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Hi my name is Gabriel Tan and I'm the editor of eTour Singapore. This website is set up to help travellers plan an enjoyable Singapore tour. Whether you are a local or a visitor from overseas, feel free to contact me.

Do you have a question about your Singapore tour? Or about your Malaysia day trip? A comment or a request? You could send it to me using the form below. I'll try to answer your question or respond to your comment/request.

So go ahead. Shoot me a question or comment...

Make Best Use of Your Time...

Much as I like to help, I don't have all the answers! ;-) For some issues, you're better off contacting more qualified people.

Particularly, I unable to respond to questions about:

  1. Singapore visa requirements,

  2. Singapore customs procedures,

  3. your flight tickets, airport terminals and transit procedures.

For these issues, please contact the Singapore ICA, Singapore Customs or your airlines.

All Other Questions and Comments Welcome...

  1. If your question is not personal or sensitive in nature, please start a thread at my Q&A section. This way everyone can read it and benefit from the discussion.

  2. If you are requesting help with your travel itinerary,

    • have a look at these really do-able Singapore tour itineraries first,

    • then come up with a rough plan of your own, and

    • get help to refine it using this other Singapore Tour Q&A form.
      (where all Q&A will be published for the benefit of future visitors)

Much as I like to, I'm unable to write you a customised itinerary from scratch, or from a list of places you want to visit.

But if you write out a tentative tour plan of your own, I'll offer you my opinions to help you enjoy your trip to Singapore.

  1. For everything else, just type away below...

Be patient. Also check your Inbox & Junk Folder.

I do respond to genuine queries. However, I get more questions than I have time to answer. So I may take up to 2 weeks to respond to your submissions.

Also, good emails sometimes get routed to the junk folder. If you don't find my reply in your inbox after a while, please check your junk folder.

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