Can a wheelchair-bound person go on the Johor Farm Tour?

by Sharon

Can wheelchair person visit the Johor Farm Tour?

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Oct 23, 2008
Wheelchair at Johor Farms
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Sharon

1. If you are talking about joining a tour group, I'm afraid most tour companies don't make provisions for wheelchairs on their tour coaches, yet. Yes, I think we're behind many western countries in this aspect.

2. However, if you are talking about driving to these Johor farms yourself, I believe some adaptations could be made.

Note: I'm assuming that you'll have provision in your car for a wheelchair.

a. You'll have no problems with these 2 farms:

(i) Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm
(ii) Desaru Ostrich Farm

You could push the wheelchair through. No problem.

b. You'll have limited access at the Desaru Fruit Farm.

Visitors to the Desaru Fruit Farm are ferried to the farming areas on a mini-van (9- or 12-seater). So you'll need to transfer the person from the wheelchair onto the van and then once you're disembarked put her/him on the wheelchair again.

However, it means that the wheelchair person will not be able to get up close to all parts of the farm, since some of these require a little walk over grass or soil.

c. You'll not be able to go onto the Fireflies Boat Tour. It's just too risky to transfer any wheelchair-bound person onto the boat.

Thanks for asking this question. When I do go to these Johor farms again, I'll sound them out about issues regarding visitors with disabilities. Perhaps, they'll do something about it.

Aug 24, 2010
Do you have wheelchairs available for disabled passengers?
by: Sara

Do you have wheelchairs for disabled passengers at the Budget Terminal? I hope you do, because I will be travelling with a friend who will be checking in her wheelchair. And we need wheelchairs from the airplane to the claiming area only. Please reply. Thank you

May 24, 2015
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Oct 02, 2015
by: Darrel

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