Carrying 40 Inch LCD TV Up the Plane

by Sankita

I have bought a 40 inch LCD TV to use in Singapore. Can i carry it back to India along with my luggage whenever I return? Is there any specification regarding the size of luggage that i can carry on a plane?

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Carrying 40 Inch LCD TV Up the Plane

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Feb 24, 2009
Hand-carry, No. Check-in, Maybe.
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Sankita

1. a 40-inch LCD TV will not make it into the plane's cabin. The largest dimension for hand-carried luggage is as follows:

Length + Breadth + Height < 115cm (or 46 inches)

2. It might be possible for you to take your TV with you as checked in luggage.

Note however, that most full-service airlines give a check-in baggage allowance of only 20kg (economy class passengers).

Most budget airlines will give an even smaller baggage allowance, or none at all.

You should check with your airline if they will allow you to check in your 40-inch TV.

Mar 17, 2009
Did you manage to travel with LCD?
by: Ramesh

Hi Sankita,

Did you actually manage to travel with LCD as check in baggage?
I would go through same situaton soon.

Jun 05, 2009
LCD tv as check in luggage
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would also like to know whether you or anyone you know manage to bring the LCD tv back to india as check-in luggage..because I am planning to do the same.

A reply would be appreciated.


Jun 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

No I didn't carry my LCD TV yet as I am using it here. I think the best place to enquire about it is the airline you are travelling as it varies from airline to airline.

Aug 02, 2009
Airport Not Responsible
by: Tootz

Hi I just wanna share my experience.

I also planned on carrying a 40 inch TV onto the airplane. I called the airport here in Japan and they informed me to ask someone from the airline; it's the policy.

So I asked the airline and yes they allowed me. I just have to pay for the extra kilos i will consume for the television and they also asked me to sign a document stating that they have no liabilities if the thing be broken.

So I'm still thinking whether to bring it or not. As I've seen on Youtube how the baggage handlers do their jobs, I changed my mind. I wish they have special arrangements for fragile things even if it would cost extra payment.

Last year, my Brazilian friend travelled to Japan and when he claimed his baggage (glass painting) protected with blanket and carpet front and back, it turned into trash.

So if ever you challenge yourself by bringing the television with you on the plane, kindly inform me on how you wrap the thing. It would be a great help.

Aug 30, 2009
You Can Check In 40 Inch LCD
by: Anonymous

Hi Friends,

I was able to carry 40 Inch LCD from Singapore to India. I traveled on Singapore Airlines and they really took care of the luggage. They marked the TV with Fragile logo. I just checked in the LCD TV so no extra charge was taken.

My suggestion is to travel with some good airlines and they make sure that your stuff is safe and sound.

Best of Luck.

Jan 12, 2010
do i need to pay anything extra to customs
by: Anonymous

I am also planning to bring my 40inces LCD back to india from singapore. Can your suggest me whether customs take some extra charge for it or not.

Feb 06, 2010
Carry 40" LCD to India
by: Anonymous

anyone has any info regarding the dimension allowed for check in baggage and can LCD TV considered as free check in luggage in Air India Express flight to India?

And any idea about customs charges for a TV which is used for 1 year? And is it safe to carry it in Air India express flight with a fragile sticker or is the cargo safer than that? Please let me know if anybody got any clue on this...

Jul 03, 2010
24-Inch TV
by: Anonymous

Would I be able to put a 24-inch TV in the luggage? Also would I need to keep the documentation of the TV?

Hi there

1) You may take your TV along as checked in luggage. But a 24-inch TV is too large for the cabin.

2) You need to keep your documentation for your destination airport, which may impose a tax if the cost of TV exceeds the tax relief limit.

Gabriel Tan

Aug 05, 2010
Get Travel Insurance for the TV
by: Fana Chan


Most carriers allow TVs as checked in luggage as long you pay the excess charges, if any. But i highly recommend taking up travel insurance to cover the flight as precuationary measure. As reputable as the Airline may be, accidents do happen sometimes.

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