Cheap Hotels in Singapore:
Great Value Near the City

Cheap hotels in Singapore near the city? With good ratings? You bet! They have sprung up on Balestier Road.

A few cheap hotels have started operation on Balestier Road recently. And these new kids on the block have been getting good reviews from their guests!

You may want to consider these cheap hotels in Singapore:

  1. Value Hotel Thomson

  2. Value Hotel Balestier

  3. Aqueen Hotel Balestier

Why Stay at These Budget Hotels

  1. These hotels are on Balestier Road, not exactly a central location. But Balestier Road has its advantages:

    • It is in a strategic position on the edge of the city and well-served by many public buses - you get to major travel spots in 15-30 minutes.

    • It is well-known for its many restaurants and eateries, many of which are open 24 hours a day.

    • It has a old-world charm with interesting side streets to explore.

  2. Their room rates are some 15-20% lower than comparable cheap hotels in the city centre.

  3. With the little extras thrown in, they represent great value. For example, Value Hotel Thomson has a swimming pool and poolside exercise machines!

Cheap Hotels in Singapore:
3 Good Ones on Balestier Road

Location Map of Cheap Hotels on Balestier Road

Hotel 1 symbol
Value Hotel Thomson

Hotel 2 symbol
Aqueen Hotel Balestier

Hotel 3 symbol
Value Hotel Balestier

Value Hotel Thomson

Value Hotel Thomson - Superior Room.

Superior Room at Value Hotel Thomson.

  • Comes with HBO and sports channels, hairdryer and coffee/tea making facilities.

  • Roof-top pool with exercise facilities.

  • 15 minutes by bus to the Orchard Road shopping belt.

  • Parking available for those who drive (daily rate applies).

  • Stay near the Christmas Light Up, without having to pay Orchard Road hotel rates.

Read reviews and compare rates from multiple sites for Value Hotel Thomson:

Value Hotel Thomson Singapore

Value Hotel Balestier

Value Hotel Balestier - Superior Room.

Photo: Superior Room at Value Hotel Balestier.
  • At the opposite end of Balestier Road, with in-room facilities similar to Value Hotel Thomson.

  • Lots of nearby eateries, including the popular Whampoa Food Centre.

  • Basement parking available.

  • Easy bus access to Orchard Road, the Arts and Civic Districts, Singapore River, Chinatown and scenic spots in southern Singapore.

Read reviews and compare rates for Value Hotel Balestier.

Aqueen Hotel Balestier

Aqueen Hotel Balestier - Great value hotel in Singapore.

Twin Room, Aqueen Hotel Balestier.
  • Cosy hotel which occupies a heritage shophouse and a new extension.

  • In-room: LCD TVs with cable channels, coffee and tea making facilities.

  • Surrounded by great coffee shops and eateries.

  • Free wireless internet access in rooms.

  • Like the 2 Value Hotels, Aqueen is well-served by buses.

Read reviews and ompare rates for Aqueen Hotel Balestier.

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