Charges for Incoming SMS from Overseas?

by Kris

Hi, will the recipient of an SMS be charged also, if the recipient is located in Singapore and the sender is from the Philippines.

The recipient has a cellular phone line in Singapore.


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Charges for Incoming SMS from Overseas?

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May 10, 2009
No Charges for Incoming SMS on Singapore Phones
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Kris

the Singapore recipient of an SMS from overseas will not be charged for an 'overseas SMS'. It's either free or costs a nominal local rate, depending on what phone plan he/she is subscribed to.

However, the sender of an SMS from the Philippines to Singapore will be charged for an overseas SMS.

Jun 18, 2009
SMS Charges from Singapore to Philippines
by: eve

Hi, how much does it cost to send an sms from Singapore to the Philippines (using a Singapore phone)?


Jun 18, 2009
Charges for SMS to Overseas Line
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Eve

it varies from telco to telco.

Cost of SMS to an overseas mobile line:

Singtel: 18 cents.

Starhub: 15 cents.

M1: 15 cents.

There might be subscription charges to global SMS services. It's better you verify the charges with your mobile operator. These figures change all the time.

Dec 07, 2009
Replying to Overseas Messages:
Who gets charged?

by: Anonymous

Does a recipient in Singapore who replies to a sender from overseas get charged? Or is the recipient overseas the only one who gets charged?

Dec 08, 2009
Sender Gets Charged
by: Gabriel Tan

For any SMS sent to an overseas recipient who is using an overseas line, the sender gets charged for an overseas SMS.

Dec 12, 2009
SMS to Auto-roaming Line Overseas:
Do I have to pay for overseas sms?

by: Michelle

If the recipient uses the line he has in Singapore and uses auto roaming when he goes Thailand, will I have to pay for an overseas sms if I send him an SMS?

In short, SMS is sent by Singapore line (in Singapore) to Singapore line (in Thaliand).

Dec 12, 2009
Charges for SMS to Singapore line on auto-roam overseas
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Michelle

an SMS sent by a Singapore line to a Singapore line (i.e. +65 XXXXXXXX) will be considered a local SMS.

I believe there's an auto-roaming charge for the Singapore line receiving the SMS when the recipient is overseas.

Dec 31, 2009
How much will it cost?
by: Anonymous

Erm , like, my friend is in Thailand now. He sms me from there, the number is +65 ********. If I reply to him, how much will it cost for M1 plan?

Jan 01, 2010
Any SMS to +65 number is considered 'local sms'
by: Gabriel Tan


If you use a Singapore line to send an SMS to a Singapore line (+65), it's always considered a local SMS, regardless of whether the recipient is in Singapore or overseas.

So the SMS is either free (if it is sent as one of the free SMS given by M1) or is charged as a local SMS.

Jan 23, 2010
How much will it cost when receiving SMS while on overseas roaming?
by: Nash

Hi, I need to find out, how much will someone have to pay for the SMS when he or she is overseas using Singapore line? For example I send SMS to my husband who is in Belgium. He is using Singtel. How much will he pay when he reads my SMS?

Jan 27, 2010
Receiving phonecall from overseas or calling overseas
by: Andy

Let's say if I receive a call from Thailand or I call to Thailand, what are the charges involved? Likewise, what are the charges for SMS?

Andy Soon

Jul 13, 2010
How much will it cost me if you receieve an overseas call from Egypt via my Singtel line?
by: Angel

I got a call from my friend in Egypt and she is using a line from there. So she calls me, that means it's an oncoming call right? Is it considered as a free incoming by Singtel or do I have to pay for it as well? If so, how much are the rates? Thanks, hope somebody replies this.

Hi Angel

As far as I'm aware, your friend calling from Egypt will incur charges for an overseas call to Singapore. You will not be charged any extra, other than what your plan normally charges you for an incoming call.

Best if you call up Singtel and verify this.

Gabriel Tan

Aug 16, 2010
Please help me
by: Jaz

Hello Gabriel! I'm Jaz from singapore. Just want to check, i received a friend sms from batam with the no. +668567*****. My friend is from cambodia and she's on auto-roaming.

I tried calling my friend back using M1's IDD 021 service. When the call was connected, it says "welcome to call back service", and there was an option for me to leave my no. So i left my no. and that's it, the call ended.

I do not know much about this "call back service" and i didn't get any call back from my friend. Wonder could you help me on how should i exactly place the call to contact my friend?

I also replied to the sms that she sent from batam, do you think she received it?

Your help is very much appreciated as i am trying very hard to get in touch with her.

Hi Jaz

I believe your friend did receive your SMS.

However, I'm not sure how the call-back function works. Perhaps someone else reading this could help?

Gabriel Tan

Nov 02, 2010
Singapore line (overseas) to Singapore line (local)
by: Anonymous

Will there be any additional cost to your M1 bill if you received call or sms from overseas using a Singapore line. Meaning Singapore line to Singapore line (but from overseas).


The sender using a Singapore line overseas will be charged an 'overseas SMS', plus any other pro-rated roaming costs.

The receiver of the SMS will not be charged any additional rate, apart from what your telco charges for local SMS.

That said, why don't you just call up your telco and ask?

Gabriel Tan


To all readers:

Please contact your telco directly for information about charges for overseas sms, roaming, international calls, etc. This thread is not a one-stop helpline for the telcos in Singapore. We do not answer your questions on their behalf. Many thanks.

Gabriel as Web Admin

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