Cigarette Duties and Taxes in Singapore

by Hoang
(Ho Chi Minh City)

Do I pay tax for my cigarettes when I come to singapore or not?

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Cigarette Duties and Taxes in Singapore

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Jul 06, 2008
Cigarettes are dutiable in Singapore
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Hoang

Are you taking cigarettes into Singapore to sell or for your own use?

If you are taking cigarettes into Singapore to sell,

1. You need to pay both Good and Services Tax (7%) and cigarette duties (35.2 Singapore cents per gram).

2. Your cigarette sale is also subject to the 'Health Warning Clause' - i.e. you have to state the dangers of smoking on your cigarette packs.

There are other guidelines about importing cigarettes and other tobacco products into Singapore - see this Singapore Customs webpage.

If you are taking cigarettes into Singapore for your own use, you need to:

1. declare them at the red lane,

2. pay the duties of 35.2 Singapore cents per gram of each cigarette or part thereof, and GST of 7%,

3. keep the receipts to prove you have paid duties and taxes.


Visitors should refer to the official information on tobacco duties at the Singapore Customs website (

I have also written another post debunking some myths about taking cigarettes through the customs at Singapore Airport.

I hope this answers your question. If not, use the 'Add your own comments' link below and ask further questions.

Have a nice vacation in Singapore.

Oct 02, 2008
information needed urgent
by: radhey

my sister is coming to singapore this week i have asked her to bring cigrattes for me from india , how much tax she has to pay when she cleares custom she will be bring a cartoon of 50 packs of cigrattes . one packet includes 10 stick

Oct 02, 2008
Taxes and Duties on 50 Packs of Cigarettes
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Radhey

I won't know the exact amount she'll have to pay.

But you can safely assume that 7% GST will be levied on the cost of the cigarettes (she'll have to show the receipt).

On top of that, you have to factor in the cigarette duty of 35.2 Singapore cents per gram, a figure I derived from the Singapore Customs website (see link above). So it'll probably come up to a 3-figure sum in Singapore dollars.

Hope this helps.

Jan 05, 2009
Cigarettes Tax
by: Tingting Ann

Total how much pay tax for my cigarettes(20 premium) when Malaysia come to singapore?

Jan 05, 2009
20 sticks or 20 carton
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Ting Ting

do you mean 20 sticks of cigarettes or 20 packs?

You need to declare your cigarettes at the red lane ('items to declare' lane). Then the taxes will be imposed on the weight of your cigarettes according to the rate listed above.

Jan 07, 2009
Cigarette Tax
by: tingting ann

Only 20 sticks.

Jan 07, 2009
Duties & Taxes on 20 Sticks of Cigarettes Won't Be Much
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Ting Ting

after you pay the duties and taxes, the pack of cigarettes would cost about the same as a pack sold in Singapore shops. So consider whether it's worth going through the hassle.

May 07, 2009
Will I have to pay tax for my cigarette?
by: Khoa

If I buy cigarettes from Duty Free Shop in Tan Son Nhat Airport and bring it to Singapore for my own use, will I have to pay tax for this?

May 07, 2009
Taxes and Duties Apply for Cigarettes Bought Elsewhere
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Khoa

you'll have to join the red lane at Singapore Airport, declare your cigarettes and pay the duties and taxes - even if you've bought your cigarettes duty-free in a foreign airport.

Thereafter, you must keep the receipt as proof that you have paid the necessary duties and taxes on your cigarettes.

However, if you are actually bringing in a large amount of cigarettes, you should contact the Singapore Customs and get their advice on how to pay duties and taxes.

Jun 09, 2009
Bringing Cigarettes Out Of and Back Into of Singapore
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am traveling to Malaysia in a few days time, and i am wondering if i were to buy a pack of cigarette in Singapore before going to Malaysia by bus, do i have to pay tax again when i return if i did not smoke finish? Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Jun 09, 2009
Duty-Paid Cigarettes in Singapore are Marked
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi there

If you've bought the cigarettes in Singapore, you'll find a marking that says 'SDPC' on each of them.

'SDPC' stands for Singapore Duty Paid Cigarettes.

So if you've bought cigarettes in Singapore, you'd have paid duties on them in the original purchase. I don't see why you should pay duties when you take an unfinished pack - originally bought in Singapore - back in again.

However, you should not take my word for it. Check with the customs officer as you leave Singapore.

Important Correction:

I've just verified that SDPC-labelled cigarettes taken out of Singapore and taken back into Singapore are subject to taxes and duties again. Just as with cigarettes you've bought overseas, you'll need to declare them at the red lane.

(This post updated 8 Aug 09)

Mar 06, 2010
Non-smoking tobacco
by: Anonymous


Is non-smoking tobacco (gutkhas) available in Singapore, if yes what is the price per sachet. If I choose to bring my own package of 3000 gms, how much duty I need to pay?

Apr 28, 2010
Bring as many as you want provided ...
by: Sam

1. you declare ahead of inspection that you are taking the ciggies in.
2. pay the duty of 35.2 cents per gram of cigarettes (about 35cents one stick)
3. pay GST of 7% on the cost price of cigarettes,
4. put a health warning notice on each cigarette pack according to customs regulations

Information is verified with the custom hotline: 63552000

May 27, 2010
Contrabrand Cigarettes
by: ragu

Hello I am 15 years old and got caught for possession of 2 packs of contrabrand cigarettes. I am really sorry for what I did and was told to report to the Singapore Customs next week. May I know what would be the penalties and is there a way to reduce it?

Jul 13, 2010
Keeping cigarettes with Customs
by: Smith Reiter

Dear Officer(s),

I will stay in Singapore for attending a conference. If I bought a pack of cigarette from another country but I won't smoke in Singapore, I just take them as a gift for my friends when I come back. Can I save the cigarette in the custom office when I enter Singapore and take it when I leave Singapore without paying any tax?

Thank you very much.

Hi there

It's now possible to leave your dutiable goods in a Customs Bond.

But there's some storage fee involved. I don't think it's worth the hassle if you have only 1 pack of cigarettes.

(This suggestion is my opinion, not an official reply from the authorities. Please contact Singapore Customs directly for official advice.)

Gabriel Tan

Oct 17, 2011
by: Rose

Hi there, I bought 5 packs of cigarettes from the Philippines for my brother in Singapore. Do I really have to declare those at the red lane? What if I have those tightly wrapped and hidden in the a locked baggage. Will I be fined as well? I am hoping for your response as soon as possible.


To all readers:

Please read the posts above carefully before you ask any further questions. If in doubt, please contact the Singapore Customs for guidance. We have stopped answering customs-related questions on the website because we don't have the authority to provide customs-related advice.

I'll now proceed to lock this thread.

Gabriel as Web Admin

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