Buying LCD TV in Singapore and Taking It to India

by S. M.

I want to buy a 40-inch Sony LCD TV in Singapore. As I am going back to india on 13th of March (next week), how will I be charged? Please advise me so that I can take decision. What would be the extra charges? Is there any extra charges over new electronics item in Singapore?

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Buying LCD TV in Singapore and Taking It to India

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Mar 08, 2010
Obtain GST Refund + Consider Check-in Baggage Weight
by: Gabriel Tan


1. If you are a tourist in Singapore, you may claim GST refund when you take the LCD TV out of Singapore Airport.

Make sure that the shop you buy it from participate in the Tourist Refund Scheme. This refund scheme is carried out either through a central agency or by the shop itself.

To get your GST refund, you need to:

a. obtain the GST Refund forms from the shop,

b. fill them up and get them endorsed by the shop,

c. get your forms and TV verified at the GST Refund counter at the airport before you check-in,

d. and claim your GST refund after you've cleared departure procedures.

(If unsure, ask the shop owner and airport staff for help.)

Major retailers such as Mustafa Centre and Best Denki usually offer the Tourist Refund Scheme - but you must ensure they do before you buy.

2. Do your research on prices before you arrive. Create a shortlist of models you'd like to buy and know their market prices. Otherwise, some of the less reliable shops may persuade you - and finally make you believe - that they "have a better model". They may then mark up the price, since you do not know the market price for this "better model".

3. Check that your TV comes with an international warranty.

4. Check with India immigration authorities: what kind of taxes are you expected to pay once you arrive in India? Is it still worth it if taxes are imposed on your TV in India?

5. Find out beforehand from your airline what your check-in baggage allowance is. Ensure that your TV plus other luggage doesn't exceed this allowance. Additional check-in baggage usually costs a lot.

If you believe that you're going to exceed the check-in baggage allowance, it might be cheaper to freight your TV (or other luggage) home than to carry it as excess check-in baggage.

Aug 07, 2011
Excellent Briefing
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for your detailed briefing on bringing a tv from Singapore.

Do you have details on whether there will be customs exemption if the tv is put on cargo?


Hi there

1) There's no GST refund for anything shipped out as cargo.

2) For anything

a) which qualifies for GST refund under the Tourist Refund Scheme, and

b) which you want to put in your check-in baggage,

the pertinent forms have to be processed at the GST Refund counter and presented at check-in.

To All Readers:
In order to NOT screw things up, you are strongly advised to contact the relevant authorities, namely the Singapore IRAS and Singapore Customs.

That way, you get proper answers direct "from the horses' mouths", and from not unofficial sources such as postings on this thread.

Gabriel Tan

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