Day Trips from Singapore to Malaysia:
Package Tours or Do-It-Yourself?

Are you looking for information about day trips from Singapore to Malaysia? There are a few tour options which you can enjoy without too much hassle...

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Options for day trips from Singapore to Malaysia...

[Package Tours on Air-con Coach]

[Pre-booked Tours with Hotel Pickup]

[Self-Drive DIY Day Tour]

Day Trips from Singapore to Malaysia:
Option 1: Joining a Package Tour

Package tour to Malaysia. Desaru fruit farm.
Guided tour at Desaru Fruit Farm, Johor.

The most cost-effective way to make a day trip to Malaysia from Singapore is to join a group tour.

However, most of these tours depart during the weekends only.

If you are a visitor to Singapore, you'll have to adjust your Singapore vacation to accommodate the timing.

Where to Book a Package Tour

So where do you find the travel companies that run these day trips to Malaysia from Singapore? Many travel companies over the island run these day tours.

However, the most convenient locations for travellers to Singapore are:

  1. People's Park Centre
    (Eu Tong Sen Street; nearest MRT Station: Chinatown)

  2. Golden Mile Complex
    (Beach Road; take SBS Bus Number 100)

2 companies you might want to check out are:

  1. Konsortium Express and Tours Pte Ltd
    ( / tel: +65 6392 5000)

  2. Transtar Travel Pte Ltd
    ( / tel: +65 6299 9009).

Make some preliminary enquiries before going down to their offices.

A lot of these travel companies also organise theme-based day trips from Singapore to Malaysia. For example, there are tours that take you just to temples, or just to eat durians!

What are These Package Tours Like?

These package tours typically require you to assemble at designated locations in the city, where the tour coach will take you through the immigration checkpoints, and onwards. Lunch is usually provided. Sometimes, dinner is included as well.

A local guide accompanies you from the Malaysian checkpoint onwards. Is the tour commentary good? It depends on which guide you get.

Typical Itineraries (Varies from Company to Company):

Johor Day Tour Package (Cost: S$55-80 depending on what's included)

  • Breakfast stopover
  • Visit to a shopping centre
  • Visit to a fruit farm or mushroom farm
  • Lunch at a local restaurant (local dishes / often seafood)
  • Dinner included or at own expense
  • Costlier package will include a boat tour to see fireflies

Malacca Day Tour Package (Cost: S$70-99 depending on what's included)

  • Breakfast stopover
  • Visit to a famous temple
  • Shopping stop at Jonker Street (antique and souvenir shops)
  • Sightseeing stop Malacca's historic centre (St Paul's Hill, etc)
  • Lunch at a local restaurant (chicken rice balls or Peranakan cuisines)
  • Visit to a shopping centre
  • Dinner included or at own expense
  • Costlier package will include a boat tour

Day Trips from Singapore to Malaysia:
Option 2 - Pre-booked Tours + Hotel Pick Up

There used to be more choices for these convenient day tours from Singapore, whereby they pick you up from your hotel and leave on any day you want.

But we know that the global economic crisis has hit everyone hard. So some of these tours became unprofitable for the travel companies. One or two popular ones remain. So if you cannot adjust your vacation to take advantage of the package tours above, consider the following day trips from Singapore to Malaysia:

Half Day Johor Bahru Tour with Hotel Pick Up in Singapore

Itinerary includes:

  • A handicraft centre with batik painting demonstration
  • Moorish-style Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
  • Visit to Malay kampong (village)
  • Royal Masoleum
  • Service of a fully licensed Malaysian guide.

More about this half-day Johor Bahru tour from Singapore.

Full Day Malacca Tour with Hotel Pick Up in Singapore
(Private Tour)

Itinerary includes:

  • Overview of the most historical city in Malaysia
  • Visits to:
    • St Paul's Hill with views over parts of Malacca
    • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the oldest temple in Malaysia
    • Porta de Santiago, a Portuguese fort
    • other stopovers if time permits
  • Local Malaysian lunch
  • Service of a fully licensed Malaysian guide
More about this Malacca Day Tour from Singapore.

Day Trips from Singapore to Malaysia:
Option 3: Self Drive Tour to Johor Attractions

I've done a few self-drive trips to Johor and Malacca. The Kota Tinggi-Desaru Loop, in my opinion, is one of the most rewarding day trips from Singapore to Malaysia. Highlights include visits to a crocodile farm, a fruit farm, an ostrich farm and a fireflies boat tour. It can done in a day, but is more leisurely if you spend a night in Kota Tinggi or Desaru.

How to Fully Enjoy This Self-drive Tour

  • Read and print out this self-drive Johor tour itinerary. Take note of all the important turnings you need to make on this trip. Remember them and anticipate these before you reach the spots during the drive.

  • It is possible to use just my itinerary - which includes the important area maps - and complete the entire tour.

    But it doesn't hurt if you get yourself a good Johor map, just in case you make a wrong turning somewhere. Touch wood!

    2 good Johor maps are:

    • Road Map of Johor. Published by WEM and available in most Popular Bookstores in Singapore.

    • The Driver's Guide to Johor (free maps and itineraries). Published by Tourism Malaysia and may be requested for from their Singapore office:

      80 Robinson Road
      Singapore 068898
      (Diagonally across the road from Lau Pa Sat Festival Market)
      (Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place)

      Tel : +65 6532 6321
      Fax : +65 6535 6650


      The Driver's Guide to Johor also describes many other day trips from Singapore to Malaysia which you can enjoy.

  • The entire driving route is about 250km. It's better you have at least 2 drivers in the car, who can take turns to drive. If you are driving alone, mentally prepare yourself for this distance.

  • Renting a car:

    If you go to the travel forums, some smart alecks will tell you to take a taxi over to Johor Bahru and then rent your car there to cut cost. Don't do this. Just think about the time lost, the taxi transfers to and fro, and all the other hassles you'll have to go through. Just for a day trip!

    Just book the car in Singapore, preferably one that is delivered to your hotel or could be picked up nearby.

  • If you have any questions, you could use contact me using the Q&A or Contact Me forms.

Enjoy planning and then going on these day trips from Singapore to Malaysia!

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