more because ostriches really make me laugh - they take on a human likeness when they stare curiously and comically into your face. (see picture above)

And my visit was also very educational - thanks to Joyce, my ostrich guide. She is so knowledgeable that I shall hereby pronounce her the 'Walking Encyclopedia of Ostrich Information'.

Of the many interesting things I learnt from her, I was most fascinated with her explanation of why there are 7 Treasures in An Ostrich. Indeed, every part (and I mean every part) of an ostrich is of use to humans. So here is a summary of what these 7 treasures are...

The 7 Treasures in an Ostrich

Ostrich Feathers
Ostrich feathers are great for making computer dusters. Unlike other feathers, ostrich feathers are anti-static and do not trap dust.

Ostrich Skin (Hide/Leather)
Ostrich skin can be made into many products. Tanned into leather, it can be dyed into a colour of your desire. It is made into bags, pouches, wall-hangs and many more.

Ostrich Fats (Oil)
This layer is just underneath the skin. It is eventually converted into ointments. Helps to relieve everything from skin diseases to headaches.

Ostrich Meat
Tastes a bit like beef, but more tender and apparently healthier.

Ostrich Bones and Tendons
These are boiled in soups. They help to relieve conditions such as athritis and bone weakness.

Ostrich Eggs
Each ostrich egg is equivalent in volume to about 24 chicken eggs. And after you have drained the white and yolk out, the shell makes incredibly attractive lamp shades. See beautifully painted ostrich egg-shells at the farm's souvenir shop.

Ostrich as Pets
A pair of week-old chicks will set you back by about RM600 (RM300 each). If you get a pair of females, they may lay you an average of 120 eggs annually (2 X 60 eggs each) - your supply of eggs for the whole year!

If You Are Into Pretty Chicks, Here Are 3...

Desaru Ostrich Farm - Close-up shot of a pretty female ostrich. Desaru Ostrich Farm - Playful female ostrich. Desaru Ostrich Farm - Another pretty ostrich.

Ha, ha. I bet you can't tell one from the other. And the one on the left is male! How can you tell? Clue: look at the colour of their beaks...

The Life Cycle of A Farmed Ostrich

Desaru Ostrich Farm - Ostrich eggs in an incubator.

At the Desaru Ostrich Farm, fertilised eggs are incubated in machines.

The hatching process is never by chance.

These eggs are kept at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius over 42 days. Then the little ones begin to peck at the 2mm thick shells.

Desaru Ostrich Farm - Joyce showing off newly hatched ostrich chicks.

Once hatched, the chicks are given tender loving care, in a constant-temperature warmer.

Here, Joyce shows off 2 very pretty chicks.

Desaru Ostrich Farm - Day-old ostrich chick.
Desaru Ostrich Farm - 2-day-old ostrich chicks.

A day-old chick makes its debut at the farm entrance.

2-day-old chicks in a warmer.

At this stage, they are painfully shy. But not for long...

Desaru Ostrich Farm - The Hens' Pen.

Once they could go about on their own, they begin to 'socialise'. These hens here seem to get along with each other.

In another enclosure, the ostriches just pecked and pecked at each other . A few have became featherless!

Desaru Ostrich Farm - A flamboyant adult female ostrich. Like humans, the beautiful female residents of Desaru Ostrich Farm like to flaunt their assets.
Desaru Ostrich Farm - A friendly ostrich tries to befriend visitors. They are also do a bit of PR, amusing visitors with their curious, playful stares.
Desaru Ostrich Farm - Grilled ostrich meat on skewers. Ostrich satay.

Many farmed ostriches, however, end up in the stomachs of humans once they become adults.

This one ended up in mine.

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