7 Fun Things to Do at Clarke Quay Singapore

Apart from its lively night scene, Clarke Quay Singapore has other exciting things to do as well...

1. Fly over Clarke Quay Singapore on the G Max Reverse Bungy.

There are no bridges to jump off. To ride the G Max Reverse Bungy, you only need to sit in a cage-like pod and buckle up. Then the mechanics take over and you are flung 60m over Clarke Quay Singapore, at speeds of up to 200km/h.

To complete the act, you need to scream like a lunatic - partly to numb your own nerves and partly to humour the onlookers below.

Video: G5 Extreme Swing @ Clarke Quay Singapore

Supposedly less scary is the G5 Extreme Swing.

Which swings you like a huge pendulum over the Singapore River.

And prolongs your 'agony' for a few minutes more.

Reverse Bungy
& Extreme Swing

Near the Clarke Quay jetty

Mon-Thu 2pm-1am
Fri 2pm-3am
Sat 1pm-3am
Sun 1pm-1am

Reverse Bungy S$45
Extreme Swing S$40

+65 6338 1146

2. Create your own pewter-ware at the School of Hard Knocks.

You start with a disc of pewter (an alloy of tin, copper and antimony). Then under the guidance of a master pewtersmith, you knock the metal into an object of beauty. You graduate with your own handiwork, an apron, a certificate and a souvenir coin.

But if you don't fancy this workshop, you could buy some exceptional pieces at the adjacent retail section.

School of Hard Knocks
@ Royal Selangor Pewter

Block A #01-01 Clarke Quay

Daily from 10am - 4pm
(Bookings @ +65 6268 9600)

Price: $30 per participant

3. Sip vodka at the -15°C Ice Palace @ Bar Cocoon.

The furniture and the drinking glasses are made of ice. The temperatures are so low that only vodka is served here. To linger in here, you need to put on a special fur coat and wear gloves.

If this excites you, head over to the Ice Bar @ Bar Cocoon and enjoy the various flavours of 42 Below vodka.

Bar Cocoon

Block A #01-02 Clarke Quay

3pm-3am Sun-Thu
3pm-6am Fri, Sat & holidays

Price: $15 per shot

Contact: +65 6557 6268

4. Gaze at the 'UFOs' that hover over Clarke Quay Singapore!

Ok, you know there's a catch here. But, on a weekend night, walk over to the open field beside Riverside Point. Look up and watch them hover, spin and do somersaults in the night sky.

These beautifully lit flying objects are actually remote-controlled kites. To get one for yourself or to find out when the next sortie takes place, contact Go Fly Kite.

Go Fly Kite

#02-12/13 Riverside Point

2pm-11pm, Mon-Sat
(except public holidays)

Contact: +65 6536 9181

5. Take a river taxi to Merlion Park, and begin a walking tour of the River.

Clarke Quay Singapore is a great place to begin a Singapore River cruise. But river taxis also ply the River. One way to enjoy the area is to take a river taxi one way - say from Liang Court to Merlion Park - and do a Singapore River Walking Tour in the reverse direction.

6. Enjoy the food, the breeze and the views at a riverside restaurant.

The restaurant mix is truly cosmopolitan at Clarke Quay Singapore. Here are just a few that combine great food with a charming waterfront atmosphere...

The Quayside Seafood Restaurant provides some of the best local seafood fare - including the ubiquitous Singapore Chilli Crab. Just as spicy is Renn Thai - original, mouth-watering and guaranteed to whip up a sweat. Also worthwhile is the Spanish-themed Tapas Tree, whose musicians serenade you in their al fresco and lounge areas.

And then there's Hooters, where the curvaceous tanktop-and-shorts waitresses may distract you from your food or companions.

7. Party the night away at one of the many clubs.

Unofficially, Clarke Quay is Singapore's Party Central.

Live acts, DJs, dance floors and private lounges - you'll be pretty spoilt for choice.

First, you have the international celebrities, who are coming more regularly now. Case in point is American Idol 2009, Kris Allen - who recently whipped up a frenzy at Zirca Mega Club. Then, there are the regular live acts with their own loyal following, such as Mandopop veteran William Scorpion at China Dolly.

The young and trendy set may want to dance the night away at Attica, or just people-watch at its lounge and VIP areas.

But if you just want to chill out in some privacy with friends, head for the al fresco area of the Singapore Sling Boutique, which allegedly serves up a better version of our national cocktail than the Raffles Hotel.

Do wander around Clarke Quay Singapore, for there is really much more...

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Page author: Gabriel Tan. All rights reserved.
Page created: 6 March 2010.








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