Christmas in Singapore - The Enchanting Orchard Road Light Up

"For 29 years now, the Orchard Road Light Up
continues to enchant during Christmas in Singapore."

Christmas in Singapore - Orchard Road Light-up Banner.

Christmas in Singapore:
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Christmas in Singapore is a magical time for everyone. You sense a great build-up as early as mid-November. A magical event no visitor should miss is the annual Orchard Road Christmas Light-up.

Now in its 29th year, the Orchard Road Christmas Light-up remains as enchanting as ever - fairy lights, multi-coloured ornaments, up-lit 15m tall Christmas trees, Singaporeans and tourists in uninhibited singing and dancing.

For me, it's the best place to spend an enchanted evening. Many others think so too. In fact, 1 out of every 5 overseas visitors to the Christmas Light-up is a repeat visitor! (source: Singapore Tourism Board survey)

If you are coming from the Northern Hemisphere, it's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Christmas with a difference. Enjoy a tropical Christmas in Singapore, minus all the snow and the cold. You could buy an ice cream or a chilled fresh coconut from one of the road-side cafes, and savour it along the way. Celebrate in your tank-tops and shorts if you want.
See what Christmas in Singapore was like at the 2006 Orchard Road Light-up...

Christmas in Singapore - Orchard Road Light Up, Scotts-Orchard Road Junction.
The theme for 2006 was 'The Enchanted Garden', and everything looked the part. Arching over-street lighting; golden foliage; bejewelled birds, bells and chimes - yes, we were enchanted.
Christmas in Singapore - Orchard Road Light Up, Overhanging Lights.
Guess what went into the 2006 Orchard Road Christmas Light-up? 100,000 man-hours of sweat, 48km of rope lights, 46.8km of fairy lights, 4.6km of golden garlands, 1388 bejewelled bird decorations, 98,680 'diamonds' & 'gems' and 8,860 red Christmas baubles! No wonder we all gawked in wonder.
(STB statistics)
Christmas in Singapore - Floats, Orchard Road.
Colourful Christmas floats make their rounds every night. So be on the lookout!
Christmas in Singapore - Balloon hats are given away along Orchard Road.
There was a wonderful surprise for the revellers last year (2006) - free balloon hats. It did set many running towards the freebies. But there was no fatal stampedes. It's a very well-behaved crowd!
Christmas in Singapore - Party goers along Orchard Road.
These two Indian visitors lapped it all up. They loved the balloons, and had no qualms about posing for my camera. Everyone was in a celebratory mood.
Christmas in Singapore - Party goers outside Tangs Superstore.
Look at the 'gemstones' outside Tang's Superstore. They turned this part of Orchard Road into an Ali Baba cavern.
Christmas in Singapore - Scriptures Aglow outside Tang's Superstore.
Scriptures aglow outside Tang's Superstore, Matthew 6:21, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Christmas in Singapore - 15m tall Christmas tree.
You know what, for me, is the most enjoyable thing to do at the Orchard Road Light Up? I like to stand like a dwarf below the giant 15m tall Christmas trees, and look up at the glowing stars in wide-eyed wonder. There's a child in this 38-year-old.
Christmas in Singapore - Twinkle, twinkle big, big star.
The stars are brightly shining...
Christmas in Singapore - Trees aglow along Orchard Road.
Trees aglow. Aren't they quite enchanting?
Christmas in Singapore - Tree-like street lamps on Orchard Road.
In this Enchanted Garden, even street lamps look like trees.
Christmas in Singapore - Close up of light decoration, Orchard Road.
In all the bustle at street level, don't forget to look up. There are some lovely things to look at.
Christmas in Singapore - Tang Mall Decorations.
Every year, the Tanglin Mall decorations draw lots of families with children.
Christmas in Singapore - Family posing in front of Christmas tree, Tanglin Mall.
The kids simply love the naive dolls and figurines.
Christmas in Singapore - Toy soldiers on Christmas tree, Tanglin Mall.
I felt like taking these toy soldiers home. They were found on the Christmas tree outside Tanglin Mall. But don't tell them I gave you the idea.
Christmas in Singapore - Dancing doll on Christmas tree, Tanglin Mall.
Lovely ballet dolls on a Christmas tree. Another reason to take the kids to the Orchard Road Light-up. Celebrating Christmas in Singapore can be part of a great family vacation.

Christmas in Singapore 2010
- Orchard Road Light-up Travel Tips

If you want to avoid the crowds, go on a weekday evening. Wear light clothings, and take a leisurely stroll with your loved ones. Remember that this is the Tropics!

You may not see as much vibrancy as on a weekend night. But there is still enough to marvel at - all the spectacular light-up, and the occasional performance by church groups, carollers, and buskers.

But if you want atmosphere, and don't mind the crowds, descend on Orchard Road on a Friday or Saturday night. Likewise, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are extremely exciting times to be on Orchard Road. But be prepared for overwhelming crowds.

A good way around this is to check into one of the many wonderful hotels along Orchard Road. Then, when the crowds and buzz get too overwhelming, just retreat 'upstairs' into the refuge of your hotel room. This could be the trick to enjoy your 2008 Christmas in Singapore.

Recommended Hotel
Near the Christmas Light Up

We recommend Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel if you want to stay near the Light Up:

Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel - Lobby.
Lobby, Hotel Royal Plaza on Scotts

Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel - Double Room.
Double Room @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

  • 3 minutes walk to:

    • Orchard MRT Station

    • Orchard Road-Scotts Road Junction, the 'heart' of the Christmas Light Up.

  • Has one of the best buffets in town (halal).

  • Search multiple websites and find the best rates for Royal Plaza on Scotts:

    Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel Singapore

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