Chinese New Year 2009 in Singapore

by Lacrissa


My family and I will be going to Singapore on Janaury 25-27, 2009, dates where the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Sadly, we didn't know that on the first and second days of CNY are strictly celebrated there and shops are closed.

Anyway, I am glad that River Hong Bao will start when we arrive by then. Other than the fireworks, are the dances and bazaars (as shown in your photos) also available on the 25th? What time does the fun starts usually? I read here that the fireworks start at 12am, how about the dances/carnival?

Also, are there still public transportation available after midnight?

Do you know of VIP Hotel? Cause that's where we plan to say? Any feedbacks?

Thank you, your answers will be of great help! :) Thanks for this very informative website. :)

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Chinese New Year 2009 in Singapore

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Oct 29, 2008
Chinese New Year 2009 Travel Tips and Ideas
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Lacrissa

1. Alternatives to Shopping During Chinese New Year

Yups, almost all the Chinese owned shops and restaurants will be closed on 26-27 Jan 09. But if you go to Kampong Glam Malay Quarter and Little India, it's business as usual. All the major attractions like the Zoo and Bird Park are also open. So there's still lots to do.

2. When the Carnival Starts

You'll find the dances, bazaar and carnival on 25 Jan as well. They start in the evening.

(But come back here again nearer your trip to look for updates. You'll get more accurate and specific information then ;-) )

3. Public Transport During Chinese New Year's Eve

On Chinese New Year's Eve (25 Jan in 2009), it's customary for the MRT trains and the Night Rider buses to run till the early hours of the morning. This helps those at the Chinese New Year Countdown to get home.

If your hotel is in town or near an MRT station, you needn't worry too much.

4. Feedback on VIP Hotel?

I'm sorry I can't help you with this last one at the moment. Perhaps, readers who've stayed at VIP Hotel could help with your input?

Oct 30, 2008
Singapore flyer
by: Lacrissa

Thank you for your comprehensive answers. :) I'll definitely visit your site fromt ime to time before going in Singapore :)

Another question, would you know or have any idea if the Singapore Flyer was open last CNY 2008? I contacted them recently but they still don't know their blocked out dates for 2009. So I am jsut wondering if you have any ideas from the previous years.. Eh, is the Singapore Flyer near Esplanade?

Thank you thank you! :)

Oct 30, 2008
Singapore Flyer Open for January 2009 Booking
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Lacrissa

I just checked the Singapore Flyer website and was able to select tickets for 26 January 2009, Chinese New Year Day. I went as far as the page where they ask for credit card details. So I believe they are ready for bookings.

An interesting alternative to the Flyer is to have high tea at the Equinox Restaurant instead. The restaurant at 226m above ground is higher even than the Singapore Flyer.

For a roughly S$15 more per person, you get to enjoy the views of Singapore skyline for the entire duration of the high tea. And you get food thrown in too. Just a little thought.

Nov 22, 2008
River Hong Bao from 24 Jan 09 - 1 Feb 09
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Lacrissa

the organisers of River Hong Bao 2009 have just said that it'll run from 24 Jan 09 to 1 Feb 09. So it'll start 2 days before Chinese New Year 09, and end on the 7th Day of the Lunar New Year.

Details are not out yet. But a major part of the carnival will be at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. This is where all our recent National Day Parades have been held.

Nov 25, 2008
Re: River Hong Bao
by: Lacrissa

Thanks! That's great news for us. I'll be checking here from time to time for the details of the event. Thank you so much! :)

Dec 07, 2008
Shopping alternatives
by: Ellen from San Francisco

Hi Larissa,

I too was in Singapore during Chinese New Year, over the same three days. I spent one of the days at Sentosa where they had a wonderful flower display. Enjoy you time there!

Dec 21, 2008
by: Anonymouspooja

there was a something about VIP hotel.

well i have stayed there lots of times and its a very cute n clean place ...2 mins away from a bus stop so that's great. also u can get taxi easily.

its a ten min walk to newton mrt station. its a central location.

so its a lovely place ...good luck

Dec 31, 2008
Chinese New Year 2009 Highlights
by: Gabriel Tan

Dear all

here are the highlights of Chinese New Year in Singapore 2009.

The main events are at Chinatown and Marina Bay.

The Sentosa Flower Show that Ellen talks about above is also worth your time.

If you know of other events worth a look, please share with us.

Have a great year ahead.

Jan 01, 2009
by: Lacrissa

Super thanks for all your additional information and feedback about VIP Hotel.. It will surely make our stay much easier. Thanks! :D

Jan 02, 2009
Airport Shuttle Service
by: Lacrissa

Hello! I forgot to ask earlier about the Airport Shuttle Service. Is it really necessary to book the shuttle service via phone? Or can we just avail of the shuttle after we arrive at the airport?

Thanks. :)

Jan 02, 2009
No need to book the Airport Shuttle Service
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Lacrissa

you need not pre-book the Singapore Airport Shuttle Service.

It leaves

- every 30 minutes during off-peak hours,

- and every 15 minutes during peak hours
(6.15pm - midnight),

- or when they get 8 passengers.

It uses an air-conditioned 9-seater executive coach.

Costs: $9 per adult, $6 per child under 12

So if you are coming in a group of 3 or 4, it might save you time and money to use the taxi.

I did write up on the transport options from Singapore Airport.

Jan 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Another shopping place which will be opened 24/7 is Mustaffa. Very good deals there!

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